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February 12, 2018

MSM Celebrates Communist Death Camps And Slavery As The 'War Upon Truth' Reaches 'Twilight Zone' And 'MK-Ultra-Cated' Left Falls Ever Further Off Deep End

- We Are Moving Quickly Towards A 'Manufactured Event' That May Be War On US Soil 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to this recent story over at The Daily Banter, what they are calling 'a terrifying British study' shows that supporters of President Donald Trump are now 'basically unreachable' and Trump supporters share more 'junk political news' over Twitter and Facebook than all other groups combined.

Quoting a study done by researchers at Oxford University as reported by the website McClatchy, the story at the Banter then goes on to lie to their own readers, many of who call them out in the comment section (when will they, too, shut down their comments like many liberal websites are now doing?) by publishing the following 3 paragraphs full of what sounds to us exactly like Hillary-Clinton-loving-propaganda as the dam gets ready to break upon her.

Proving to us how terrified some people on the left are as more and more truth emerges about the 'deep state' attempting to fix the election for Hillary and overthrow the will of the American people who voted for President Trump, how can so many on the left still be so fooled when we have absolute proof from former DNC head Donna Brazile that Hillary Clinton fixed the Democratic primary race so that she would win and 'people's favorite' Bernie Sanders lose? From the Banter story:  

Right now, we are in the midst of a very serious crisis. Truth and the rules of evidence are under attack by a radical government that thinks little of lying and distorting evidence for its own, nefarious purposes. Donald Trump and his administration rose to power through lying, and they are maintaining it by continuing to propagate the same myths they sold their gullible supporters. Immigrants are to blame for all of America's woes. Liberals are trying to destroy the country. Facts are subjective. Climate change is a hoax. Tax cuts solve everything. Lying doesn't matter. And on, and on, and on.

An entire media ecosystem exists to perpetuate the lies told by Trump and the GOP -- outlets that don't meet the most basic standards of journalism. Fox News, Breitbart, Newsmax, Townhall, and a host of other propaganda sites have made it their mission to distort the truth, ignore reality and feed their audiences with dangerous myths. The net result is a radical government protected by a bubble of insanity maintained by radical media outlets that are only interested in power.

The people who run these organizations know exactly what they are doing and rely on the ignorance of vast swathes of society to keep up the facade. The unconscious masses who give into their fears of "other" and voted in the monster currently in office work diligently to spread the falsehoods responsible for maintaining Trump's grip on power. This is not subjective reporting, but fact. British researchers from Oxford University have proved definitively that Trump supporters share more "junk" political news over Twitter and Facebook "than all other groups combined".


With ANP one of the websites listed by Washington Post quoted 'prop or not' as being 'Russian propaganda', we can confirm that nobody from the Daily Banter contacted us to get any information to back their claims. Yet as Susan Duclos reported just days ago on ANP, the majority of those who are still getting their news from the msm and are paying very close attention to the FISA memo KNOW that they are being lied to with 55% of independents and even 31% of Democrats realizing the msm is distorting the truth.

Meanwhile, the 'MK-ultra-cated' left (thanks to Steve Quayle for coining that word!) continues to believe the Mockingbird media, what could turn dangerous with many on the left actually pushing for civil war as reported in this new Infowars story. Are the globalists ready to manufacture an event as deadly as bringing civil war to US soil to protect Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the 'deep state' while attempting to get President Trump out of office

And while speaking of a 'bubble of insanity', many independent media websites including Infowars and Breitbart have been reporting for the last year+ upon the widespread cases of 'Trump derangement syndrome' that have taken down the left as if it were weaponized flu, triggering the mainstream-media-believing-masses into psychotic breakdowns including 'screaming helplessly at the sky' as the 'deep state' plot to get their 'dear leader' Hillary Clinton office failed

And while the left in Europe attempts to ban what they call 'fake news', remember that such a move is a very favorite tool of dictators and wanna-be dictators like Hillary Clinton who would rather lie to the entire world than face the music. 


Imagine if Richard Nixon had been able to ban the Washington Post's Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein and their reporting upon Watergate, calling it 'fake news' or 'Democratic propaganda'.

With attempting to control the flow of news a favorite tool of dictators, does anyone reading this really believe that those who have committed treason against America and sold out our nation to enrich themselves will admit to it? 

With the mass awakening of Americans to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama criminality exposed in part by the FISA courts abuse memo the reason that many Americans are now believing the msm less and less, it's not the least bit surprising that at the same time as this 'mass awakening', President Trump's approval rating has hit nearly 50% according to this recent poll over at Rasmussen Reports which the Drudge Report links to regularly.

And if Hillary and the leftist msm really want to know why the 'Clinton crime family' is losing control, all we need to do is look back to this 2011 video in which Hillary admits "we are losing the information war".


And now we go back to the Daily Banter story to see why people like California Democratic Rep Adam Schiff look just like a deer caught  in the headlights, President Trump supporters will soon outnumber his detractors. And while Snopes falls to new lows by reporting that in the FISA memo scandal, Schiff was a victim of a Russian bot campaign (when will the SORE LOSERS give up on the 'everything is Russia' narrative?), dangerously deluded CNN actually celebrates North Korea and their communist death camps as we hear in the next video below from Infowars.

From the Daily Banter story via McClatchy:

Backers of President Donald Trump are sharing more “junk” political news – ideologically extreme, conspiratorial, sensationalist and phony information – over Twitter and Facebook than all other groups combined, significantly magnifying the polarization in the American electorate, according to an analysis by British researchers.

Rather than obtaining news over social media from mainstream outlets, these Americans shared posts from 92 Twitter accounts of fringe groups such as "100PercentFEDUp", "TheAngryAmericans" and "WeArethenewmedia" during the three months before Trump’s first State of the Union address, the Oxford University researchers reported.

The study, which culled data from hundreds of thousands of social media accounts, found similar patterns among Facebook users.

Unsurprisingly, Breitbart News and InfoWars were deemed by the study to be "especially sympathetic to Trump and his administration," along with the National Review,, the site of Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity, and the New York Daily News. All routinely publish misleading news, conspiracy theories and outright falsehoods that are propagated furiously by Trump supporters. 

Among a sample of Twitter users with strong connections to one of 10 groups along the political spectrum, the researchers found that 96 percent of Trump backers widely shared “junk” news and did so more than all other groups combined; the groups included military and gun rights supporters, liberals and other Democrats, and more. Among 13 similar categories of Facebook users, 91 percent of “hard conservatives” circulated junk news, also more than all other categories combined.

The report also concluded that the "facts" reported by far right sites shared by Trump supporters are so detached from reality that it makes dialogue with them completely impossible.

Although the “junk” news sites considered in the analysis included those on both the left and right, lead researcher Philip Howard said the findings suggest "that most of the junk news that people share over social media ends up with Trump’s fans, the far right. They’re playing with different facts, and they think they have the inside scoop on conspiracies."


With the mainstream media now glorifying North Korea while neglecting their long-documented human rights abuses including their support of slavery and death camps while the masses there starve a perfect example of where the globalists were attempting to lead America, we thank God President Trump is in office while Hillary is nowhere near it.  

And now we see why the left is so 'terrified' as the Daily Banter story admits as seen in the final excerpt from their story republished below. And while they don't mention that President Trump's approval rating has nearly hit 50%, imagine the reactions we'll be getting from the 'lunatic fringe' once more Americans awaken to the lies we've long been told. 

This, well, pretty damn terrifying. This "small chunk of the population" has an outsized influence on public discourse that has led to an almost complete breakdown of civil society in America. The right wing media understands its audience extremely well and must continue to throw them enough red meat to keep them happy. The further they go, the harder it is to come back to reality. (They should know - just ask Hillary!) Sean Hannity, for example, is now so far removed from anything resembling consensus reality that he and his rabid viewers are incapable of discussing politics with anyone other than themselves.

I have argued that reconciliation with Trump supporters and the fringe right is a necessity at some point if the country is to survive in the long term. But in the short term, this is now completely impossible. Trump supporters cannot be reached, talked to, or negotiated with, so there is little point it trying. The only thing that counts is upholding the rule of law, voting the complicit GOP out of office in the midterms, and booting out Trump in 2020 (should he survive that long). There can be reconciliation, but only after the adults take back control of the country.

And while we agree with them that one of the most important things going forward is 'upholding the rule of law', the 'rule of law' was long broken by those very same corrupt politicians that the left still somehow supports and insanely protects. 

With Hillary joining many on the left in totally breaking down over President Trump as even she recently admitted by stating she gets overwhelmed by President Trump at least a dozen times a day, and recently calling for 'activist b*tches to support activist b*tches' as heard in the final video below, we're happy to report that with President Trump in office, the adults finally are taking control of America though we clearly have a long way to go after decades of damage done.


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