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June 23, 2020

Lock, Load & Prepare For America Becoming The Most Volatile Nation In The World With 4+ Months Till The Election With Blood Already Flowing In The Streets

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Did you hear? Hillary Clinton is going to beat Donald Trump, by a landslide.

Oh wait.... it is 2020 now and the pollsters, comedians, media and Democrat politicians that all made that prediction in 2016, are all now saying  "Joe Biden is going to beat Donald Trump, by a landslide."

And they wonder why Democrat voters are feeling a sense of déjà vu, as liberal media outlets are bending over backwards to claim "but this time we are right!!!!" At the same time, supporters of President Trump are pointing at them and laughing. Pollsters still haven't gotten a handle on how to poll in the era of Trump, since he upended all their predictions in 2016.

Last but not least, party elders, are puffing out their chests and proclaiming that president Trump cannot win reelection, much like they did in 2016, as seen below.

The Pelosi quote is great right after the one minute mark telling people to "take it to the bank," that Trump is not going to be President. Obama, Elizabeth Warren and many others insisted the same thing, as seen below.


That compilation clip has been one of my favorites, and it is even more entertaining today as we watch the same characters, making the exact same predictions, putting all their eggs in the same basket of "polls," and offering dire warnings of how the world is going to end if President Trump is reelected.

Newsflash:  The earth is still turning and the sky has not fallen.


As we watch liberal city after city implode with lawlessness as protesters march over the death of George Floyd, we have asked if America wants the entire nation to look like those burned and destroyed cities by electing Joe Biden, but another side of that coin is how much liberal gnashing of teeth, rioting, looting and burning cities down, will occur if President Trump wins reelection.

For five-plus years we have seen the media, along with their pollsters, try to destroy Trump, then when he won the election, they spent years on the Russian Collusion hoax. Then Democrats tried impeachment, and each and every time they and the media promised that this was the "beginning of the end," or a "corner has been turned," to Trump's presidency, liberals across America got their hopes up.

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Then those hopes were crushed... time after time after time after time.

Is the media setting those same Trump Derangement infected liberals for yet another huge disappointment? If Trump is reelected, will that be the straw that breaks the rest of the camel's back, meaning those that still have a brain cell left will lose it?

Despite every media outlet and pollsters attempting to do so, no one can really predict with 100% confidence what will happen in with the 2020 presidential election, and I am not going to claim I have special predictive abilities. I don't.

What I do know is that Joe Biden is running on one of the most "progressively" liberal platforms, having been push so far to the left that his policies will turn America it the killing zones that are cities led by Democrats, such as Seattle, Detroit, NYC, Baltimore, Chicago, etc.

On the flip side, if President Trump is reelected, the rioting, looting, destruction and burning of cities is likely to explode as the most "liberal" portion of the democrat party become rioters, looters and destroyers themselves.

I am truly not trying to be hyperbolic, but I remember clearly how insane the 2016 election made these people.

Remember this?

It is truly a toss up what would cause more blood on the streets of America. A Biden presidency where places like Chicago and its murder rate are actual blueprints as to what liberals want for America, or a Trump reelection where liberals, having been disappointed by the media predictions, polls, Democrat promises of impeachment, completely lose every single last bit of their minds.

WHAT WE KNOW..................

We do know a few things with extreme confidence.

We know liberals cannot accept the results of an election their candidate doesn't win.

We know liberals are violent, and those not violent have shown a propensity for being supportive and encouraging violent behavior, such as the rioting we have been witnessing the past few weeks on the streets of America.

We know the liberal establishment media has been inciting violence and encouraging the destruction of historical monuments.

We know from seeing it with our own eyes, how the media melted down after Trump's 2016 election, and can assume the reaction if Trump wins in 2020 will be similar if not worse. After all they have spent the past four years doing everything in their power to bring him down.

We also know that conservatives do accepted election results from a fair election. Conservatives do not riot and burn down their own cities. Conservatives do not set up a "scream helplessly at the sky," event for an anniversary.

So, I am not going out on too much of a limb to look at those aforementioned points and say that if President Trump wins, the liberals will cause more blood on the streets than we are seeing now.


We are already seeing food shortages, especially meats which some stores have limited. What is left has seen massive price hikes which experts think will get worse. That causes stress to an already volatile situation.

For those that do not own a firearm, and perhaps are just not comfortable with one, there are a number of self-defense items available.

After the 2020 election, especially if President Trump wins reelection, it would most likely be prudent to kick back, watch and wait to see how bad of a reaction liberal extremists will get.

Make sure you have enough food and basic necessities, from the store if the prices are reasonable and delivery of emergency survival food that can last far longer than store-bought.

Luckily, Augason Farms has a number of items previously unavailable, back in stock for immediate delivery, but as you can see on their Amazon search page, there are still many items still unavailable. The kits or bulk buckets are often without meat, so remember to get separate meat that can be added in.

Canned meats will do the trick as well if the Freeze Dried meats are unavailable.

Same goes for Wise Company products, but beware of the "usually ships in" dates. Some items say "in stock," but do not ship for weeks, while others ship within days.

Remember, it is not only the food shortages, the possible collapse of the dollar which we are seeing reports of could also effect the national situation, or any number of other hot button issue, that could take already stressed situations and make them highly volatile over the rest of the year.

Lock and Load. Be prepared. As long as you are ready for as much as you can be ready for, there is nothing to fear.

God bless and stay free everyone!

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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