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August 25, 2021

In 2014, Venezuela Mandated Fingerprints To Purchase Food And Supplies: Welcome To 2021 America - Mysterious Deep State Sourced Website Forecast America As A Totally Depopulated Third World Nation By 2025  

- - That Bizarre Warning Is Now Unfolding Before Our Eyes!

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With more and more US store shelves looking uncomfortably empty as Susan Duclos had pointed out within this August 24th ANP story, and more and more on the left calling for some sort of mandatory vaxxes and 'vaccine passports', we have to take a look back just a few years to get a better picture of where America is being herded in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Since so many on the left hate the independent media and call us 'fake news', the first couple of stories that we'll use as sources will be from what are considered the 'mainstream media', this first source being NPR, reporting on what was happening in Venezuela just a few years ago as they went to socialism. Can you imagine spending your days, weeks and lives, living like this? Evidence shows America is quickly headed that way. 

For Caracas housewife Anny Valero, today is grocery day — whether she likes it or not. Here's why: It's Monday, and if Valero doesn't go now, she'll have to wait four more days to buy food. 

In Venezuela, government supermarkets sell price-controlled food, making them far cheaper than private stores. But Valero explains that people are allowed in state-run supermarkets just two days per week, based on their ID card numbers

The system is designed to prevent shoppers from buying more than they need and then reselling goods on the black market at a huge markup. 

Venezuela is rich in oil, but now poor in just about everything else. 

Economic mismanagement combined with low oil prices and high inflation has created one of the world's most troubled economies (ANP: Think GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION!). 

The government has stopped giving regular economic statistics, but many independent economists say inflation is now north of 100 percent annually. (ANP: Sound familiar as govt censors covid numbers!)

Anny Valero and Yossmy Benaventi came away from a recent shopping trip with sardines, diapers, detergent and a few other items. 

They had to produce their son's birth certificate to prove the baby was theirs and that they really did need the diapers

Rising anger over food shortages — plus byzantine rules about when and where people can buy things — have made grocery shopping in Venezuela a nightmare.

And for Americans, if Joe Biden and Democrats get their way, that nightmare has just begun. More from their story.: 

Valero says goodbye to her 7- and 9-year-old daughters. 

They will skip school and stay home alone in a Caracas slum, with the door locked. That's because Valero sometimes spends all day standing in line at grocery stores and can't pick up the girls after class. Valero brings along Jeremy, her 6-month-old son. 

We are also joined by her husband, Yossmy Benaventi. He's skipping work at an auto repair shop to help look after the baby and ward off thieves who snatch people's grocery bags.

Anyone really think that can't happen here in America? Just wait until gigantic food lines start forming here! 

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That NPR story continued, giving Americans a taste of things to come.

We stop at a state-run store. There are no lines outside, but that often means there's not much food left. Inside, the meat department is a barren landscape. 

"There's just unplugged display cases, flies and a bad odor," Valero says. 

She settles for three cans of sardines. She also finds diapers for Jeremy. 

But checkout is like clearing customs in a hostile foreign country. The checkout clerk scrutinizes Valero's ID card and tells her to hold her index finger over a fingerprint scanner.

The clerk scans the merchandise and then informs Anny that, because of rationing, she can buy just two of the three cans of sardines. 

"This is such a waste of time, and we have to do it every week," Valero says. "My husband risks losing his job because he's here with me shopping. And on top of that, we can only buy two of each item." 

The final bill is the equivalent of less than a dollar. But that's part of Venezuela's scarcity problem. Economists say price controls make it unprofitable for farms and businesses to produce goods.

So people had to have their fingerprints scanned just to purchase food! Now look at where America is headed with the insane left calling for 'vax passports' for Americans to go grocery shopping. From this 2014 story over at Time for anyone reading this who doesn't trust the independent media.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced Wednesday that the country will introduce a mandatory fingerprinting system in supermarkets. He asserted that the plan will keep people from buying too much of any single item. The president did not say when the measure would go into effect, the Associated Press reports.

The Socialist Venezuelan government has struggled with food shortages for over a year. Basic cooking items like oil and flour are scarce. The administration says that the shortages are a result of companies speculating and people smuggling food out of the country. 

Critics argue that the new system—which was tried on a voluntary basis in government-run grocery stores this spring—is equivalent to rationing food.

Anyone who thinks the same thing can't happen here hasn't been paying attention.

As Michael Snyder warned and asked in this August 22nd story that Steve Quayle had linked to on his website titled "The Shortages Are Going To Get Worse Later This Year As Global Supply Chains Increasingly Falter", according to the FAO, the global price of food is 31 percent higher than it was a year ago. Have global paychecks risen 31 percent over the past year? From that story before we continue. 

Have you noticed that it is a lot harder to get certain things these days?

Just recently, someone in my local area was surprised when her appointment to get the windshield on her vehicle fixed was canceled because it wasn’t possible to get a replacement windshield. This was a windshield for a very common vehicle, and normally that wouldn’t be a problem at all. But these are not normal times. 

Thanks to several factors that I will detail in this article, global supply chains are now under more strain than we have ever seen in the post-World War II era, and unfortunately it appears that things are going to get even worse as we approach the holiday season. (ANP: Just think, Kamala Harris just warned the same thing, days after Snyder's story!) 

I know that most of you probably don’t want to hear that the shortages that we are experiencing now are going to get worse. So you may be tempted to stop reading this article now because you don’t want to see the bad news. But it is imperative that you understand what is ahead, and so I urge you to keep reading. Let’s take this one step at a time. 

Right now, local news outlets all over the country are doing stories about the shortages in their local areas. Here is one example… 

"Have you recently gone to the grocery store and found some of the shelves empty? If so, you aren’t alone. Many people can’t find some of their favorite and essential items since the pandemic started." 

As that article points out, the stores are trying to order the products that they need. They just can’t get them. This is happening all across the United States, and as a result the inventory to sales ratio for U.S. retailers has been pushed to the lowest level on record… 

In April, May, and June, the inventory-sales ratio of around 1.08 – or about 33 days’ supply – was at the lowest point in the data going back to 1992. In the years before the pandemic, the overall ratio was around 1.5, providing 45 days of supply.

So while much of the mainstream media attempts to blame the 'pandemic' for all of these shortages that we're now seeing, and that is at least partially correct with many people out of work for a long time, the fact that numerous food suppliers are now requiring 'the clot shot' is another sign of what's to come, with numerous such workers walking off the job, telling their employers to 'take that shot and shove it'

And while some might argue that all of this could have never been 'the plan' all along, all we need to do is take a look back at this August 2nd of 2020 story at ANP titled "More Astounding Evidence The Takedown Of America Was Engineered Long Ago As We Rush Towards 2025 And Deagel's Forecast Of America As A 3rd World Nation - '3 Months Of Hell' Bringing Shockingly Low GDP To America Another Sign Of What's To Come".

Or this March 21st of 2018 story on ANP titled "Shocking New Maps Show Globalists Takedown Of America Accelerating As Deagel's 2025 U.S. Population Forecast Confirms Luciferian Endgame Is A 'Colossal Purge Of Humanity'"; or even this October 18th of 2017 story on ANP titled "The Deagel Report: An Eerily Accurate View Of What America Will Look Like In 2025 With Unfolding De-Population Events Underway", we see that the transformation of America into a 3rd world nation was planned long ago. 

For those who haven't been reading ANP regularly over the past many years, the mysterious website Deagel has been keeping track of US military equipment and orders and our nation's economy and population, along with those of every other nation, for years. With its sources for information being 'the deep state', including the US Department of Defense, the US State Department, the CIA, the World Bank and the European Union among others as seen in the image below. 

Very concerningly, after several years of increasingly worrying forecasts, Deagel finally took down that devastating forecast showing America being transformed into a 3rd world nation, and totally depopulated, earlier in 2021 under Joe Biden, as if what they were warning of cut just a little bit too close to the truth that we're now watching unfolding. 

So while wise Americans all across the country have been stocking up on food and other supplies, preparing to ride out the storm that this coming Winter will surely bring, imagine what happens to all of those people who haven't been paying attention at all, and are suddenly hit by food shortages galore as seen and heard in the videos below. 

With just such a prospect helping to explain why former US Navy intel officer Jack Posobiec recently issued the following four-word tweet, "Get out of cities", just imagine what might happen in big and small cities all across America when the food and supply chains comes crashing down. America as a 3rd world nation is now staring us right in our faces. 

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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