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November 15, 2021 

As Our World Descends Into Orwellian Leftist Lunacy, 60 Undeniable Truths Of Human Life That Define Reality

Spread the Word. Stay Informed. Be Prepared. Remain Vigilant. Stay Ahead of the Curve. Remain Flexible. Have a Backup Plan. 

Human life has many undeniable truths. Some are obvious and known to all. Many are discovered only through one’s own failures and experiences. Then there are those that we learn from the tragedies of others. Finally, there are the secret truths of which we are not allowed to utter. 

As you read my list, for each truth you had never given any thought to, stop, think about it, and then add one point to your IQ. (ANP: Agree or disagree? Please let us know what you think, adding a few of your own if any come to mind, in our comment section below!)

1) If it is free, you are not the customer: you are the product. You are being sold to a third party. (broadcast TV, radio; free Apps). 

2) If they pay you, you are not the customer; you are a guinea pig. (Covid vax). 

3) If they force you, you are a victim. (masking, military draft, covid vax). 

4) To discover the truth, look where you are not allowed to look. 

5) To determine the agenda, follow the money. 

6) To discover who controls you, find those you cannot criticize. 

7) To find the guilty party, determine who benefited. 

8) Disease has always been nature’s way of culling excess populations. Genocide is man’s way of culling chosen populations. Genocide by disease conceals the responsible parties by shifting the blame to nature. 

9) Ponder this: Ranchers and farmers “improve the herd” by culling the least productive, desirable units. (The useless eaters). There are several billion humans alive today that are neither productive nor desirable, and a drain on resources. 

10) The US abortion agenda was founded for the purpose of reducing the population of undesirable races. The same agenda continues today. 

11) The “Great Reset” refers to the world population, not the world economy. 

12) When one man dies, that is a tragedy. When 50,000 men die, that is a statistic. When 50 million men die, the agenda is succeeding. 

13) All “Conspiracy Theories” contain elements of factual hidden truth. 

14) The simplest explanation is most often the correct one. 

15) It is easier to fool a person, than to convince them they were fooled. 

16) If you are one step ahead of the curve, you are a genius; if you are two steps ahead you are a conspiracy theorist; three steps ahead and you are a crackpot. 

17) First they ignore you; then they laugh at you; then they fight you; then you win. 

18) Give up your freedom for security, and you will lose both. 

19) There are no coincidences in politics. 20) Chaos is a method of Control. 

21) Events don’t just happen, they are made to happen. 

22) To argue like a liberal: deny the facts, change the subject; and as a last resort call names. (“racist” “homophobe”). 

23) If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the facts are against you, argue the law. If they both are against you, deny the facts, and claim you are the victim. 

24) The people that vote, decide nothing; the people that count the votes, decide everything. 

25) Never underestimate the power of “Free”. 

26) The first act of power is to preserve the power, the second act is to expand it. 

27) Democratic nations slowly evolve into Socialism as the public demands more and more from the national treasury. Socialist nations then evolve into police states. 

28) You can vote yourself out of a democracy; but you have to shoot your way out of a socialist police state. 

29) Freedom comes from the individual. If it came from the state, it would be permission. 

30) Central Banking is more dangerous than standing armies. 

31) Pay people to do something, and you get more of it. Tax something and you get less of it. 

32) The resistance is always stronger when you are close to the target. 

33) Poverty does not cause crime; crime causes poverty. 

34) The more harm they do to you, the less you will believe it is so. 

35) Religion is used by sociopaths to stoke fear in the public and gain power and wealth. 

36) What you fight against, you may eventually become. 

37) What goes around will eventually come around. 

38) To get rid of a stray cat, stop feeding it. Ditto for the homeless, the street people and your adult children. 

39) Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. 

40) More is not always better. 

41) Gold is money, everything else is credit. 

42) Everyplace has too much of something, and not enough of something else. Because of this, reliable transportation of goods will always be necessary and a potential bottleneck. 

43) In modern medicine, there are “treatments” and “cures”. There is much more money in constant and continuing treatments than in cures. A patient cured, is a customer lost. 

44) All human beings are not created equal. Talent, intelligence, athletic ability, work ethic, attractiveness, and health all vary from individual to individual. 

45) The presence of a “Y” sex chromosome makes any organism a male of that specie. 

46) When the “gay gene” is discovered, liberals will become pro-life. 

47) Once asexual reproduction becomes possible for human females, men will become irrelevant, unnecessary, bothersome and eventually extinct. 

48) Mama’s baby, Papa’s maybe. 

49) Women have intercourse when they are willing; men have intercourse whenever they can. 

50) Women use sex as a force against men. 

51) Everything is poison. Dosage is the key. Consume enough of anything, even water, and you will die. 

52) Humanity take note: The dinosaurs went extinct because they failed to develop a space program and to spread their specie to other planets and solar systems. 

53) If we can see other planets and determine which can support life, then they can see us as well. If we can travel to those planets, then they can travel here. 

54) Non-human terrestrials and non-humanoid extra-terrestrials have been present on the Earth longer than human beings. 

55) The “Missing Link” between humans and apes was developed in an ET genetics laboratory a long time ago. Present day humans are genetically engineered hybrids of ancient man and ET genes. 

56) All human beings are descended from a woman that lived 400,000 years ago. 

57) In your infinite search for happiness, take a little time to be happy. 

58) Be kind to your neighbors. They know where you live. 

59) The climate is constantly changing and has been since the creation of the planet, and will continue to do so for as long as the planet exists. 

60) There is no “perfect climate” for the Earth. Areas of “too hot,” “too cold,” “too wet, and “too dry” will always exist.

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