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December 28, 2020

This Is Going To Get Very Ugly, Very Fast! As A Nation We Are Woefully Unprepared For What Is Coming In 2021 - This Is Why Millions Are On Edge, Waiting For The Next Shoe To Drop

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Never before has the expression "the straw that broke the camel's back" meant so much.

Talk of World War III. 

America divided to the point that even MSM sources are starting to acknowledge the possibility of a hot civil war. 

American suicide bombers right here on U.S. soil. 

Election fraud ramping up the anger and divisions between Americans - friends, neighbors and family members alike.

A pandemic which has been used by dictatorial governors across the U.S. to lockdown their citizens, attempting to control what they do, how they do it, where they go, when they are allowed to go, and how many people can be invited into their own private residences.

Millions forced to food banks in order to survive after being put out of work by the aforementioned dictatorial governors.

Food banks now running out of food and suffering their own food shortages.

Stores again seeing "panic buying" and limitations on food purchases.

Need I go on, or is that enough to see why people are on edge, just waiting for the next shoe to drop?

And Joe Biden is planning to make things exponentially worse in 2021.


Something definitely has to give and it doesn't look like all these issues, and more, are going to simply disappear. Which leaves us with the only thing that can implode, and that is America itself.

The question is not "if" that one last incident will cause an all out civil war, but "when" and what the fallout will be. With half a nation thinking their "feelings" are all that is important, and the other half armed to the teeth and waiting for those "feelings first" crybullies to dare attack, this is a recipe for blood in the streets.

Although not giving up, we do have to acknowledge the probability that Joe Biden will be inaugurated in January 2021, meaning a whole new set of issues, (straws) are about to add to the weight already being felt by Americans.

Gun control, more lockdowns, national mask mandates, and another 100 different items on radical liberals wish-lists, all about to be shoved down our collective throats beginning in 2021.

This is going to get very ugly, very fast.

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As we have seen the term "dark," whether darkness, or "Dark Winter," has been bandied about, what Joe Biden, nor the liberal establishment media tells you is that the darkness is Joe Biden himself.

Anyone that thinks 2020 is horrible and were previously looking forward to 2021, hoping it would be better, is in for a shocker.

Forget Winter, if given the opportunity to control both houses of congress, a Biden administration will create four years of darkness.

Gun Control: Americans received a four year break from fighting our own federal government trying to take our weapons, but under a Biden/Harris presidency, we will once again have to make the statement "from my cold dead hands," a motto.

Nationally Mandated Lockdowns: Biden advisors, those responsible for coming up with his upcoming policy changes, are pushing for mandatory, nationwide lockdowns (for at least 4-6 weeks), along with a mask decree.

Healthcare: Biden wants to build upon the Obamacare policies that were opposed by the majority of Americans at the time of its passage, where liberals controlling the White House and both Houses of Congress, were able to shove it down all Americans' throats.

Illegal Immigration: Biden plans to open the borders and offering citizenship to those that came here illegally. He also plans a 100 day moratorium on deportations.


The former vice president said he would permit 125,000 refugees to enter the US in his first year, and would subsequently seek to raise the limit "over time commensurate with our responsibility, our values and the unprecedented global need."

Killing babies aka Abortion: Biden has also reversed his position on the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funds from providing for abortions. He now supports federal funding for abortions.

Readers can see Biden's positions on a large number of issues, most of which are opposed by conservatives, at Business Insider.

The point I am making here is all the issues conservatives fought tooth and nail against during the Obama presidency are all coming back, but will be worse because the Democrat party now has moved so far towards socialism, it isn't even recognized as the party it once was anymore.


Starting with the proposed nationwide lockdowns by Biden officials, we are already seeing stores preparing for more panic buying, limiting purchases of highly sought products, and news of food banks unprepared for the sheer number of people needing food after losing their jobs during the last set of lockdowns. 

More people will become jobless, again, from more lockdowns. This will not only harm families, but has proven devastating already for economies in almost every states that mandated lockdowns.

This will cause even more food shortages at food banks and other food giveaways to needy families.

Another piece of news shows why those that have previously prepared for just this type of situation, should be preparing to fight and survive.

HeadlineMore Americans shoplifting to survive coronavirus pandemic

Americans floundering under the economic strain of the coronavirus pandemic are increasingly turning to shoplifting amidst widespread food shortages, grocery store workers report.

With food charities seeing unprecedented demand from families and bread lines only growing longer during the holiday season, supermarkets -- also struggling to keep shelves fully stocked -- have noticed that patrons are increasingly committing petty theft.

In a new report from The Washington Post, one market manager said that items had begun to disappear at higher and higher rates, with thefts more than doubling.

If people are already being driven to steal, just imagine what happens when the stores no longer have what they need, or anything worth stealing.

Then they come for the preppers, for those with food, water, medical supplies and basic necessities, because desperation causes dangerous and sometimes deadly choices.


Another area where folks better be prepared to fight to survive is the gun control issue. Each new law, executive order, and gun ban, leads to even more stringent plans, until Americans are left helpless to defend themselves.

Be prepared to defend your home, your weapons and to keep your ability to protect yourself, your family, neighbors and community.


Most here do not even want to imagine the darkness Joe Biden in the White House and bringing four years of darkness to America, but as we have often maintained, we should all be prepared for the worst, while hoping for the best.

As a nation we are woefully unprepared for an all-out civil war, but some are more ready than others.

Once the inauguration is over things will move very fast, and thinking Americans need to be ready and prepared beforehand. 

Be armed, stock up on ammunition (find places without shortages already and share with the group please). 

Have your food stores topped off, replacing anything used during the last set of lockdowns.

Have a method of communication in case the Internet and communication providers go down, we have seen some mass outages during 2020.

Keep your eyes and ears open, be alert to any changes occurring in your neighborhood because your very survival could depend on how aware of your surroundings you are.

Most importantly, get right with God.

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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