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December 17, 2018

This Should Make Your Blood Boil: Rotten-Robert Mueller And His Gang Of Stasi Terrorists Have Long Used Trickery And Deceit To Terrorize Innocent Americans

- This Deep State Coup Attempt Is Nothing Less Than Treason 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

If the US Justice Department under Loretta Lynch and the FBI under crooked cop James Comey had spent as much time, taxpayer money and serious effort investigating the crimes that were continuously being committed by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton against America and the American people as they are now upon President Donald Trump, Obama and Hillary should have both long ago been tried, convicted and executed for treason. 

With President Trump once again calling out the total and utter hypocrisy we've been witnessing from the Special Counsel office of crooked cop Mueller, we thought we'd turn our eyes today to this December 13th story over at the Washington Times written by former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, whose friends and family were also terrorized non-stop by Mueller and his gang of stasi terrorists. And as we hear from Rod, a Democrat mind you, it's long past time to put a stop to rotten-Robert's witchhunt against President Trump as he's using the same kind of stasi tactics against him.

As Rod tells us in his story, nothing less than freedom in America is at stake if rotten-Robert gets away with what he's doing now to President Trump, a very real attack upon our Constitutional Republic in America. And as we learn further below, one of the business associates that Mueller terrorized in Blagojevich's case was driven to suicide by Mueller. We thank ANP reader Maria for making us aware of this story that should make your blood boil. From the Washington Times.: 

For too long, the Department of Justice and the FBI have pursued high profile investigations with virtually unlimited power. They often intimidate and humiliate subjects and terrorize their family, friends and associates. And the courts have even allowed them to use trickery and deceit as a legal tool during interrogation. But as the saying goes, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Dec. 9 marked 10 years to the day since then-FBI Director Robert Mueller directed federal agents to arrest Rod during that now infamous predawn raid. And it was only recently that we learned that they brought with them a SWAT team and a hostage negotiator. (ANP: Rod's wife Patti co-wrote this story, hence the reference to 'Rod' instead of 'I'.)

In a recent interview, the FBI agents involved in the arrest revealed for the first time that they had prepared for an armed standoff with our State Police security detail. This kind of firepower is only warranted when the subject of the arrest is a danger to the community or constitutes a flight risk. As the sitting governor of Illinois, Rod was neither. And despite their unnecessary and ridiculous preparations, he surrendered peacefully.

Later that morning, they locked Rod in a cell after he refused to agree to plead guilty to their nonexistent crimes. Rod’s refusal to cooperate, locking him in a cell and the labeling of the charges with a catchy name like the “selling of the Senate seat” were all a part of the psychological warfare they used to try to break his will to resist.

First bring the shock and awe. Then, later at the press conference, tell the big lie. This wasn’t mere prosecutorial overreach. This was a deliberate effort to intimidate us to get what they wanted. The fix was in, and the smear campaign was in high gear. History would later prove that discussions related to the Senate seat were perfectly legal and, during an appeal, judges threw those charges out.

We’ve since learned that federal prosecutors can lie, cheat, manipulate and minimize evidence. If you think this can’t happen in the courtroom or during an investigation, look it up. They also suppress, hide and cover up exculpatory evidence — evidence that shows innocence. And they put gag orders on evidence they created like taped conversations. In our case, they prevented the jury from hearing most of the tapes because they prove innocence. To this day they won’t let the public hear them. And along with our attorneys, we are still under a court order to not tell anyone what is on them.


As mentioned above, Blagojevich's story goes on to detail for us how Mueller's stasi terrorizing one of his associates actually led to this man committing suicide, proving once again that very real lives were ruined by Mueller, just as he's ruining very real lives of good people such as General Mike Flynn in his witchhunt against President Trump. 

He goes on to call Mueller nothing less than a political hit man with total immunity to do whatever he wants to anybody and as Jerome Corsi recently mentioned, Mueller's gang of paid terrorists has unlimited power to destroy as many lives as they want while they themselves can lie through their teeth with complete immunity. How long will rotten-Robert continue to get away with terrorizing innocent Americans standing in the way of his mad stampede to nowhere? Once again, from Blagojevich in this Washington Times story.:

So today, we offer this warning to the American people and call for the special counsel investigation to end immediately. Here’s why.

Robert Mueller and his team of prosecutors are unelected bureaucrats with fancy law degrees who have made their careers as political hit men. They are armed with unlimited and unrestrained power and can do almost anything they want in their capacity as prosecutors because the law protects them with immunity.

And they are masters of the political witch-hunt through the use of nonexistent crimes and the setting of perjury traps. It’s an art that they’ve perfected over a long period of time. And their politics of personal destruction have real-life consequences. After a close friend and trusted adviser refused to cooperate with prosecutors and testify against Rod, they went after his private business dealings and for tax evasion, and sentenced him to nine years in prison. When he still refused to cooperate, they threatened to add additional new charges and more prison time. Tragically, the stress was too much for him and he took his own life, leaving behind a beautiful family.

This isn’t a Democratic issue or a Republican issue. This is an American issue. These rogue, uncontrollable prosecutors are a real threat to our democracy. And if they keep getting away with what they are doing, they will destroy our freedoms.


As their story pointed out, this isn't a 'Democrat' or 'Republican' issue but one of a team of political hit men using their unlimited power to terrorize innocent Americans and if they can do this to President Trump and his family and friends and get away with it, they can do it to anybody. And we've also previously reported on ANP that it was none other than rotten-Robert under which the totalitarian police state in America had begun to unfold as he was director of the FBI from 2001 to 2013.

And as John C. Velisek had reported back on September 4th in this ANP story titled "Profiles in Treason: Robert Mueller - The Long History Of This Crooked Cop Shows Corruption Years Before His 9/11 Cover-up - And Remember, Mueller Had All Mention Of Islam Purged From FBI Terror Training Manuals!", Mueller long ago sold out America. And as we'll see further below, Mueller himself was directly tied to Hillary Clinton's treason. Yet he's investigating POTUS Trump based upon a deep state and Hillary Clinton cooked up lie. From Velisek's 'Profiles In Treason' story.:

In 1979, this paragon of virtue prosecuted 18 San Francisco Hells Angels as drug runners. What was considered a “slam-dunk” case lost 13 convictions and the five convictions he received were overturned on appeal? The cases were so badly prepared that there were not any convictions on appeal by the prosecutor that replaced Mueller.

From San Francisco, Mueller scurried off to Boston, where he bungled the case of an East German accused of theft of nuclear secrets. It was also in Boston where Mueller hired mob boss Whitey Bulger as an informant. Horrific crimes performed by Whitey Bulger and his henchmen were covered up by the FBI handle John Connolly with the acquiescence of Mueller. Instead, Mueller charged four innocent men for the crimes that Bulgers mob committed. All four were later exonerated and the families awarded $100 million of taxpayer money. During the trial Mueller was found to have suppressed evidence clearing the four victims, bringing forward false information and was not indicted because of Deep State cronies in the Federal Justice system.

This is also the same Robert Mueller that falsely accused virologist Steve Hatfield during the Anthrax virus scare. Mueller once again withheld evidence. Hatfield sued and was awarded $5.8 million of taxpayer money.

It was the same Mueller who also claimed it was too dangerous to go to Benghazi after our ambassador and four brave men were killed, but could not explain to Rep. Trey Gowdy why it was safe for our diplomats. Perhaps it made following the Obama lies of a video causing this tragedy was easier by this explanation. It took Rep. Gowdy’s question as a rhetorical comment not suitable for an answer. I would think the families of those killed would demand an answer.

It was this very same Mueller that worked with various Islamic organizations to rid FBI training manuals of any mention of jihad and terrorism. Meeting in secret and exposed afterward by Judicial Watch, Mueller met with groups such as CAIR and INSA and other terrorist-connected organizations. Mueller gave in to every demand from these groups to effectively ban the terrorist training that our agents in the field urgently needed. This is also the Same Robert Mueller who worked to block the 9/11 victims families from suing Saudi Arabia for being the masterminds behind the attack on 9/11.

So with this as a background is it any wonder that Mueller allowed his pit-bull Andrew Weisman to break into Paul Manafort’s home at 4 am, roughed up the entire family including the wife who was still in bed, illegally stole attorney-client privileged information and personal documents in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Robert Mueller has a history only partially shown above of having the capability of using virtually false evidence and heavy-handed fabricated evidence to ensnare those the Deep State needs to be damaged and jailed. The amount of failure of Mueller would get any lesser attorney fired, but being a Deep State operative, Mueller is shielded and allowed to move even further up the Deep State organizational chart. Mueller worked his way as far as being made FBI Director. This was not a position based on his fine performance in his duties before his promotion, but because Mueller is malleable, and is able to be controlled by those in the Deep State.


And as the Gateway Pundit had asked in this October 14th story, "Why Was Robert Mueller and Only Robert Mueller Selected to Hand Deliver Uranium to Russia and then Run the Trump-Russia Witch Hunt?" Singled out by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to deliver the uranium sample to Russia, the delivery was even postponed for months when Mueller was unable to meet the original delivery date. Talk about a very, very odd set of circumstances. From the Gateway Pundit story.:

For some reason Hillary Clinton and President Obama requested that FBI Director Mueller deliver the sample of uranium to Russia!

Of all people, why would the Head of the FBI be selected to transfer uranium to Russia? It would seem that the US has a number of individuals who could perform this transfer and it would seem that FBI Director Mueller would have enough on his plate in the US. When Mueller couldn’t make the transfer in April the transfer was postponed to September 2009 so Mueller could be there.

A short time later, in 2010, the Obama administration approved the very controversial Uranium One deal giving Russia 20% of America’s Uranium. The FBI had evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were involved in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering in order to benefit Vladimir Putin, but led by Mueller, the FBI allowed the deal to go ahead anyways.

The FBI investigation was supervised by then-U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, the current Deputy Attorney General, and then-Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller was the Head of the FBI during this time and was involved in this deal.

So we have the absolute and blunt truth of it all in the fact that the same Robert Mueller and deep state that is going after President Donald Trump today enabled Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to quite literally put America in danger in the Uranium One scandal that went completely un-investigated by the deep state stasi despite its treasonous nature. 

And while President Donald Trump was elected by the American people to bring law and order back to this country, the only way that will ever happen is if the completely and totally corrupted elite political class is brought to justice with Clinton Foundation crimes fully investigated and punished and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama crimes investigated and punished as well. 

And while Hillary and the Democrats scream "Russia is our enemy", why did Hillary and Obama allow Robert Mueller to transport US uranium to Russia, uranium that the Russians could turn around and be use against us?  

And if the 'criminal elite' are not finally held accountable for their crimes, we'll have absolute proof that America will forever be lost to tyranny with nothing less than revolution able to deliver America back into the hands of the American people. As we saw under Barack Obama, the very last thing these corrupt rats are going to do is properly investigate themselves. 

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