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February 12, 2015

US Marines Told To Surrender Their Weapons In Yemen By US State Dept Continues Theme: Have Articles Of Surrender Already Been Drawn Up?


By Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline

With US Marines in Yemen being told to surrender their weapons by the US State Department as shared in the newly released video below featuring Megyn Kelly on Fox News, we see a continuing trend that was earlier addressed by All News Pipeline in this story called "C3 - Communications, Command, Control - Completely Taken Over - Have We Already Surrendered?" in which we pointed out facts showing that our military communications, control and command structures have been completely taken over.

In this video, retired General Jack Keane SLAMS the 'mindless, stupid bureaucrat' who ordered this surrender, another warning being issued about this administration just days after 4-Star US Navy Admiral James A. 'Ace' Lyons, former Commander-In-Chief of the US Pacific Fleet, recently warned us that the radical Muslim Brotherhood had completely infiltrated US National Security agencies. In that, he warned all military leaders and Constitution following politicians needed to stand up to this administration and uphold their oaths and a warning that, in light of recent events in Yemen, rings ever more true.

In an event that some are looking at as a way to completely demoralize the proudly serving US Marines and our military, for the State Department to ORDER our own Marines be disarmed in a time of danger speaks of ultimate treason against our own nation and are actions that bring full circle the dismantling of the US Military leadership structure began by Barack Obama years ago. WHY would the US State Department ORDER US military members in possible danger to disarm? In a story from Dave Hodges in November 2014 we were warned of "Obama’s Blueprint for the Destruction of America: The Decimation of Military Leadership."

Because the scope of Obama’s attack upon America is complete and far-reaching, this part of this series is limited to Obama’s destruction of the American military as a prelude to invasion by Russia and possibly China.

Obama is the Commander-in-Chief over a global military power that had no equal when he came into office. For Obama to destroy America, he must significantly weaken America.  Our main adversary, Russia, is merely a regional military power. If America is ever going to be conquered, the American military must be significantly weakened and this is precisely what Obama has done.

If a foreign power were to assassinate 300 senior command officers, we would collectively recognize that we were in a state of war and the effectiveness of our military had been gravely diminished. This is exactly what  Obama has done to the military as he has fired nearly 300 senior officers since moving  into the White House. The major reason that an officer gets fired in today’s military, is for the failure to enthusiastically embrace the subjugation of both the military and the country by the globalists.

With enemies of America in the State Department and the White House and events such as this, US Marines being told to SURRENDER their weapons, we have to ask, have the articles of the surrender of America already been drawn up?


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