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November 16, 2021

Congressman Warns Biden Regime Deliberately Misled Americans On Afghanistan - What They're Doing There Is A Template For America: Famine, Death And Crimes Against Humanity 

By Alan Barton - All News PipeLine

While perusing the news today, I was wondering if there are any new updates on the US hostages in Afghanistan.  A quick search revealed almost nothing, even using DuckDuckGo, so a ‘Gaggle’ search would be useless as using it to search for almost anything would be a waste of time, therefore it is out of the equation.  The newest result was a Steve Gruber article by Liberty Paige article that said “Yes, you read the headline right” in their reference that it is the US State Department that is still holding hostages in Afghanistan; a very interesting take on existing conditions.  They mentioned that “If you are a government that is actively hindering the evacuation of Americans and Afghan allies from a terrorist country, then you are holding them hostage”, an observation that I agree with.  

About three weeks ago on Fox Business with Varney & Company, Rep. Michael Waltz (R/Florida) said “the White House is “deliberately misled” on the number of Americans in Afghanistan, and that he considers the Americans still in the nation hostages, with the administration “paying ransom in the form of aid.”

Waltz said, “Well, they didn’t get it wrong, Stuart, I think they’re — they deliberately misled the American people. ….“I consider them hostages, absolutely. And what the administration is doing is paying ransom in the form of aid.”

All standard issue bull-stuff from the White House, but I like the twist that it is the State Department holding them hostage best because that is, in effect, exactly what they are doing.

Getty image - Paula Bronstein credit

A week before that story came out Breitbart lamented Congressional lawmakers wished they could do more to save American Citizens stranded in Afghanistan.  Yeh, right, like we believe that crap.  They just posture to save face because they were too stupid and gutless to stop the steal of the 2020 elections by the communists.  The Republican Party is worthless; they are just standard “politicians”, a term that substitutes for lairs nicely – I detest them as much as I do the democrat-communists.  None of them dare risk their futures (read as MONEY) on taking any action that might put them in a spotlight that they are not in full control of.  You might call them whores for whatever situation they are led into.  In the meantime, the families of those political prisoners are constantly trying to get Brandon –err, Biden to take action to get them home to no avail.  Private concerns have spirited a few out, but there are many hundreds, or some count it as thousands, still in hiding in Afghanistan from the Islamic death squads with no hope for rescue.

Giving up on DDG (DuckDuckGo) in my Brave browser, I went to TOR for a deep/dark web search to go around the US censoring systems (Yes, we are very heavily censored here in spite of being a “free” peoples).  And with some success, but most of the early results were from Aljazeera that did not show up on DDG searches.  Most of the following comments are from various articles from that source by many different authors.

About a week ago, the Norwegian Refugee Council said that as many as 300,000 Afghans have crossed the border into Iran since the Taliban took over.  That is about 4,000 to 5,000 daily.  “Iran and Pakistan together house about 90 percent of the five million Afghans displaced outside their country, although not all of these are counted as refugees.”   The complaint is that the UN is not doing enough to help the refugees in Iran, Pakistan and other places as Afghanistan goes deeper into “a devastating economic and humanitarian crisis and that “the UN is now seen as the primary avenue for humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan.”   To me, that sounds like code for “let the USA pay for it all”.

But then Iran is deporting tens of thousands of Afghan refugees with a total of over a million so far with ““The majority were deported, returning to Afghanistan often broke and broken, in need of health support, food and rest,” IOM director general Antonio Vitorino said”.

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Besides the normal political and humanitarian needs, there exists an urgent need for food as Afghanistan is in a very deep drought condition as well as the political disruptions have destroyed the farms, production and packaging systems and transport  just as the globalists are doing to us here in the United States.

Millions of Afghans, including children, could die of starvation unless urgent action is taken to pull Afghanistan back from the brink of collapse….22.8 million people – more than half of Afghanistan’s 39 million population – were facing acute food insecurity and “marching to starvation”” with a plea to release the frozen funds to feed them with.  Yes, I believe they are facing that massive food shortage, but it appears to be more of a plea for the world’s players to fund it all rather than do anything helpful to relieve the reasons for that shortage in the first place.  That sounds like a huge profit margin and money laundering scheme opportunity to me, something the Biden Crime Family would love to play in if they are not already deeply involved.

A week later the headline readUN food agency: 45 million people on the edge of famine”.   “Families facing acute food insecurity are being “forced to make devastating choices”, marrying off children early, pulling them out of school or feeding them locusts, wild leaves, or cactus.

“Meanwhile media reports from Afghanistan point to families reportedly being forced to sell their children in a desperate attempt to survive,”…. Multiple droughts in Afghanistan were combining with an economic meltdown to push families to the edge”.    That is the same thing we may be facing and for the very same reasons soon if we cannot get the evil regime in power infesting DC removed as soon as we can, like maybe immediately.

So just what is the WHO and the United Nations Children’s Fund doing to help stop the starvation of literally MILLIONS of children?  Why, yes, just what would be expected they would do, give them polio shots.  “Restarting polio vaccination now is crucial for preventing any significant resurgence of polio within the country and mitigating the risk of cross-border and international transmission” without also admitting that the polio vaccine was responsible for most polio cases that we in the US and other early adopters of the vaccine suffered.  But they are burying female vaccinators after stoning them; they cannot allow the lowly women to help the children at all you know, it is just not proper radical Islam to have women do much other than cleaning and cooking and on demand sex for the men.  I suppose that is one way to cripple an upcoming army a few years in advance. 

And of course, their medical system is in shambles, much like ours is heading toward, as hundreds have shut down and those remaining are lacking many of the most basic supplies and personnel.  Remember that the women are to clean house and supply their men’s needs in the home, not out working in public places.  They blame it on the US stopping the funding as “the US froze nearly $9bn in assets belonging to Afghanistan’s central bank” rather than on the Taliban and their evil and irrational incompetency’s.  Oh, that sure does remind me of the Biden regime and their excuses for our economy tanking so badly.

Aljazeera claims that the US did more to radicalize Afghanistan than Osam Bin Laden (aka the CIA stooge).   They are not completely wrong, as the recent incident of the ten family members killed in a rocket attack that the Biden regime finally acknowledged.  Their excuse according to one writer is that “Bosnian Muslims have long been considered the world’s most tolerant Muslim community. But today, a growing number of Bosniaks have adopted Salafism – a rigid ideological thread within Islam – and hold hardline beliefs that are in line with those of al-Qaeda, ISIL (ISIS) or Boko Haram. Why is this happening?

Radicalisation is the result of a desperate and misguided search for a pathway to empowerment by people starving for a sense of belonging, recognition, and basic respect.”

I do not think that stream of reason is entirely out of whack especially considering how badly we have been behaving on the world stage the past few decades.

Since 2001, tens of thousands of Afghan civilians perished as a result of US drone strikes. According to the international NGO Save the Children, almost 33,000 children have been killed and maimed in Afghanistan during the past 20 years, an average of one child every five hours.”   Although I cannot verify those numbers, I suspect they are not out of the realm of reality.  We invaded Afghanistan as part of our “war on terror”, but ended up making the country an even more fertile breeding ground for “terrorists” it appears to me as we swept through for the profit margins of their Opium market.

I have had to be careful in what I use from these sources as the hatred for the US is so very harsh and therefore the truth is difficult to extract, but the fact remains we earned so much of it by our actions and even the good we did cannot undo the hatred.  True, there are many in Afghanistan that claim to love the US, or at least do not blame us for all of the evil the Islamic radicals did to them, but the foul taste of our missteps still burns in their hearts. And those evil devils are now in approximate full charge over there until they are also removed.  I try not to equivocate because it is so hard to ferret out reality, but that is one, if not the main result of war.

The US Leftists cannot even tell the truth about the remaining hostages.  Our government waffles around the numbers of hostages so much you know they have no idea what they are doing nor system in place to even figure it out.  One spokesman will say one thing, and the next something very different with ranges from less than a hundred to maybe as many as 500, but outside of the governments corridor the numbers range in the many thousands.  Those flights out of Afghanistan were stuffed with Afghan peoples, mostly military aged men, and not Americans or our allies.  One story source even claimed during the initial stages that “The Next Big Lie? “American Hostages in Afghanistan”.   That is completely nuts, but whatever the truth is, it is not coming from our government.

Originally I planned on comparing the January Six political prisoners to the Afghan American abandonees, but as I consider it further, they are too close to the same to really do that.  Sure, we are not gassing those left behind as we do those in the DC gulag, and we are not prosecuting them for treasonous felonies for “trespassing” on public property, but we as a nation are ignoring them and treating them as political prisoners.  In both cases that seems to be the end point, they are political prisoners of the deep state, the US State Department under the guise of the DC police on one hand and the guise of Taliban on the other.  Either situation is an abomination on this nation and cannot stand.  The failure to prosecute those responsible is not to be tolerated, and the politician’s absolute refusal to do a damn thing to help any of them is what makes them, in my mind, to be guilty of High Crimes and Humanitarian Destruction and should be prosecuted for the same.  It seems past time for a major overhaul in our elected officials and a complete wipe of our non-elected slave drivers.  Forgive me if that sounds like civil war is required, but I suppose that is what it may come down to as history has proven that to get political prisoners released and closing the doors on a repeat of the situation it almost always come down to violence.  I pray that is not the case, but I see no actions by our elected officials or unelected officials to resolve either major case of political imprisonment by our State Department, elected officials and DOJ.  Elections do not work anymore, the courts rarely work anymore, and we are left in the lurch because the deep state evil ones control the “systems”.  If not civil war, then the fast approaching World War Three may obviate any direct response by We the People.

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