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June 4, 2017

As Experts Warn 'The Descent Into Anarchy Is Only Beginning', Russian President Vladimir Putin Warns The World About Coming Changes To The Global Economy

- In Venezuela, The Elderly Are Suffering Greatest As Govt Uses Food As A Weapon Upon The People 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

'In Times Of Crisis, The Weakest Often Suffer The Most - For Many, That Means Closing The Door On Hope'

In this new story from Venezuela as also seen and heard in the 1st video below we learn that Senior citizens are now suffering the most there. Among Venezuela's most vulnerable residents, they're also now the most lonely and neglected. According to Luis Torres, a nursing home resident in Venezuela, "Here there's a shortage of everything. Toiletries, soap, creme, medicine. The doctor rarely comes and when he does, he doesn't bring a single pill". Showing us the bare shelves within the nursing homes walls while introducing us to dying patients who are simply left to die with no medical treatment available, one dying man interviewed says "when you get sick in here, you just wait for the Lord to take you"

Sharing with us also that many of God's own Angel's are stepping up to volunteer to gather food, supplies and clothing for those who are now unable to take care of themselves, a role that used to be filled by organizations, corporations or government agencies, we once again see that what is happening in Venezuela should be looked at as a dire warning to Americans. At a time when more and more of the signs of a coming economic calamity that the experts and Watchmen have long been warning about have arrived, we see in Venezuela now a view of our possible 'tomorrow'. 


With 9 out of every 10 people living in Venezuela unable to earn enough money to cover their basic needs while 63% of the people stuck there have no health insurance, we see in the 2nd video that protests are deepening, as is the violence and the chaos as more and more young people choose to 'fight' or to get out of the country while they still can, both of which most of the elderly are unable to do. As we hear, many Venezuelans believe that what we're watching there now is only the tip of the iceberg and it will soon be getting much worse, a sentiment echoed in this recent Washington Post story called "Venezuela's Descent Into Anarchy Is Only Beginning".

In that story we get undeniable proof that food is being used as a weapon by the government of Venezuela against the people there, another warning to those who're paying attention of why we prepare. From their story.:

Venezuela is on the brink of civil war.

Its economy has collapsed, its people are starving, and its government is to blame — although its grip on power is still strong enough that, as we'll get to in a minute, Goldman Sachs sure seems like it's betting that it will continue. Which is to say that things are about as dire as could be. 

How has a country that should have been so rich ended up so poor that it can't even feed itself? Indeed, according to a recent survey, three-quarters of Venezuela's adult population lost an average of 19 pounds the past year. Not to mention that the country's infant mortality rate has shot up 30 percent during this time because of malnutrition and a lack of basic medical supplies.

Well, the answer is the regime's brand of Bolivarian socialism. The government mismanaged the economy during the good times, doubled down during the bad ones, and would apparently rather declare war on its own people than give up its monopoly on dollars. 

By taking advantage of the divisions between the haves and the have-nothings....the working-class neighborhoods that propelled the Chavistas to power have been slow to turn against the government that brought them free housing and health care and education even though they're worse off now than they ever were before. That might be starting to change as hunger eats away at old allegiances, but it might not — especially if the government threatens to withhold what little food there is if they do.

There's a grim irony to it all. It's not every socialist government that pays its Wall Street creditors in full while it watches its own people go without food. The Chavista regime is an exception, though.


It's hard to describe the scale of Venezuela's suffering.  Going by black market rates, Venezuela's currency has lost 29.9 percent of its value in the last month, 83.4 percent in the last year, and 99.8 percent in the last five years. Venezuela has gotten a Great Depression-style crash at the same time that it's gotten Weimar-style hyperinflation.

While pallets full of medicines and supplies being sent into Venezuela by outside organizations were recently grounded in the US, blocked by the government of Venezuela as 'war material', official government censorship mounts, along with a still rising death toll. With United Airlines now ending flights to Venezuela, further isolating the country after a dispute over billions of dollars they say the govt owes them, the 'blueprint for saving Venezuela' is looking more and more unattainable every day, though there are dreamers and promises being made.  

As we read in this story from NBC News and hear from President Donald Trump himself in the 3rd video below, "the U.S. will do whatever is necessary to help Venezuela" as the President called what's happening there now a disgrace to humanity. Also reminding us that Venezuela is still sitting upon a huge amount of wealth due to their oil reserves, why do people such as Nicholas Maduro enrich themselves using an iron fist while his people suffer in huge numbers? 

As we see in stories from across the internet and the world, "there but for the Grace of God go we....." 


According to this new story from World Events & The Bible who used this USA Today story as their source, almost 50% of all Americans die completely broke, proving to us we aren't far away from Venezuela when it comes to our Senior citizens. Warning also within their story that 69% of American adults have less than $1,000 in the bank while more than a 1/3 of Americans have no savings at all, we see how close most Americans are to calamity.   

According to this June 3rd story from NBC News, over 1,000 retail stores have just closed in a single week, adding more evidence to the unfolding 'retail apocalypse' we've been reporting upon for quite some time now. Is all of this more evidence that America is slowly heading in the direction of Venezuela? As Michael Snyder reported on May 29th, 5 highly respected financial experts recently warned that a market crash is imminent and, "if everything is going to be 'just fine', why are so many big names in the financial community warning about an imminent meltdown?" 

In the 4th video below, Bill Holter joins Dave with the X22Report Spotlight and warns that when the crisis hits this time, there'll be no more 'white knight' to save everything and the likely result will be financial markets closing in 80% to 90% of the world. Going over all of the recent signs that show we're moving ever forward to that point in time, the warnings from these financial experts are also being echoed by Russian president Vladimir Putin as heard in the final video below. 

As we hear in that final video, also from Dave with the X22Report, as well as read in this story from Tass, Russia's President Putin recently addressed his nation and the world about the economy and while sounding the reasons for optimism, also warned that the challenges being faced do not allow time for fighting and discord.

Beginning at the 13 minute mark of that final video, Dave discusses Putin's warnings that the global economy is about to go through major changes and one of the best things that we can do ourselves is to prepare ourselves for the changes that are coming. From Putin's remarks on Tass.: 

ST.PETERSBURG, June 2. /TASS/. The world’s economy faces systemic long-term challenges and there is no time for quarrels, there is the need to unite efforts, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the plenary session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

"We face systemic long-term challenges, and it is difficult now to calculate the consequences and make forecasts. We should not do that, we don’t have the right to fritter away our resources, waste effort and time for quarrels, discords and geopolitical games," Putin said.

"The world countries need "wisdom, responsibility, a joint search for non-standard solutions, new formats of cooperation between countries, regional integration unions, businesses and scientific community, there is the need to make the most of the potential of such a unique universal organization as the UN," he said.

Russia seeks dialogue and partnership, and is open for joint work, implementation of mutually beneficial projects and cooperation in solving the most important strategic issues of global development, the president said.

"Only together, through uniting efforts, we can overcome the current misbalances and ensure a stable growth of global economy, elaborate just rules of trade and fair competition, level down poverty, cope with terrorism threats, regional conflicts and the spread of nationalism and xenophobia," he said.

Putin also stressed that the world is already facing civilizational challenges, and "the impact on the ecosystem of the planet is increasing both due to human actions and natural processes." 

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