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June 4, 2021

Wash, Rinse, Repeat: BLM Rioting Begins Again After Shooting Of Convicted Felon Who 'Produced A Gun' On U.S. Marshals Task Force During Arrest Attempt

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

When reports first came out about the "community-led" dismantling of the George Floyd Square, where protesters took over the entire area where Floyd died while in police custody, we knew there would be some very unhappy protestors/rioters.... and there were as activists "push back against attempt to reopen George Floyd Square."

Activists and caretakers at the square plan to fight the city from opening the streets to traffic.

"Anything that the city brings in here will not stay by the end of the night, I guarantee you," Leon Lyons, of the security company Truth2Enlightenment, told the Star Tribune.

Of note: While Minneapolis police weren't present at the intersection yesterday, multiple people on social media posted photos of officers in riot gear nearby.

Community-led eh?  Evidently, not so much.

More from Star Tribune:

While the task was complete in less than four hours, protesters who have been occupying the intersection since Floyd's death weren't ready to yield. Using trash bins, discarded furniture and upended street signs, they again blocked the intersections where the city barriers had stood. About 150 people gathered at the former Speedway gas station and milled about the intersection for the first half of the day, erecting new art and discussing next steps.

It is noteworthy that the minority owned businesses were all affected negatively by having the streets they are located on, closed off from the public, and residents in the area had complained about the area becoming crime ridden,  with one murder and at least one drive-by shooting caught live on air.

WASH, RINSE, REPEAT..................

With tensions that high, it was already a volatile atmosphere, and then a match was thrown right onto the powder keg, in the form of a black, armed, convicted felon, being shot by US Marshals just blocks away from the George Floyd Square.

Smith, who was in a parked car, 'produced a handgun resulting in task force members firing upon the subject,' Hennepin County Sheriff's Department said. Officers attempted to revive the suspect but he was pronounced dead at the scene

An important aspect of this is that while multiple agencies were involved in this event, including sheriff’s offices from Hennepin, Anoka and Ramsey counties, the Minnesota Department of Corrections and the Department of Homeland Security, the Minneapolis police played no part in the incident. (Source - Daily Mail)

Protesters started gathering as soon as word was spread, which of course turned into the now-familiar pattern of looting, vandalism, arson and rioting.

Evidently the fact that the man, 32-year-old Winston Boogie Smith, was an armed felon and "produced a handgun," means absolutely nothing to those just looking for a reason to riot.

So they did.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, BLM rioters start fires

It took police more than 40 minutes to respond and by the time they arrived cars and motorcycles had shown up to help protesters block off the streets, according to independent journalist Rebecca Brannon.  

Brannon filmed the moment police began 'aggressively' moving in on protesters, shooting tear gas into the intersection to clear them out. Firefighters were later filmed extinguishing the fire and cleaning up the intersection. 

Infighting and looting broke out across the city as the streets remained filled with protesters until the early hours of the morning. A T-Mobile store and a CVS pharmacy were among the shops raided by looters and officers were later deployed outside businesses to prevent further damage to property.

Vandals spray-painted buildings near the scene of the shooting with the words, 'Kill cops' and 'No trial for them', while others hurled abuse at officers calling them, 'F***ing Nazis' and 'White supremacists.'

Wash, rinse and repeat.

They never riot when black children in Chicago are slaughtered by other members of the black community, or in Baltimore, or other areas where black-on-black crime takes the lives of innocent black children.

No, they choose criminals, felons, usually armed and dangerous, to use as their poster children, leaving much of U.S. less than  sympathetic them.

What is the message they are trying to send here? If the suspect and/or convicted felon is black, it doesn't matter if he is armed, or dangerous to the public or law enforcement, he should just be allowed to randomly commit crimes, because he is black????? 

Is that really what BLM wants the public to believe about their entire group?


Perhaps this is why support for BLM has dwindled.

The interesting thing about the loss of support for the entire BLM movement is the breakdown of demographics:

Among Black respondents, trust in Black Lives Matter has fallen by 12 points and trust in local police has risen by 14 points. Among white respondents, trust in Black Lives Matter has fallen by 8 points and trust in local police has risen by 12 points.

After a series of controversies, mourning black mothers who have lost children are also criticizing the movement and how some BLM leaders have profited off the death of their children

The founder of a Black Lives Matter chapter in Minnesota very publicly quit the entire movement after learning the “ugly truth” about the activist group’s priorities.

“However, after a year on the inside, I learned they had little concern for rebuilding black families,” he insisted.

He said BLM “cared even less about improving the quality of education for students in Minneapolis,” adding it was “made clear when they publicly denounced charter schools alongside the teachers’ union.”


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Unfortunately for victims of true racism, turning the word "racist" into a scam for profit by BLM groups, while ignoring the causes, and perpetrators of the majority of black deaths, including the millions of black babies murdered via abortion, has set race relations back by decades at least.

So, once again, because an armed, black, convicted felon "produced a handgun" while being stopped by the U.S. Marshals task force, ended up dead, we are watching the beginning of yet another manufactured outrage that is already the cause of violence, arson, looting and rioting.

The first video below was captured a couple week ago, showing that citizens are sick and tired of roads being blocked as protesters took over the entire area, a man takes an ax and starts dismantling the roadblocks and "memorial" building.

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