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April 11, 2019

Snowflake Writer Ripped From 'Safe Space' Becomes Unhinged, Admits To Melting Down When Presented With Opposing Opinions, Blames Fox News


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

A writer, who was recently published in both the Boston Globe, which later realized how unhinged he was and changed his story ( link for the original version before the globe made changes)† to remove his most sickening comments, as their new editor's note shows, and the NY Mag,† has exposed how utterly intolerant modern day liberals are and how completely overcome with anger and bitterness they become when they are ripped out of their "safe space" by hearing opinions other than what they espouse.


We'll start with the type of person and writing is acceptable to the Boston Globe until reader backlash revealed the the dangerously unbalanced nature of the writer, Luke ONeil, before delving into the lunacy of his Safe Space mentality.

On April 10, 2019, the Boston Globe promoted a piece written by O'Neill, titled "Opinion | Luke OíNeil: Keep Kirstjen Nielsen unemployed and eating Grubhub over her kitchen sink," where the first sentence of the piece, which has now been altered considerably by Globe Editors (after publishing the original and promoting it), stated "ONE OF THE biggest regrets of my life is not pissing in Bill Kristolís salmon."

The entire first paragraph of the original version below, followed by the sanitized version after reader backlash forced the Globe to actually read what they allowed to be published.

Original, via

ONE OF THE biggest regrets of my life is not pissing in Bill Kristolís salmon. I was waiting on the disgraced neoconservative pundit and chief Iraq War cheerleader about 10 years ago at a restaurant in Cambridge and to my eternal dismay, some combination of professionalism and pusillanimity prevented me from appropriately seasoning his entree. A ramekin of blood on the side might have been the better option, come to think of it. He always did seem really thirsty for the stuff.

Sanitized version as of April 11, 2019, with an Editor's note stating "A version of this column as originally published did not meet Globe standards and has been changed. The Globe regrets the previous tone of the piece."

One of the biggest regrets in my life was serving Bill Kristol salmon and not telling the neoconservative pundit and chief Iraq War cheerleader what I really thought about him. That was 10 years ago, at a restaurant in Cambridge, and I was reminded of that episode this week when Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, the purportedly reluctant triggerman for Donald Trumpís inhumane policies of ethnic cleansing, announced she would be stepping down from her post at the presidentís request.

Seems Globe readers were not amused at the type of "tone" of the piece they originally allowed to be published, as they took to Twitter to start showing the unbalanced nature of the writer in question by taking screen shots of the type of violence he is known for promoting, using his own words.

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Those are just a couple examples of the type of person we are talking about, others show he has a fondness for calling people a "c*nt," and it appears he wasn't happy that Globe readers were able to look through his old tweets, or hearing opinions he doesn't agree with, because at the time this article is being written, his account and tweets are now "protected" where only his followers can see his rhetoric.


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I started with the Globe piece and the backlash, because before delving into a disturbing article published on O'Neil's "Welcome To Hell World," page on April 5th, I felt it important for readers to have a good idea of the mindset of the writer in question, because while I can say he appears unbalanced, that is just my opinion, readers should have the opportunity to determine if they agree or disagree.

The headline of his piece was "I hate what theyíve done to almost everyone in my family." His reference to "they," is Fox News, who he declares in his story has "kidnapped and brainwashed many of our otherwise lovely and kind family members," before declaring "Iíll piss on their graves one day with a huge f**king boner that makes it hard for the piss to come out and Iíll be like ah f**k and itíll splash out weird......" That appears to be in reference to Fox News' personalities.

Of course I sanitized it, but it gives a good idea of the type of person we are talking about here, one obviously fixated on urinating on food, people and/or graves.

The entire piece is about his and his followers stories of how they lost family members to "Fox News brain cancer," yet in his description of who loses their minds when hearing an opinion they don't agree with, he doesn't seem to understand that he is admitting that he is the one that gets triggered by a discussion with a conservative, namely his mother.

As such my mom and I have agreed to not talk about politics anymore because I always werewolf into the type of pedant who turns Christmas into the 25th of Sh*t but sometimes she'll say something she thinks is safe and innocuous and my bullet time poster brain will slow down and see intuitively it's some Fox News-inspired talking point and so it makes me not want to talk about anything to avoid any sort of disagreement and then I keep it all inside which is a condition known as being Massachusetts Irish trash which is what we are.

What is concerning is that he then moves on to say he mentioned this on Twitter and people shared their stories of "how they lost a family member to Fox News or how their relationships have become strained," and we begin to see a picture emerge of many online liberals that simply cannot handle when a family member espouses conservative ideals, and in each case they blame Fox News.

Considering that piece was written so soon after the country found out that they three-year long "Russia collusion" narrative the media, all except Fox News and conservative outlets, turned out to be a huge hoax after the special counsel team assigned to investigate whether the Trump campaign "conspired or coordinated" with Russia to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, found no collusion, is extremely ironic in my mind.


The set of stories the writer claimed he received in his response, shows that it isn't only the writer that cannot handled being dragged from his safe space by hearing other opinions, but his followers, if the responses are true, admit they are "angry" all the time and "don't know what to do with all this anger and shame except to try to reflect it back with the Archimedes laser of my iron will to be a total c*nt 24/7."

Yes, that came directly from one of his alleged responses to his request for others to share their stories.

Who exactly sounds unhinged, the family members that simply have a different ideology, or someone that would actually admit that?

The next story he shared was someone that claimed his "racist" father was always angry about the issues he heard on Fox News, claiming his father was "addicted to anger," yet his last sentence pretty much articulates who is "addicted to anger," when he states "Rupert Murdoch ruined my family and my country. If a genie gave me wishes I would hope his private plane crashes into the sea and every single person that works for Fox News gets trapped in the building and burns alive."

Hmmmmmm... no, that doesn't sound "angry" at all, huh?

Here is another, just to hammer home my point about who loses their minds when faced with differing opinions:

I met my mom for dinner last night. Somehow it ends up on politics and yeah, my mom's now a big racist, shaking in her boots at the word ďsocialism.Ē We also agreed to the no politics thing, but she's a big time Facebooker. Inevitably she'll say something dumb from a meme or some sh*t and I'll just have to go off again.

There are many more, all along the same theme, but the pattern is the same, angry, bitter, in my opinion, unhinged, family members declaring that Fox News stole members of their family and changed them, accusing them of anger, yet admitting they themselves are the ones that loses it when confronted with conservative ideals.

Apparently the far left publication NY Mag decided they loved that theme, so they gave O'Neil space to expand on his "stories" about family members brainwashed by Fox News, in a piece which is deconstructed nicely by Amelia Hamilton over at Red State, who concludes the following:

That is what is breaking up families. Itís not Fox News, itís a lack of mutual respect. Your beliefs are as different from theirs as theirs are from yours, but you expect them to respect your differences while openly trashing them in print. You want to write articles saying people need to be ďdecontaminatedĒ after hearing their opinions while saying that people sharing your opinions are ďobviously less offensive.Ē Why didnít you ask a Fox News enthusiast if it was obviously less offensive to them? It is clear you donít care what they think.

The lack of self-awareness from those quoted, the fact that they cannot "see" their own anger and bitterness, even as they supposedly write how angry and bitter they are, is an issue conservatives should keep an eye on, because as O'Neil has shown with his previous tweets, these people tend to have extremely violent thoughts, and have no problem encouraging others to be violent.


I have often stated I spend as much time on liberal sites and observing liberal social media #resistance members, because if one cannot look at, and quote them accurately, there is no way to be aware of what they thinking, saying and promoting, which is why I found the lack of self-awareness in almost all the accounts O'Neil claims were sent to him, to be the height of absurdity.

Perhaps conservatives should take a page out of their playbook, start sending the liberals, the CNN and MSNBC watching family members, clips, and videos, and links and images, showing them how crazed they sound, showing them how often their favorite liberal news sources published fake "Russia collusion" news, and if they end up needing psychiatric treatment from being ripped from their safe space... so be it.

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