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March 12, 2021 

Big Pharma Busts Out The 'Ex-Presidents Propaganda Machine' To Brainwash Americans Into Being Used As Human Guinea Pigs For A Poorly Tested, Rushed And Experimental Vaccine 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With a recent poll finding 1 out of every 4 Americans will refuse to get a Covid-19 vaccine, including 49% of Republican men, four former US Presidents (who one commenter on this Daily Mail story called 'puppets to the elite') are urging YOU to 'do your part' and 'get vaccinated'. With Jimmy Carter recently joining Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George Bush to create a couple of 'vaccine propaganda videos' to encourage the dumbed down masses to get their shots, we see the globalists propaganda machine being kicked into high gear.

And while that Daily Mail story reported that Bush was urging on Americans, "In order to get rid of this pandemic, it's important for our fellow citizens to get vaccinated. So roll up your sleeve and do your part", all of the top-voted comments on the story prove that people in general aren't 'buying it', with the top-voted comment being "I'm still not taking a poorly tested, rushed, indemnified, experimental vaccine!" while another top-voted comment was a bit more blunt of those four former US presidents.: "Four world class A holes together. Destructors of the modern world."

So with the globalists now heavily busting out their propaganda machine via the 'x-presidents' to push these still unproven Covid-19 vaccines, we have to take a look within this story at more signs the globalists are setting up the massive demonization of 'vaccine refusers', including this new story over at Health Impact News which reports that California Senator Dr. Richard Pan has been 'anointed' by the 'big pharma media' to start a “Domestic Terrorist” campaign against people who refuse to be vaccinated.  

From that story first before we continue.:

And so it begins. 

Those of us who have been exposing the corruption in Big Pharma, and especially in the vaccine industry, for more than a decade now, knew this day was coming. It’s been coming for a long time now, but the COVID Plandemic has shifted medical tyranny into high gear, primarily because this time around the masses have complied with the medical tyrants and, so far, voluntarily surrendered their rights all in the name of “public safety.” 

Very soon now, the supply of experimental COVID vaccines will exceed the demand for those who have been lining up and begging to be injected with who-knows-what to fight the unseen enemy, the dreaded Coronavirus, and then it will be time to deal with the “vaccine resistant” who are perceived as a threat to public health

Domestic Terrorists. That’s the new label for those who dare to question the new experimental COVID injections. And who else should Big Pharma and their media anoint to start this new campaign, but California Senator Dr. Richard Pan? 

Richard Pan is a pediatrician-turned-politician who has spearheaded California’s descent into medical tyranny, since 2015, when he wrote bill SB277 to remove all religious exemptions to childhood vaccines in the State of California, despite widespread public opposition by parents, doctors, lawyers, and educators.

So if the mainstream media tries to label you a 'domestic terrorist' for refusing to get the Covid-19 vaccine, will you 'bow down' and 'comply'? Yeah, we didn't think so! Neither will we! 

And some more of the top-voted comments on this Daily Mail story prove that we are not alone.

Since I've not had so much as a sniffle in the last 20 years I'll stick with my own immune system. 

I'm not one of your sheep. No jab for me. 

If these NWO jokers are actually getting a vaccine, it wont be the one us plebs would get, no doubt. Plenty of sheep lining up for it though.

100 percent no thanks.  

And while the 'loony libs' shot back with comments such as:

Dying of covid to own the Libzzz. So classic. Please, be my guest.

Why would anyone line up to take a totally unproven Covid-19 vaccine, when ABC News Australia had reported "We've NEVER made a successful vaccine for a coronavirus before" while Covid-19 cases are now declining not only in nursing homes but across the country?

And with Covid-19 'denialism' now enshrined in case law in Canada as reported in this new Freedom Articles story, as that story warned, such laws have grave implications for inherent rights and freedom for everyone. Are we entering a world where you can lose your rights solely due to way you think?

And while this other story over at the Daily Mail reports that Biden's White House recently lied in their claim that the U.S. vaccinated a record 2.9 million people last Saturday, and they also exaggerated the share of older Americans who'd been fully immunized, why all the lies and propaganda coming out now, with states across the country finally lifting Covid restrictions while Americans grow weary about 'being bossed around'

So before we conclude this story, let's take a look at some of the top-voted comments on one more Daily Mail story which reported that Biden is now saying that every eligible American can get their 'shot' by May 1st and, according to Biden, Americans will be able to 'celebrate the 4th of July', but only 'in small groups'.

Oh thank you Mr president for allowing us to celebrate in small groups, please, we don't need a doddering old man who shuffles about to give us permission to celebrate, let alone tell us how large of a group we can have. 

The president giving Americans permission to celebrate Independence Day, oh the irony. I dont need a government's permission to celebrate or live my life. 

I love how we have government permission to gather and celebrate the day that gave us our freedom.

So with Americans all across the country having had it up to here with the medical tyranny being unveiled by our own PUBLIC SERVANTS, as we hear in the only video below, numerous nations across the world are also nixing the Covid-19 jab even though 'the leftist cult' is being further indoctrinated into believing vaccines are the cure and the answer and will be their 'savior'

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