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April 8, 2019

As A New 'Pestilence' Begins To Ravage America, Our Fall Into The Twilight Zone Wouldn't Be Complete Without Us 1st Returning To The Middle Ages So The Left Is Now Seeing To That

- Democrats Policies Are Leading To A Major Public Health Crisis In America


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While this very important commentary by John Whitehead over at the Rutherford Institute titled "American Idiocracy: 50 Years Later, We're Still Stranded In The Twilight Zone" opens with a question that is hard to deny in 2019, "Have you noticed how much life increasingly feels like an episode of The Twilight Zone?", his excellent story doesn't touch upon several new signs we're being cast back into the 'Middle Ages' this very moment that we'll address within this ANP story.

While Whitehead's story focuses upon the very real abuses by 'big government' and the 'police state' that are growing more brutal and more unjust and more corrupt and even more idiotic, more perverse, and more outlandish by the day, while warning that our government has become a 'kakistocracy' (a government run by unprincipled career politicians, corporations and thieves that panders to the worst vices in our nature and has little regard for the rights of American citizens), it doesn't touch at all on the fact that another 'Twilight Zone' theme playing out is America's return to time where we're now suffering from diseases previously eradicated here, diseases from the 'Medieval Ages' as Scientific American had reported in this March 15th story.

With unchecked illegal immigration flooding cities in our nation with a mass of humanity, leading to infectious diseases that devastated populations in the Middle Ages resurging in cities in California and elsewhere around the country, while hitting homeless populations particularly hard as Summit News had reported in this recent story, the fact that cities across the nation have allowed their streets to be turned into public restrooms, with junkies and the homeless defecating in them and then sleeping nearby, has largely led to this public health crisis with outbreaks of Shigella bacteria and Hepatitis A, both are which are caused by exposure to feces, are on the increase in Southern California, New Mexico, Ohio and Kentucky, “primarily among people who are homeless or use drugs.

And now, as the NY Times reports in this new story, a new pestilence is beginning to ravage our land with a mysterious and untreatable recently discovered infection now spanning across the planet in a climate of secrecy making its way into America: "The rise of Candida auris embodies a serious and growing public health threat" the NY Times reported, largely due to C. Auris being drug resistance and its near impossibility to completely eradicate. From their story which reports upon a man who recently died from C. auris in New York. 

The man at Mount Sinai died after 90 days in the hospital, but C. auris did not. Tests showed it was everywhere in his room, so invasive that the hospital needed special cleaning equipment and had to rip out some of the ceiling and floor tiles to eradicate it.

Everything was positive — the walls, the bed, the doors, the curtains, the phones, the sink, the whiteboard, the poles, the pump,” said Dr. Scott Lorin, the hospital’s president. “The mattress, the bed rails, the canister holes, the window shades, the ceiling, everything in the room was positive.”

C. auris is so tenacious, in part, because it is impervious to major antifungal medications, making it a new example of one of the world’s most intractable health threats: the rise of drug-resistant infections.

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As we had reported on ANP back on February 22nd in our story titled "Here Comes 'The Plague': This Is Part Of The Globalists Plan To 'Cull' Us All - Sickening Video Shows American Cities Descending Into Shambles - With Things This Bad Already, What Happens When TEOTWAWKI Really Arrives?", many more big US cities have descended into trash infested, crime ridden hellholes due largely to Democrat/globalist policies. And as this Scientific American story points out, it is those very policies, especially unchecked immigration, that have allowed 'Medieval diseases' to spread and proliferate. From their story.: 

Infectious diseases—some that ravaged populations in the Middle Ages—are resurging in California and around the country, and are hitting homeless populations especially hard.

Los Angeles recently experienced an outbreak of typhus—a disease spread by infected fleas on rats and other animals—in downtown streets. Officials briefly closed part of City Hall after reporting that rodents had invaded the building.

People in Washington state have been infected with Shigella bacteria, which is spread through feces and causes the diarrheal disease shigellosis, as well as Bartonella quintana, which spreads through body lice and causes trench fever.

Hepatitis A, also spread primarily through feces, infected more than 1,000 people in Southern California in the past two years. The disease also has erupted in New Mexico, Ohio and Kentucky, primarily among people who are homeless or use drugs.

Public health officials and politicians are using terms like “disaster” and “public health crisis” to describe the outbreaks, and they warn that these diseases can easily jump beyond the homeless population.

“Our homeless crisis is increasingly becoming a public health crisis,” California Gov. Gavin Newsom said in his State of the State speech in February, citing outbreaks of hepatitis A in San Diego County, syphilis in Sonoma County and typhus in Los Angeles County. “Typhus,” he said. “A medieval disease. In California. In 2019.”

The diseases have flared as the nation’s homeless population has grown in the past two years: About 553,000 people were homeless at the end of 2018, and nearly one-quarter of homeless people live in California.

So with homelessness, much of it caused by unchecked immigration, clearly the 'vector' for the spread of these diseases once eradicated in America to return, why are we allowing in so many? Once again, from the Scientific American story.:

The diseases spread quickly and widely among people living outside or in shelters, fueled by sidewalks contaminated with human feces, crowded living conditions, weakened immune systems and limited access to health care.

“The hygiene situation is just horrendous” for people living on the streets, said Dr. Glenn Lopez, a physician with St. John’s Well Child & Family Center, who treats homeless patients in Los Angeles County. “It becomes just like a Third World environment where their human feces contaminate the areas where they are eating and sleeping.”

Those infectious diseases are not limited to homeless populations, Lopez warned. “Even someone who believes they are protected from these infections are not.”

At least one Los Angeles city staffer said she contracted typhus in City Hall last fall. And San Diego County officials warned in 2017 that diners at a well-known restaurant were at risk of hepatitis A.

There were 167 cases of typhus from Jan. 1, 2018, through Feb. 1 of this year, up from 125 in 2013 and 13 in 2008, according to the California Public Health Department.

Typhus is a bacterial infection that can cause a high fever, stomach pain and chills but can be treated with antibiotics. Outbreaks are more common in overcrowded and trash-filled areas that attract rats.

The recent typhus outbreak began last fall, when health officials reported clusters of the flea-borne disease in downtown Los Angeles and Compton. They also have occurred in Pasadena, where the problems are likely due to people feeding stray cats carrying fleas.


As the Organic Prepper emphasized just days ago when reporting upon this Kaiser Health study that was also the reference of the Scientific American story, "these diseases will eventually spread to the public". Warning us also within their story "don't be fooled into thinking you are safe from these diseases", they then ask us to imagine what things will be like when these diseases are widespread when SHTF.

If outbreaks like these are beginning to spread among the population now, can you imagine what things will be like if the SHTF? If you think it can’t happen here, you’d be mistaken.

Then going on to outline for us within their story several very recent events where TEOTWAWKI had arrived and brought along with it just these kinds of illnesses and diseases, their story also reminds us of why we are all only 'one huge event' away from a SHTF scenario ourselves and all of the disruption and chaos that comes along with it.:

Just take a look at what happened in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria hit. Selco has outlined – in tragic detail – what life was like after SHTF after the Balkan War of the 90s.

In the article Venezuela Faces the Return of Forgotten Diseases, Jose explained that tuberculosis, diptheria, ehrlichiosis (a tropical variation of Lyme disease), and leishmaniasis are spreading quickly and are hard to treat due to the lack of medication and proper nutrition.

As Lizzie Bennett explained in Disease: 10 Conditions That Will Become Far More Common After A Collapse, “Many diseases are opportunists, they will surface at a time the conditions are right for them to flourish and most often this is at a time when humans really could do with concentrating on other stuff.” She goes on to outline ten diseases (typhoid is one of them) “that will make their presence felt after a major, long term, disaster be it war, societal collapse or in some cases even an economic downturn.”


And with more and more Americans living in the kinds of squalid conditions within which such 'medieval diseases' are incubated and brewed and spread, it's easy to see how open borders policies of the left have allowed such conditions to proliferate with homelessness now a rampant problem in so many Democrat run cities as is reported within this story.

And with no signs of these problems getting better and every sign they'll get worse in the months and years ahead, we've long reported on ANP that those who are able should get as far away from the cities as possible should worst case scenarios play out as big cities will instantly become death traps in any real SHTF scenario due in large part to population density. 

And with Americans having borrowed $88 billion to cover health expenses in 2018 despite having health insurance showing just how dramatically the US health care system and 'Obamacare' have failed, the fact that more than half a million families are financially ruined each year by medical bills hints at much bigger problems still ahead. 

The diseases sometimes get the “medieval” moniker because people in that era lived in squalid conditions without clean water or sewage treatment, said Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, a professor of medicine and public health at UCLA.

People living on the streets or in homeless shelters are vulnerable to such outbreaks because their weakened immune systems are worsened by stress, malnutrition and sleep deprivation.

Many also have mental illness and substance abuse disorders, which can make it harder for them to stay healthy or get health care. 

So what are we to do in this world of ours gone mad should such 'medievel diseases' arrive in our neck of the woods? Knowing in full that when TEOTWAWKI arrives upon our shores, one of the very last things that we'll be able to rely upon will be the public health system, we've long believed that we should prepare ourselves to be our own doctors. 

As this Organic Prepper story had pointed out, for more on avoiding infection with contagious disease now and after SHTF, please see "5 Simple Pieces of LIFESAVING Medical Knowledge" and "The Grim Reality of Survival Medicine in Austere Conditions" for some words of advice and Susan and I will always swear by and rely upon the antibiotic properties of raw garlic to kill off any infections.

A couple more good books on survival when the medical system completely fails.

The Survival Medicine Handbook: A Guide for When Help is Not on the Way 

Prepper's Survival Medicine Handbook: A Lifesaving Collection of Emergency Procedures from U.S. Army Field Manuals

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For those who are looking for an excellent survival first aid kit, this 250-piece also contains tactical tools. 

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