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July 31, 2015

Collapse To Usher In Cashless Society, RFID Chips, And†Totalitarian World Government


By Minute To Midnite - All News PipeLine

A Minute To Midnite EP 06 - Global Economic Collapse - Cashless Society -NWO

In this July 31st Edition of A Minute to Midnite Chris and Tony cover a range of news and topics with the main focus gravitating towards the coming Global Economic Collapse, with the move towards a cashless society and totalitarian world government.†

The show begins with a discussion of last weeks Lafayette Theatre shooting, where Tony points out that it occurred 3 years and 3 days after the last theatre shooting in Aurora. Three years and three days could be seen as 33, the magic Illuminati number that is so often used in their symbolism. Is this a coincidence, or does it show this was a staged †event? Could both shooters have been under the control of †MK-Ultra mind control programming?

Also brought out is the fact that Houser was quickly labelled a "Christian extremist" by the mainstream media who are equally quick to down play any Islamic connections to other mass murders and terrorist events.

Chris then gets into market news, the gold and silver smashes, the shaky stock market, †and the falling prices of commodities. The discussion is turned to the similarity of today's downward trends to the events leading up to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. Chris and Tony both agree that things are tracking towards a September Shemitah financial crash that will leading us into the 2016 Jubilee year.

Discussion turns to the videos exposing the Planned Parenthood abortion debacle, and the sale of baby body parts, and how there is more media coverage and outrage over the shooting of a lion than there is over the actions by Planned Parenthood's leaders and their illegal actions.

The main body of the show turns to discussing the economic collapse that is on the horizon, the move toward a cashless society and the micro chipping of people. Chris suggests that micro chipping on new bank notes could be precursor to this.

With TPP, new bank notes, RFID chips all leading in the direction of a New World Order where the rank and file have no say, the giant corporations have the power, and it won't matter if you call the resulting totalitarian regime Leftist ( communism) or Right (Nazism), because the end goal is an elite at the top that control the finances and the laws. So long as people believe their votes make a difference and are herded left or right they will be distracted from the real issue..and that is control by global elites! Ultimately Global control. A mix of communism and super capitalism.†


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