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November 1, 2018

Western Civilization Is A 'Dead Man Walking' As 'Truth Become Treason' In The European Empire Of Lies: 'Behold, America! This Fate Awaits Us!'  

- 'Middle East Powder Keg' On The Edge Of Colossal Carnage


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Over the past several years, ANP has been documenting the fall of Europe to what we've called 'global-Islamo-fascist tyranny' and in this October 29th story over at the Conservative Review titled "Look at your fate, America", their first sentence sums up America's future should the masses not awaken quickly and the globalists complete their vision for our nation: "Behold, America, what an utterly stupid fate awaits if you don’t turn things around quick and realize that you’re about to make every existential mistake they’re currently making in Europe as we speak."

As their story then reported, the European Court of Human Rights had just outlawed truth from being spoken in the European Union, with the so-called 'defaming' of the 'Prophet Mohammed' by correctly calling him a paedophile outlawed all across Europe. Yes, their ruling amounted to what was supposed to be Europe's highest court protecting human rights instead bowing to totalitarian, dictatorial 'sharia law'

As the National Review reported on October 27th of this sham ruling, "Europeans are free to say....only what the courts let them". And while it is fact that when he was age 50, the prophet of Islam took as his wife Aisha, who was then only 6 or 7 years old, with the marriage consummated when the 'bride' was 9, that fact can no longer be discussed in Europe. After the ECHR's ruling which struck down any remaining version of free speech that the Europeans had left, the 'rule of law' in Europe was replaced by Sharia's 'blasphemy standards'.

First, in the excerpt below from the National Review story we learn more about the background of this recent ruling with much more below on the fall of Europe and still smoldering tensions within the Middle East, including a recent warning from self-proclaimed-Islamic-caliph Turkey's president Recep Tayip Erdogan to the nation of Greece that should it decide to wage war upon Turkey, it will end in catastrophe for Greece in just a matter of hours.: 

The case involves an Austrian woman (identified as “Mrs. S.” in court filings and believed to be Elisabeth Sabaditsch Wolff) who, in 2009, conducted two seminars entitled “Basic Information on Islam.” She included the account of Mohammed’s marriage to Aisha. Though this account is scripturally accurate, Mrs. S. was prosecuted on the rationale that her statements implied pedophilic tendencies on the part of the prophet. A fine (about $547) was imposed for disparaging religion.

Mrs. S. appealed, relying on Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights. That provision purports to safeguard “freedom of expression,” though it works about the same way the warranty on your used car does — it sounds like you’re covered, but the fine print eviscerates your protection.

Article 10 starts out benignly enough: Europeans are free “to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers.” But then comes the legalese: One’s exercise of the right to impart information, you see, “carries with it duties and responsibilities.” Consequently, what is called “freedom” is actually “subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties” that the authorities decide “are necessary in a democratic society,” including for “public safety” and for “the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, for the protection of the reputation or rights of others.”


As the National Review story then pointed out, the ruling of Europe's high court simply amounts to  Europeans being "free to say only what they are permitted to say by the unelected judges of the European courts", with 'truth' now irrelevant. And their story also warns that this is what the very last vestiges of Western civilization are coming to: "I say something that is true; it hurts your feelings, so — of course — you blow up a building; and it’s my fault."

Or in the case of the all out attacks upon Conservatives and independent thought on social media that we're now witnessing here in the USA, when 'big tech' doesn't like what you have to say, they're stepping in on their own and silencing the messenger as we've been witnessing most recently with big tech attempting to silence Gab (while 'big tech' itself is interfering with the US elections) but also the co-ordinated facebook/twitter purge upon alternative media including Infowars, the Free Thought Project and many, many others. 

Yet with Europe now showing the world exactly the direction the global-islamo-fascist tyrants are taking us, showing us that their battle plan includes silencing truth, we're given an exact recipe for fighting back against their tyranny: Shouting out truth from the tops of the mountains to the cities and valleys below until the entire world hears it and prepares to defend itself against the crush of tyranny. 

But while they've succeeded in silencing Europe, the attempts being made by big tech to also silence Conservatives here in America actually instead shows the desperation they've fallen to as freedom rings out across the land. While at first they tried to call us all Russian bots and trolls, that failed tactic soon switched to "they're all Nazi's and white supremacists".

And when that didn't work, they once again moved their goalposts by resorting to one of the last possible tactics dictatorial regimes take before all-out round ups and mass slaughters, co-ordinated online censorship via big tech. But none of us are going away. And with millions of Americans armed to the teeth against tyranny, any attempts by tyrants at round-ups and mass slaughters of law abiding American citizens would surely blow up in their faces. Think those who want to impose their own tyrannical worldview upon us all don't realize that? That's one of the many reasons tyrants disarmed the European people first. 


With the Middle East powder keg again smoldering with water scarcity fueling tensions all across the region while war hangs in the air between between not only Turkey and Greece but ancient feuds and hostilities going back many years still flaring up and threatening to be the kindling that begins the inferno blazing, the war upon Christianity continues unabated to this day there and recent remarks made by CNN talking head Don Lemon that white men are the biggest terror threat in America further illustrates the globalists agenda. 

And even globalists mouthpiece Foreign Policy recently put out a story about Turkey's Erdogan working to 'make the Ottoman Empire great again' and while they don't come out and say it, that Ottoman empire had a series of mass genocides of Christians, not only the Armenian Genocide of 1915

And while months ago he warned of a war between the Cross and the crescent, the very blatant hatred we've seen expressed towards Christians by globalists is matched by their hatred of not only the white race but all of Western civilization. And as this recent story over at WND reported, historians have long documented the cruelty and barbarity of the political system of Islam, one that only masquerades as a religion. Even Erdogan once said, "The term 'moderate Islam' is ugly and offensive. There is no 'moderate Islam', Islam is Islam"

So should the feelings of others, whether religious or personal, outweigh the rights of free people to speak what is absolutely very reasonable free speech, and truth, as in the case in Europe correctly labeling Mohammed a paedophile due to his choice of a child bride? And for those on the left who seek to outlaw 'hate speech', is not what they spew about President Trump 'hatred'? Imagine if the government started locking away those who spew hatred towards POTUS, the streets in many of America's big cities would be empty with the prisons overflowing with people facing hate crime charges.

With evidence indicating that what has been happening all across Europe and even Canada now, with speech being criminalized there, while Democrats and 'big tech' attempt to silence Conservatives and Republicans here, that all of this is tied together and part of the same globalists agenda, standing up and peacefully fighting now for the rights of our Brothers and Sisters in Europe and Canada is absolutely the right fight, especially with the globalists now labeling 'truth' as 'hate speech' there.

And as the previously mentioned Conservative Review story warns, America is not far behind them. 
And with the onrushing caravan at our southern border also part of the globalists agenda as we approach what very well could be the most important mid-term elections in American history, we'll close with this excerpt from the Conservative Review story.:

Europe, in terms of its tenuous relationship to the things that made Western Civilization great and transformational, is nearly dead man walking. So where does that leave America, then?

Our churches are more full, but they are largely full of crap as well. And while Islamic lies aren’t pounding at our public square doors, transgender ones seem to be doing just fine.

Perhaps we’re already just as gone as Europe without really knowing it. Tyranny is tyranny, but the one that seems to be hardest to shake is the self-imposed version. The one where you believe that you are still the shining city on a hill compared to everyone else but you have been hollowed out to the point of being a red-light district of addictions and ignorance on the inside.

That’s what academia, Hollywood, and the press are shooting for as Election 2018 lies just around the bend. Without apology. Europe’s spiritual and intellectual anarchy can’t come fast enough for them.  

And it’s why, for the first time in a very long time, I’m considering voting straight Republican to keep such vandals at bay for just a little while longer. And I loathe the Republicans with the blazing heat of a thousand suns. But you know what’s even hotter than that? Hell.

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