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March 14, 2017

Extremely Vicious Cycle That Leads To Mass Extinctions Exposed - Is One Now Playing Out Before Our Very Eyes?

- Will Millions Who Don't Prepare Die Due To Starvation? 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to a recent study shared in this new story by Science Daily, one of the greatest mass extinctions in history was due to an ice age, not the Earth's warming. As they report, the 95% elimination of sea life during the Permian-Triassic years was long believed by scientists to have been caused by the warming of the Earth but researchers now have proof it was brought on by a short ice ice age they now believe was triggered by a series of massive volcanic eruptions. 

As this recent Daily Star story reports, the Great Permian extinction was the largest extinction known to mankind, much bigger than that which wiped out the dinosaurs, leaving the Earth nearly completely devoid of life. They report a new discovery in China helps to prove that a string of mega-volcanoes erupting during that time sent sulphur into the atmosphere, completely blocking out the sun, and nearly instantly triggering the devastating extinction event. 

The extinction event which killed 70% of all land animals and 96% of all marine life was caused by a huge ice age triggered by massive volcanos.

Scientists long thought global warming was responsible for the destruction, but new research suggests temperatures plunged and the world froze.

The Permian era creatures were the early ancestors of mammals and dinosaurs – with animals taking their first steps onto land.


As we learn from the sources outlined within this story, throughout history, the fall of civilizations coincide greatly with climate changeAnd while George Soros and the globalists continue to push 'global warming' and carbon taxes upon the world, some scientists warn we may have already reached a 'warm peak' between ice ages and the real threat we face from our environment is a new ice age in the future - not global warming.

While history has already proven such an event can happen without 'any warning', as we see outlined below, those who are paying attention to the signs that our planet Earth is giving us see that great warnings are being given already. And while we won't predict that we'll be seeing another 'Ice Age' any time soon, and certainly not 'the day after tomorrow', some scientists and historians are sure we're heading in that direction.

As we hear in the final video below featuring Clif High from Half Past Human and the Web Bot Project along with North West Liberty News, "the ice age cometh" with High warning we'll never get the truth about what's happening to the global climate from the mainstream media still stuck in 'political correctness' and the push for global warming taxes.

High even warns that at some point in the future, large parts of North America could become uninhabitable due to a year-long winter and while we're not ready to believe such an event will happen in our lifetimes, we're clearly not the ones who'll be controlling when that event happens, either.

So, as we're urged in that video and in the note below from Steve Quayle, we can only control our preparation for such a possible future event and stocking up on long-term food storage is a good start for any short or long-term emergency. As we learn below, proven by history, famine and massive climate change go hand in hand with massive volcanic eruptions, a vicious cycle repeated over and over again through history and as recently as 200 years ago here in the US during 1816's 'year without a summer'. First, from Quayle.:



The new story from the Daily Mail that Steve Quayle linked to on his website on Monday is called "The 'One-In-A-Billion-Year' Event That Turned Earth Into A Giant SNOWBALL 717 Million Years Ago" within which they report 'a mysterious phenomenon' had spurred runaway glaciation then from the North Pole to the South. 

Reporting that during the same time period, the area from present-day Greenland to Alaska was also struck by catastrophic volcanic activity, the new study suggests "years of continual eruptions were to blame for the snowball effect, dumping massive amounts of aerosols into the atmosphere and rapidly cooling the planet"

With volcanoes now erupting across the world as this story from Collective Evolution recently asked, is something happening to the Earth's core? As Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan recently reported, things are definitely heating up seismically. From Slavo.:

Though things are not necessarily causally linked, there is often a chain of seismic disruptions that occur during a short span of time, and when things heat up in one part of, say, the Pacific Ring of Fire, things sometime explode elsewhere down the line.

Could the intense three hour eruption at Bogoslof Volcano be a sign of bigger events to come? There is frequent seismic activity in the Aleutian Islands, to be sure, but there is also the sense of something immense building up from inside an angry earth.

Are things heating up? Is something massive about to happen?

Stay vigilant, have your preps and escape routes ready, and steady yourself for what may well be trying times ahead.

The following quotes about all of the volcanism going on around the world right now comes from Collective Evolution:

According to Volcano Discovery, 35 volcanoes are either currently erupting right now or just recently erupted all over the world. There are even more volcanoes with eruption warnings and tons of other volcanoes that are active, meaning they could technically erupt at any minute (though unlikely). According to USGS: “Scientists use the term magma for molten rock underground and lava for molten rock (and contained gases) that breaks through the Earth’s surface.”

At the moment, something in the Earth is causing magma to be pushed up in numerous volcanoes worldwide.

Even though it’s unclear why so many volcanoes are all of a sudden erupting, I think it’s crucial to understand the extent of the problem and to reflect on the changes we’ve made over the past few centuries.

There are numerous “super volcanoes” that could negatively affect and potentially kill millions of people, one of which is the “Campi Flegrei” volcano located in Italy. Many people forget how detrimental volcano eruptions can be; after all, the entire city of Pompeii was destroyed by one.

So, what changes have we made since all of these volcanoes started to erupt? It’s no secret that society as a whole treats the environment terribly; we dig it up, exploit its resources, and claim ownership of it only to destroy it. To me, from an energetic standpoint, these eruptions could be a reflection of the way we treat the environment. If you were being treated poorly and constantly exploited, would you implode, too?


Just over a year ago back on February 24th of 2016 we reported upon America's tragic year of 1816, the year without a summer. Historically known as 'Eighteen Hundred and Froze To Death', 1816 brought about global famine, even here in the US where major food shortages struck along with all across the Northern hemisphere after the massive 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia.

As we reported then, "All over the world, crops and animals died...People resorted to eating the unimaginable; straw, sawdust, moss...People went to war with each other over food...The effects were tragic...The US economy slowed because it was unable to produce food...Because of a limited food supply, inflation was present worldwide...It would take years for the global community to recover from the year without a summer."

As we reported on ANP back on December 14th of 2016, according to scientists, our planet is now undergoing an 'ongoing and unprecedented' string of volcanic eruptions. And while we haven't yet reached the point they reached in 1816 when Americans were fighting against Americans in the streets for food, what is happening in Venezuela proves to us 'there but for the Grace of God go we'. 


When we add in the ocean's PH levels being changed by volcanic eruptions to Fukushima, which has been an absolute disaster leaving the Pacific Ocean broken, dead and devoid of life for thousands of miles, it's easy to understand why scientists warn a '6th mass extinction' is happening now and humans are not immune and in fact, could be among the first victims.

And while the MSM will never report it, Fukushima has definitely been an 'extinction level event' that has already resulted in mass deaths of plant, animal and sea life across the Pacific Ocean and in the long run, will likely lead to the deaths of millions of people due to the starvation of those who relied upon the oceans for their own sustenance. 

In the very interesting first video below, videographer Adapt 2030 shares with us some very interesting facts that could have predicted mini-Ice ages of the past and proves they've coincided with the falls of various civilizations. As the Smithsonian reported back in 2014, at least 5 conflicts and collapses can be pinned to climate change. 

An outstanding story that Steve Quayle linked to today from Collective Evolution from back in February of 2014 shares with us a great way to become self-sufficient by growing fresh organic vegetables and herbs right in our own kitchens. Cutting out the 'middle man' and giving ourselves much more control over what we're putting in our own bodies, one might hope those who've learned to grow their own food, indoors, stand a better chance against such a catastrophe.

Showing we shouldn't be suprised, this new story from reports that plants may have saved our planet Earth from a permanent ice age at one point in time in the not so distant past, historically speaking. And while new research suggests sea levels will paradoxically rise in the next ice age rather than fall, as Clif High tells us in that final video below, we'll never get the truth from the mainstream media nor those who've been seeking to hide it. 

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