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June 22, 2019

All It Took Was Radical Liberal Policies To Turn U.S. 'Utopian' Cities Into Hell-Holes - This Is What They Want For America

(Homelessness In seattle)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Every rational adult understands that nothing is free. One may give something to someone for free, but originally it was paid for by someone to be given away.

Watching the Democrat candidates vie for the Democrat nomination for president, we note Bernie Sanders thinks free healthcare should be given to all, including illigal aliens, while Elizabeth Warren wants free college for all....and on and on it goes with each candidate trying to top each other in pushing socialist and communist policy ideas.

Ask them how it would all be paid for, after dodging the question, then hemming and hawing, eventually they will admit that taxes would have to be raised.....of course they would, meaning someone, somewhere would be forced to pay for it to be "free" for another person.

Every rational adult also understands that individual liberty is part of being an American, yet once again radical liberals in the media, politicians, and social media giants continue to try to tell Americans what they should and shouldn't be allowed to say, calling anything they disagree with "hate speech," while insisting that the government should be able to dictate what we eat and drink, what we do, all the while pushing for more taxes so they can implement their dictatorial policies to strip Americans of their individual liberties.

One only has to look at the most liberal cities in America to see what liberal policies have done to cities once considered "Utopias" and are now nothing more than hell-holes.

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Look to California, the most radically liberal state in the nation, that in 2018 officially became a "sanctuary" state that welcomes criminal illegal aliens that have either cross over into the U.S. illegally, or overstayed their visas, or never appeared in court for their asylum claims, that now has more than two million illegal aliens, while at the same time seeing homelessness "skyrockets" in Los Angeles, Stockton, and San Jose, while garbage, needles and feces line the streets and sidewalks in San Francisco.

Yet they are wringing their hands over the growing "housing crisis?" Maybe if they didn't offer sanctuary to over 2 million illegal aliens (and that is increasing), they wouldn't have a housing crisis.


Where does one start with California? The state that once elected Ronald Reagan as Governor and voted for him as President has become one of the premier destinations for testing out liberal ideas. Often perceived as a safe-haven for undocumented aliens, California prohibits the use of e-verify unless mandated by federal law. From being forced to paint your roof white to city bans on plastic bags, California also has a regulation for pretty much every environmental concern you might imagine—and probably some you can't.

The economic downside to what some might term liberal overreach is that the state's out-of-control bureaucracy and outlandish taxpayer-paid pension packages have steered multiple cities into bankruptcy and left the state as a whole teetering on the brink of financial ruin. Residents also enjoy the fourth highest individual tax burden in the country. If that's not bad enough, you can always expect plenty of nanny-statist laws to be passed every year.

The 'Golden State' is no longer golden thanks to radical liberal policies and state control over their populace, while forcing that same populace to pay more taxes to continue seeing city by city turn into hell-holes.

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Look to Seattle, Washington, controlled by a liberal mayor and governor, with Democrats holding all of the seats in the Washington State Legislature covering a significant portion of the city. Seattle also is now seeing an "explosion of homelessness, crime, and addiction."

Some key points via Fox News:

Hoffman added: “Through 2013, the homeless population was relatively stable. And then what happened after that is it grew... because the policies they had enabled drug use behavior. It’s just absolutely tragic that we have people who are living inside of a cemetery, that are dealing drugs outside of a cemetery, and are running prostitution in a cemetery, but you see it on the streets all over Seattle.”


Hoffman went on to paint a dire picture of the scene at the historic Bikur Cholim Cemetery.

“They find needles, they find drugs, they find human feces all over the place and they have to clean it all up,” he said. “Our grounds-crew has been pricked by needles before, they’ve been assaulted by people they found living there, they’ve found people on the ground overdosed thinking they were dead.”

Federal data released in 2018 found Washington state’s homeless population had risen more than any other state in the country.

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For those who have not seen the hour-long documentary called "Seattle is Dying,"  it offers an up-close look into how dire the situation has become in the "Emerald City."

Look at Vermont, New York and Virginia, all run by liberal governors, all passing over-the-top abortion laws that allow the murder of babies right up until birth, with the Virginia Governor suggesting perhaps even right after a failed abortion attempt the parents and doctors could still discuss killing the child, which is infanticide.

In Portland, Oregon the streets have been known to be taken over by Antifa, verbally abusing drivers, blocking roads, while the police are ordered by the liberal Mayor to stand down and simply allow total anarchy.

Right now we see the Democrat Governor of Oregon has ordered police to detain Republican senators and force them back to work. This is one to watch as one of those Republican Senators has stated that any police that try to take him back should be single and well armed.

"Send bachelors, and come heavily armed; I’m not going to be a political prisoner in the state of Oregon, it’s just that simple."

While I could go on, there are plenty more examples, the pattern is clear, cities and states run by radical liberals are destroying themselves, whether it is homelessness, infanticide, drugs, or allowing total anarchy, these areas are becoming cesspools and hell-holes.


As the 2020 presidential campaign season has already begun, look closely at the liberal and socialist candidates, watch their proposals and campaign rhetoric, and understand that what has happened to the once "Utopian" cities and states, is what they want for the entire country, because they cannot admit that the chaos and homelessness, drug addiction, and other issues they are facing, stems directly from their failed policies.

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