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April 18, 2017

The Battle Rages On With The MSM On The Ropes - Truth Will Win In The End As The Tide Turns Against Them


By Susan Duclos - All New PipeLine

Since the November 2016 presidential election those in the Independent Media have been under massive attack, with spineless advertisers like Kelloggs, allowing themselves to be intimidated by butt-hurt liberal snowflakes into pulling their advertising from sites like Breitbart, Google adsense literally cutting the revenue to Independent Media sites by more than half, YouTube, owned by Google, demonetizing videos if the political ideology doesn't match their political bent, and social media giants such as Facebook hiring liberal "fact checkers" to determine the trustworthiness of articles shared on their platform, and Twitter shadow banning people like Scott Adams.

In conjunction with those types of attacks, we have also the mainstream establishment media attack Independent Media, from labeling them fake news" to calling them Russian propaganda, as well as actively "sitting" on stories that reflected badly on the previous administration, such as the Susan Rice "unmasking" bombshell, which was revealed by Independent Media personality, Mike Cernovich, who also reported that MSM outlets had the news, specifying Bloomberg and the NYT, but were refusing to report the truth to their audience. That was proven true when Bloomberg published their article over 14 hours later, confirming that Cernovich's blockbuster, exclusive report was true.


Many thought the election of President Trump was a sign of the dwindling influence of the mainstream media and in the five months since the election, more evidence has come to light that they were right. The MSM, believing their own "embarrassingly bad" propaganda and skewed polling data, geared specifically towards influencing the populace to vote for Hillary Clinton, were caught off-guard, completely flat-footed, not only being wrong, but actively lying to their audiences. Their attempts to label Independent Media †as fake news, backfired on them as Internet users across the country started highlighting their own "fake news" coming directly from the MSM.

As shown with the Cernovich bombshell, the MSM wasn't only hit on their own credibility during the election cycle, and caught in false reporting since the election, but even lower level employees within their own organizations had started turning on them, as Cernovich revealed that his "scoop" came directly from sources within the establishment media outlets that were sitting on the story.


It appears that karma is at play here as those that attempted to "punish" Independent Media sites that united against a Hillary Clinton presidency, are finding themselves in the crosshairs as "free speech" advertisers are stepping up to the plate, which is helping to negate the damage of the advertising groups attempting to bankrupt Independent Media by choking off their income.

It isn't just the mainstream media that has been exposed either as just this past week, Cernovich also exposed the search engine giant Google as offering guidelines which targeted Independent Media site InfoWars, with screen shots sent to him proving it, which resulted in Google blaming a "rogue" vendor when busted, claiming it wasn't official policy and that steps were being taken to correct the issue.

Facebook has recently been busted promoting scam articles based on Fake News†in the midst of battling a child pornography scandal, while Huffington Post was forced to pull an article they first defended when it was revealed the supposed author "didn't exist," and the article was only published because it matched their own political bias.†

Those that relentlessly attacked Independent Media following the election, are seeing karma at work as one by one they are finding themselves in the crosshairs.... what comes around, goes around.



Another trend being seen is that Independent Media is once again uniting,only this time to fight back against the attacks coming from multiple directions. As we united to stand against Clinton, some Independent Media sites are actively supporting each other, whether it comes from linking to other IM sites that have superbly sourced articles, such as the Natural News link above which details, with links proving their assertions about the demonetizing video issue in an attempt to bankrupt Alternative Media, or actively advertising on each other's sites. Rather than treating other IM sites as "competition," sites owners are helping to generate traffic to other IM sites, which helps them generate revenue.

This is not being done with any pre-planning, no secret emails colluding, it has just been a natural process that is starting to trend as this battle against free speech by the MSM, social media platforms, †and search engine giants, is being brought right to their own doorsteps by Independent Media sites.

One side benefit of this increasing pattern is less links by IM sites to MSM sites, therefore stripping them of traffic and revenue generation.


While we still note the battle raging, as even college liberal snowflakes are claiming that school papers and people that provide statistical data, are using the "truth," as a tool of suppression," and the MSM is still on a rampage against Independent Media because they lost control and influence during the election cycle, we are noting a change in the tide as we, the Independent Media, and users across the Internet, are bringing the battle right back at them.

There is absolutely no doubt the establishment, the MSM, and the tech giants will continue to escalate their attacks, but I will repeat what I said before the election, there are more of us than there are of them and while they may have a larger reach individually, we have already proven without a doubt that combined, we in the Independent Media, along with our readers, can bypass them, can provide truth to their lies and can make a difference and awaken the masses.

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