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March 16, 2017

Massive Chaos And Carnage Averted, This Time, What Happens The Next? War Drums Beating As Turkish Foreign Minister Warns: 'Holy Wars Will Soon Begin In Europe' 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this brand new story from Daniel Lang over at SHTFPlan we're shown several 'mind-boggling' photos of 10,000 illegal firearms which were recently seized by Spanish police after a massive weapons operation was busted in Spain. With guns including anti-aircraft guns, machine guns and mortar rounds, this new RT story reports the illegal arsenal was likely meant for sale to criminals and terrorists according to Europol.

With the massive 'trojan horse invasion' of Europe by terrorists posing as refugees still ongoing with refugees still pouring in to European nations despite less than 10% of 'planned refugee relocations' having been carried out, more and more signs are emerging that we could soon be witnessing outright war all across Europe after Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated "Holy wars will soon begin in Europe". We hear about this 'threat' in the 1st video below. 

Warning that 'wars of religion' in Europe will soon begin and that Europe is collapsing, we see that the globalist-backed Islamic attempt to overthrow Europe is being kicked into overdrive. We take a look below at what that might mean for us here in America with Obama-backed judges working dilligently to trample upon President Donald Trump's attempts to keep America and Americans safe from the same fate Europe is now suffering through.

As the SHTFPlan story clearly points out, it's very difficult for most people in Europe to acquire guns legally as much of Europe is a 'gun-free zone'. Just imagine the kind of chaos and carnage that could be caused by terrorists who were able to get possession of an arsenal that looks like this. This LOOKS like preparation for war! 


While chaos and carnage was averted, this time, how many more such operations are being run across Europe or America, meant to supply 'trojan horse terrorists' with weapons capable of taking down airplanes or taking out big chunks of small cities? Having a value of more than 10 million euro on the black market, one Spanish govt spokeperson stated: 'This modus operandi used to purchase weapons is the same as the one used for the attacks carried out in Paris on January 7th, 2015, against employees of the satirical weekly "Charlie Hebdo", in which 12 people were killed and another 11 injured, all with recommissioned weapons acquired at the time from a Slovak gunsmith.'

As we are told in the 2nd video below, this massive weapons haul would have easily have been enough to either start a small war or carry out a coup. What did they have in mind for it? While we're grateful that authorities were able to bust up that ring, seeing the amount of weapons terrorists might have been able to get their hands on is quite disturbing. Certainly nothing good could ever come of these falling into the wrong hands. 


Also giving us another reason to back President Trump's immigration plans that keep getting shot down by Obama-appointed judges, (the latest one who has seemingly ruled a Muslim Imam has special Constitutional Rights to bring anyone he wants from terror countries in America), we're a bit concerned that President Trump's new national security advisor appears to share Barack Obama's view on Islam and terror as Raymond Ibrahim reports in this new story

As we reported back on March 5th, something very sinister is going on with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, the 'deep state' and the remainder of the election losers and their continuing attempts to sabotage and bring down President Trump, thus bringing down America as well. As we reminded you then, according to one expert, "Barack Obama switched sides in the war on terror" and we saw that in the US government's support of terrorists in Syria. 

After taking the Muslim Brotherhood off the terror watchlist, Obama invited them into the White House and if Obama really is 'an agent of Islamic terror' as many have warned, it's easy to see why the war against President Trump and America continues even though Obama is no longer in the White House. 

And what ever happened to all of the weapons that the govt purchased during the Obama administration for agencies such as the US Postal Service, the FDA, and practically every other government agency large and small?  

As we recently learned from WND, the DHS is now rationing ammunition to agents in the field. Where in the world have all the bullets gone? Are they being held in some warehouse somewhere in preparation to be used against the American people?  

Simply knowing that Barack Obama and the globalists are doing everything in their power to sabotage the agenda of President Trump tells us much that we need to know. America could be heading towards very dark days if Obama truly is himself a 'sleeper agent of Islam' and he's allowed to continue the Islamic jihad agenda for America. 

As we hear in the final video below from a former Muslim, Islam is a political system and according to her, there is no way that you can separate 'radical Islam' from 'spiritual Islam', "they are the same thing" she tells us. In fact, according to this former Muslim, she was also brought up to wage jihad against Christianity and the West. How can Americans possibly coexist peacefully with those who want to destroy us because of our religious beliefs? 

Between France's 'fatal attraction to Islam' to the Swedish 'welfare state' funding Islamic terrorism to much of Europe being completely overrun by those seeking to impose their will upon the people, not assimilate into the culture, we understand why its ever more important for President Trump's plans to be implemented here, before we're seeing widespread threats of 'holy wars' being carried out in US streets. 

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