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April 5, 2016

Is THIS The Chaos Coming To America? 'You Won't Believe What We Saw In Socialist Venezuela' - Want To Know What 'Economic Armageddon' Looks Like?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The Facebook video from Venezuela that Steve Quayle linked to on his website on Monday was absolutely mind-boggling and gives us a small taste of what might soon be coming to America. Leaving a huge note along with the video link, Quayle warns us: HERES YOUR FUTURE AMERICA - LOOK AT THE FOOD LINES IN VENEZUELA -SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM AT IT’S BEST! The food-line videotaped clearly stretched for miles and you can see it in the just-created gif image below. Keep in mind, the gif image and video show one continuous line. 

If we think this is nothing, then we need to take a look at the brand new 1st video below called "You Won't Believe What We Saw In Socialist Venezuela" to see complete social and economic chaos on the ground after Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante and Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change decided to visit the nation in full collapse and give us first hand reports from this country which is now going through full-scale 'economic armageddon'. 

Imagine waking up in the early hours of the morning to go stand in a line like this so that you can get food to eat for the day and waiting in that line for hours and hours before getting your food then having to go and do the same thing again the very next day or a few days later. The 2nd video below is called "My Daily Life In Venezuela: Lines And More Lines" and gives us another small taste of just how socialism is working out for those living in Venezuela right now. 


What we're now seeing coming out of the nation of Venezuela in these photographs and videos also give us a small taste of what might be coming to America if those in charge of running America into the ground are given much more time to complete their dismantlement of this Republic and complete the process of turning it into a 3rd world, socialist nation.

In the 3rd video below we hear about rolling blackouts ongoing now in Venezuela where the lights and everything else tied into the electrical grid are going out for long periods of time with the biggest concern now being the countries  dwindling water supply according to this story excerpted below from Foreign Policy.

Unfortunately, the political opposition to (Venezuelan President) Maduro’s socialist government — which has gained ground in recent months as the country’s economic crisis has escalated — has failed to offer any alternatives to his insane policies. Neither raising prices nor privatization are popular measures, especially during tough economic times, so the opposition avoids talking about it. Meanwhile, patients suffer as hospitals lose power and residents of poorly-lit neighborhoods live in fear of growing crime.

Venezuela’s power crisis is partly caused by bad weather, but the real culprit are the country’s terrible public policies. As they continue to monitor water levels at the Guri dam, Venezuelans would do well to remember that even if the rains miraculously come and the reservoir is filled, the crisis won’t really end until Caracas changes course. 


All we need to do is listen to the words that came out of the mouth of current presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in the 4th video below. While from a few years ago, Sanders actually said that standing in bread lines is A GOOD THING since it means that poor people are eating rather than starving to death. If what we're seeing in these videos are 'good things' according to Sanders, we'd hate to see what America might look like under a socialist president. 

In the totally eye-openinig first video below, store shelves almost completely empty and hyperinflation in total overdrive, we see it nearly takes an entire backpack of Venezuelan money to purchase a meal at a restaurant and are reminded of what happened to the Weimar Republic prior to the onset of Hitler's nazi Germany as money becomes almost completely valueless. With the Federal Reserve seemingly printing money as if it were going out of style, we have to ask, how close is America to total collapse and the horrifying results that we are now seeing in the videos below from Venezuela? 

While our forefathers long stood against allowing this country to be turned into what we are now seeing in Venezuela, if those who are in Washington DC at this moment or running for president are allowed to complete their transformation of this country into a country that looks a bit like Venezuela, these videos show us what our nation may soon look like.

We also learned in this linked story from Michael Snyder at the Economic Collapse Blog the 19 facts that prove America is in worse economic shape than we were only 6 months ago while we recently learned from Zero Hedge that JPMorgan Chase banks have limited the amounts of money that can be withdrawn at ATM by non-customers in a story that also asks if there was a run on the bank


Are all of these more signs that we're approaching here in America what we see in Venezuela in the videos below? While some still choose to believe that America couldn't possibly fall so far so quickly, all we have to do is look at the website which still is forecasting a 2025 America that shows all the signs of having been through complete collapse with a national GDP of $882 billion in 2025, down from $17 TRILLION in 2014, a population of 65 million in 2025 down from the 319 million living here in 2014 and a GDP per capita in 2025 of $13,591 in 2025, down from the current GDP per capita of $54,627. 

Do you think that your family will be able to survive on $13,591 in less than 10 years? That's clearly the way that America is now headed and if Deagel is correct, the America we'll be living in in 2025 will look a whole lot different than the America we are now living in. In fact, Deagel's figures also show Venezuela will be doing better than America in 2025 in the PPP category, 'purchase power parity'. Do these videos show America's future? 


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