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July 20, 2015

88 Percent Agree With Trump! John McCain Betrayed His Supporters, Our Veterans And The Country - BONUS: Trumps Rips Hillary!

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

In an unofficial poll conducted by USA Today on an op-ed article written by Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, 88 percent of respondents agree with him on his assertions about AZ Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain with 73 percent stongly agreeing. (Votes are still coming in, but the screen shot below is from 8:30 am on July 20, 2015)


Once again the politically incorrect Donald Trump is being attacked from all sides for comments he made about John McCain, despite the fact that he is technically correct in his assertions.

The key phrase that the mainstream media grabbed on to and blared in headlines was "He's not a war hero. I like people that weren’t captured. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured."

Sharyl Attkisson does a little fact checking on those blared headlines and finds them to be intellectually dishonest, marking four points, as follows:


1. The Post did not provide context at the outset disclosing that McCain and Trump have been feuding, with McCain characterizing some Trump supporters as “crazies” and Trump stating that McCain graduated last in his class in Annapolis. The charged rhetoric continued at the conservative Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa this weekend.

2. When a panelist characterized McCain as a “war hero,” the Post is accurate in reporting that Trump initially said McCain is “not a war hero.” But then, Trump immediately modified his statement saying– four times– that McCain is a war hero:

“He is a war hero.”

“He’s a war hero because he was captured.”

“He’s a war hero, because he was captured.”

“I believe, perhaps, he’s a war hero. But right now, he’s said some very bad things about a lot of people.”

3. Did Trump say McCain is not a war hero because he was captured? No, not in the exchanges represented in the Post.

4. Is the Post’s characterization an accident? It would appear not, because it is repeated in the Post’s caption of the video clip, which also states: “Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), a decorated Vietnam war veteran, was not a war hero because he was captured by the North Vietnamese [emphasis added].”

Further, in the Post’s second sentence, Trump is quoted as stating of McCain, “He’s not a war hero…He’s a war hero because he was captured,” but the article selectively left out the phrase Trump had uttered in between: “He is a war hero.”

Donald Trump is being attacked from all sides, the political establishment from both sides of the aisle and conservative news outlets, because "how DARE he criticize veteran," yet looking at the points Trump makes in his USA Today op-ed, once again, he is correct in his assertions.

Thanks to McCain and his Senate colleague Bernie Sanders, their legislation to cover up the VA scandal, in which 1,000+ veterans died waiting for medical care, made sure no one has been punished, charged, jailed, fined or held responsible. McCain has abandoned our veterans. I will fight for them.

The reality is that John McCain the politician has made America less safe, sent our brave soldiers into wrong-headed foreign adventures, covered up for President Obama with the VA scandal and has spent most of his time in the Senate pushing amnesty. He would rather protect the Iraqi border than Arizona’s. He even voted for the Iran Nuclear Review Act of 2015, which allows Obama, who McCain lost to in a record defeat, to push his dangerous Iran nuclear agreement through the Senate without a supermajority of votes.

While the "establishment" is trying to portray Trump as anti-veteran, the organization Veterans For a Strong America has publicly come out in support of Trumo, issuing the following statement:

“Donald Trump was recently extremely well received in Arizona while discussing national security and border security. Senator John McCain’s reaction to Mr. Trump’s success in Arizona is instructive in that it belies a concern the Senator clearly has about how his stance on issues like immigration are perceived by his constituents.

The feuding between Mr. Trump and Senator McCain has nothing to do with Mr. Trump’s high regard for the military or veterans as a whole.  Mr. Trump is supporter of the U.S. military and of America’s veterans.  It is well known that when Mr. Trump is attacked by a detractor, he swings back.  As veterans, we do not hide behind military service to deflect criticism, and when Senator McCain attacked, Mr. Trump hit back.

We are glad that Mr. Trump has clarified his remarks to acknowledge that Senator McCain is a war hero.  But, Senator McCain is also a politician and what Donald Trump has tapped into is that people just don’t trust politicians and the slow pace the Congress is moving in addressing critical issues like border security, veteran’s issues and military funding.  Donald Trump has a history of calling out people and groups that don’t deliver results.  There are clearly problems that are being identified by Donald Trump, that are not being adequately addressed by the political leadership in Congress and the Administration today.

Phraseology aside, what the American people are really concerned about is how 250,000 veterans – who are also heroes – were put onto a VA death list, why 40,000 active troops are going to receive pink slips over the next four years and why border security is not addressed even as our porous border results in more financial strain on our country and southern border states’ budgets.”

The fact is career politicians who are always more worried about being politically correct rather than telling the truth, hate Trump because he has absolutely no desire to be politically correct. Another important fact is that Trump is tapping into a segment of the population that is sick and tired of sacrificing America to political correctness.

I saw a graphic which pretty much sums up why everyone in the establishment, including the media, is doing everything in their power to act like Donald Trump is not a serious contender for president, despite the fact that he is leading in national polls against the other GOP candidates.

The below image says it all:



Hillary Clinton, a dollar short and a day late, decided to jump on  bandwagon last week, and accuse Trump of racism for his comments about Mexico sending their criminals to the U.S., to which Trump took to Facebook and fired back in an "epic way."


Trump is never going to follow the political unspoken rules where you have to speak softly, apologize every time you offend a certain group or watch the "tone" of what is being said.

Perhaps THAT is why he is rising in the polls.

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