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July 30, 2016

Dead Doctors: Has There Been A Targeted Assassination Plan Of Over 50 People In The Field Of Holistic Medicine In A One Year Period?


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Murder, suicide, natural causes, accidental and "freak accidents," are some of the "official" narratives with some still under investigation, but the fact is over 50 people in the field of holistic medicine have died since June 2015.

To have such a large body count within any industry in a 12 month time frame is suspicious, but to see the amount of dead doctors and others related to such a specified and narrow field within a larger group, is utterly bizarre and has many questioning if the official narratives are hiding a larger truth.

While we will provide a link below to Health Nut News, where Erin Elizabeth has done an outstanding job creating a timeline as well as relentlessly reporting each and every death that has occurred since June 2015, there are a couple of important notes that I would like to highlight from her long, well-sourced articles and timeline.


For example, she notes that on three specific dates in the timeline she provides, two doctors had died on the same day in a one month period. Six doctors dead in one month, in pairs on the same dates.

The "conspiracy" angle started with the very first death on Father's Day 2015, with the "suicide" of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, who was a controversial autism doctor, his death coming just days after federal authorities raided his office. From the start Bradstreet's family and others did not believe the official narrative of "suicide," with First Immune GcMAF on Facebook, claiming by July 1, 2015, that Bradstreet was murdered:

Dr Bradstreet has been under attack by big pharma for his success during all his professional life so there is no way he would have committed a suicide for just another attack.

He was murdered; the FDA were clearly involved, and the other suspect is the MMR vaccine co-orporations, who work with the FDA.

Dr Bradstreet loudly published the fact we all know: The MMR jab, which makes $ billions, causes autism.

Health Nut News informs readers that Bradstreet's family hired their own private investigators who have concluded "this was murder- without a doubt. It was not a suicide. It was murder." Other families of these dead doctors are also hiring their own teams or investigators because they do not believe the official reports either.

While we will ask readers to go to Health Nut News for the entire timeline because Erin did such a thorough job of sourcing each death, and they all need to be seen together to understand the scope of what is happening, we do want to note a couple of her timeline points below, as they highlight that it is not just holistic doctors but now there seems to be a spate of cancer researchers mysteriously dying as well.

(Note- The links in the piece about over 50 Holistic Doctors dead lead back to the original Health Nut News reports about the individual deaths, and the links to the official stories are within those originating HNN articles)

Points 16, 17 and 18, shown below:

16) 2015 dozen plus accidental deaths and freak accidents, mostly holistic doctors; besides the 13 doctors covered thus far who died in non accidental deaths, we have 5 chiropractor deaths that were accidents. We also have more deaths of doctors here: some described as freak accidents. Again, we didn’t include them in the official unintended series. We have the famous holistic ABC News doctor, Jamie Zimmerman, who allegedly slipped and fell and hit her head in Hawaii while on vacation, and who was carried out to sea. We also have more accidental deaths of holistic doctors here in NY (accidental), and yet another here of a famous holistic MD! We literally couldn’t keep up at times there were so many.

17) Late December 2015 – January 2016 I didn’t include PhD’s in the series (unless they were also an MD, DO or DC) but then just this past few weeks we saw 2 Canadian PhD’s/researchers killed. One was stabbed in what his friends called a safe neighborhood. Another, a Phd (who was a wife and mother of two) was hit while jogging near the beach and then buried in a shallow grave on the tourist island of Grenada. Then days later a holistic doctor is also attacked there with his wife (physician’s assistant) on this same tiny island of Grenada (see #18). This is where we suddenly start seeing a spate of cancer researchers killed which hadn’t happened previously and then suddenly we have a one every few days.

18) January 23, 2016- A top MD, John Marshall, 49, who was a former 4th generation Marine, had served in Afghanistan, and had survival training, was found dead in the Spokane river and they pulled his body out that day. He was said to be in great shape and was doing his usual run in Spokane, near the river. Authorities say he somehow must have fallen into the river and drowned and almost immediately said it was death by drowning. (UPDATE: Dr Marshall’s wife (also a doctor and surgeon) has hired her own investigator and is questioning the quick call by Seattle PD. Again, more families are questioning these deaths and what some find absurd rulings by authorities.)

(Dead Doctors)

The timeline at Health Nut News has 35 different points with a note before starting, which says "There is often more than one doctor per # listed. Some paragraphs mention 8 dead doctors in one single sentence with links. We are at well over 50 at this point, a few being researchers and a holistic board certified NP who worked with Dr Bradstreet, but the rest are all doctors."

On top of those listed in the HNN timeline, we see that since that article was written, another renowned Holistic doctor was found stabbed to death in her home, in July 2016, reported on by SF Gate, and discussed in Erin Elizabeth's video at the bottom of this article.

Collapse News makes the following point: "So who would want these people dead? And why? All roads lead back to the industry that has the most to gain by them being dead: Big Pharma."

While they admit there is no firm evidence linking Big Pharma to these deaths, they believe, and we agree, that it is a point that should be considered and investigated, yet law enforcement agencies do not seem to be doing so.


The body count is rising and nothing is being done about it. The investigations and MSM reporting on these deaths are being done separately without the context of the dozens that have died in the last year, many times not even reporting on the bizarre fact that they are all in some way connected to Holistic medicine, the majority of which are doctors.

If these were brain surgeons or heart specialists or any other sub-group within the larger community of medical professionals, there would be a public demand to find out what is going on..... yet we are not seeing any sense of urgency by the MSM or the federal government to investigate how over 50 people connected Holistic medicine died in a one year period...... and the deaths are continuing.

Below is a video published on April 29, 2016, about a film being created about the strange Holistic doctor deaths with a breif preface from the creator.

Video description by Erin Elizabeth:

When Brian Hammers (director in Los Angeles) approached me with this proof of concept short film- I clicked on his link - not expecting much. I didn't know him and I get many emails a day.

Then the film stopped me dead in my tracks. My jaw dropped and I shed a few tears. I learned that Brian's wife- Michelle Hammers- was basically playing the role of me. That was mind blowing. (I wrote the unintended series about the holistic doctor deaths- many who were friends of mine and my better half of 7 yrs- a well known holistic doctor)

I also learned some actors were afraid to be in the project because of the recent death and potential dangers. I wrote some of the family members of the deceased doctors and we decided this project would happen regardless, so might as well happen the right way. Brian is such a talented passionate director too - so I said yes, and I'd be a producer and help in any way I can to get the world out there. We've already had thousands donated here and know it will be done. Since mainstream ignores over 30 doctors who have gone dead and missing in a matter of months, film sometimes has the power to get the word out.


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