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January 18, 2023

Victim Of Vax Genocide Tells His Story Before He Dies: Bluntly Warns His Body Is Deteriorating, Organs Failing, Nerves Dying And His Slow Motion Murder Being Carried Out Before Our Eyes

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While looking through the news on Tuesday after having learned on Monday night of the death over the weekend of Dr. Harriet Hall, a staunch critic of 'anti-vaxxers' and alternative medicine, who died suddenly in her sleep, I ran into an absolutely heartbreaking twitter thread featuring a musician, writer and composer by the name of Mike O'Mara, who you can hear playing the piano in the 1st video at the bottom of this story, a thread in which Mike tells us of his unfolding death happening right now.

The founder of an independent music school, Mike bluntly tells us about what others refuse to, bluntly blaming the 'big pharma mafia' and the mRNA death-injection for killing him right now, his body deteriorating, his nerves dying, his muscle tissue dissolving, his digestive system stopping and his organs failing.

Claiming in one tweet "It is an eerie, terrible feeling to know that you’ll be dead soon. To know that every little thing you do, every action you wouldn’t have thought twice about might be the last time this time you’re doing it. Standing, walking, eating, sleeping, lifting my arms… it’s all ending," he'd told the world in a previous tweet the same day: "Waking up feeling like little pools of acid have been poured into various places where muscles connect as they continue to dissolve from my body. Every time I think the torture can’t get worse before the end, it does. Somehow, it can hurt me more yet before it kills me."

Warning then in a follow up tweet the next day "Goodbye, all. My nerves are dying, my muscle tissue dissolved, the last bits twitching as they fail. My digestion is stopped, organs failing slowly but surely. I await my last ride to my last stop for whatever final failure will kill me. Love to those who supported me. Goodbye," he was quite blunt in who and what he blamed for the torture he was going through in 3 other tweets.:

Things keep failing. The muscle wasting keeps progressing, constant as the horror it produces. I don’t have an official death sentence diagnosis as of yet, but it is coming. Like so many others murdered by the COVID vaccines, everyone will act surprised. I’ve known for months

I am dying. Murdered by Moderna. The muscle mass in my body is gone. Dissolving. No diet, exercise, supplements, etc. have worked or will work. There is a mass murder that has taken place worldwide. Don’t be like those who stood aside and didn’t want to make noise in the ‘30s...

I would have any hope that I can survive this vaccine injury / slow motion murder if it weren’t for the literal pieces of me just missing now thanks to the ALS-presentation muscle wasting. It is horrifying, endlessly painful and those who did this to the world deserve to hang.

With O'Mara telling us in another tweet that it looks like he'll be fully banned off of facebook for telling his story there while warning he'll probably soon be banned by youtube for telling his story there as well as heard in that first video below, he'd warned in another tweet that multiple doctors are refusing to help him get the help that he needs, he'd pointed out this is how cruel our cruel world has become.: 

Somehow, multiple doctors are refusing to help me get promptly readmitted to an ER as things continue to deteriorate. Why actively dying people need to beg to be seen, taken seriously and given prompt assessment and comfort care is beyond cruel. Continuing to beg for help…

Telling us in another tweet that he had been healthy and had used to work out but now his muscles was completely dissolved away, he also tells us that he's been getting a great deal of hatred from many for sharing his heartbreaking story and that the wasting disease he now suffers from was caused by the vax. Warning it feels like something 'medieval,' how many more face a similar fate in the days, weeks and months ahead? 

There are two reactions I have gotten to my horrible, irreversible wasting disease caused by the COVID vax - scorn / hatred, or pity. I don’t want either. I wanted my life. It is so cruel how this just takes and takes, little by little. How I wish it would just end me now.

Let it end. Let it end! God, please just take me from this ruined life. Let me go as I sleep. Please, please. There is nothing left. There will never be joy, never recovery, never a thing to look forward to but more and more suffering as I dissolve and lose everything. Let me go. 

I cannot believe I am dying this way. With all of my muscle systemically dissolved away. All of my organs slowly and surely showing more and more damage. The slowest, most torturous murder imaginable, like something medieval. And I was healthy, I had a life to live. All gone.

And with the absolutely horrifying experience that O'Mara is going through just more confirmation that those of us who chose to 'pass' on the vax made the correct decision, and his openness a much-needed and refreshing change compared to what we're still getting from government agencies, the mainstream media and many health agencies, even though more and more Americans keep 'dying suddenly,' it feels bizarrely like we're living in an episode of the 'Twilight Zone,' with half the country still not seeing reality. 

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As mentioned briefly above, according to this story over at the Gateway Pundit, Dr. Harriet Hall, a retired US Air Force physician and flight surgeon as well as a staunch critic of 'anti-vaxxers' and 'alternative medicine' in general, has just passed away in her sleep.

With Dr. Hall also an outspoken proponent of the 'vax mandate,' who made her opinion well known that she was again Ivermectin and any 'all-natural remedies' to COVID, her husband Kirk just posted on facebook.:

"It is with great sadness that I must tell you my beloved wife passed away quietly and unexpectedly in her sleep last night. At this moment, she would probably simply ask you to have a kind thought for her, be kind to each other and continue to support her belief in the truth." 

Yet while a cause of death for Dr. Hall wasn't given, one doesn't have to be a Doctor nor a brain surgeon to see all of the alarming deaths happening now in 2023, of people dying in their sleep or from sudden and unexpected heart attacks, with Dr. Hall even foreshadowing her own death in a May 24th of 2021 entry on her Skeptical Inquirer blog titled "Vaccine Refusers Are Not Stupid." 

Repeating within that entry the very same talking points we've been hearing over and over and over again the last few years from Dr. Anthony Fauci, the 'big pharma mafia,' the mainstream media and medical establishment of 'safe and effective,' she repeated the same garbage we now know for a fact are lies while also bringing out a couple of very good points within that story.: 

An authoritarian government could require vaccinations and could punish anyone who fails to comply or who spreads negative information about vaccines. But we live in a democratic society that values free speech and personal autonomy. “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” If we just characterize vaccine refusal as “stupid,” we have no reason to interact with the refusers. Who would want to bother listening to their stupid assertions? But if we try to understand their reasons for refusal, we might be able to communicate with them and influence some of them to accept vaccination.

Yet look at just how close we got to just that! With 'government' using 'big tech' to censor differing opinions on the COVID kill shot, with medical doctors being banned from twitter, facebook and the like for sharing their differing medical opinions, just imagine where we'd be this very moment as a country if they had rounded us all up to 'force inject' us with something we now know for a fact is killing people, and in growing numbers every day! We'd be well on our way to full-scale genocide! 

So we'll completely agree with Mike O'Mara and his one tweet above, "those who did this to the world deserve to hang." Yet unless the American people and the good people of the world hold these murderous devils responsible for their mass genocidal crimes, we're still well on our way there. 

As pointed out in an excellent comment by one commenter on one of those twitter threads.:

It’s a terrible situation we’re in...  I’m just thinking out loud here - but this may all be a highly intelligent highly planned way the Great Resetters finally kill off capitalism and western democracy and bring about their new type of authoritarian/totalitarian rule.  In other words, the growing vax deaths and injuries may have been a key part of the plan all along in order to destroy the current systems once the people rise up against it....problem reaction solution. Yes, what a mess America is in. 

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