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October 8, 2016

Is US Govt Preparing To Sacrifice 260 Million Americans Lives? Russian Insider: 'We Are At End Game Now' 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

If you're somebody who still believes the world we're now living in ISN'T on the edge of nuclear war and the kind of change you never wanted to see in our lifetimes, we challenge you to watch the 1st video below featuring Alex Jones with Steve Quayle, intermixed with video clips from US Generals speaking and other recent story excerpts, and tell us you still feel the same after watching it.

Warning us that the world we live in is in the most danger we've ever been in, Quayle tells us the globalists working to implement their tyrannical global government are on a feverish pace to sacrifice American lives in a desperate rush to complete their overthrow of America and the West. As we're told, we're now living a total globalist nightmare to completely take down the Western world and bring in their satanic, one-world government

If you still doubt the urgency of the moment, listen first to the words of senior Russian official Alexander Yakovenko who recently stated:"We are at end game now.” Not to be outdone, as this new story from Defense One tells us, the US Air Force just dropped two fake nukes and the Pentagon wants to tell you about it.


With the US government now officially blaming Russia for the DNC hacks that have uncovered widespread wrongdoing by those attempting to complete their destruction of America by getting their own 'war criminal' into office, the 2nd video below featuring Gary Franchi of the Next News Network and this new story from the Gateway Pundit give us absolute proof via Wikileaks and what's being called a 'Libya Tick Tock' email that Clinton chose death over peace via her own “internal brag sheet of how she was the person behind the Libyan catastrophe” .

While we hear the Chairman Joint Chief of Staff General Joseph Dunford recently testifying before Congress "for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war with Syria and Russia", he also brings up a very, very good point while doing so: "It's time we have a national conversation" before any decisions are made that could very quickly lead to the loss of possibly hundreds of millions of American lives.


Also proving to us the psychotic disconnect now happening with Obama, Hillary and the neocons who somehow think that any US attack upon Russia will somehow go unmatched by Russia attacking here in the US, we're told we're now witnessing a global crisis right out of the Books of Daniel and Revelations.

While we agree with some of what US Army Chief Of Staff General Mark Milley recently stated in that the United States should never be anybody's 'whipping boy', not Russia's, not China's and certainly not Iran's nor North Korea's, it's clear that the very last thing the Russians want to do is go to war with America as they understand what such a war still likely means: Mutually Assured Destruction.

Milley cautioned that the next major conflict would “be highly lethal, unlike anything our Army has experienced at least since World War II,” and would involve fighting in “highly populated urban areas.” (READ AS AMERICAN CITIES!) “Make no mistake about it, we can now and we will … retain the capability to rapidly deploy,” he said, “and we will destroy any enemy anywhere, any time,” he concluded.

Milley neglects to mention that according to the Russians, any such attacks upon Russia will likely come home to US cities and if nuclear war is avoided, imagine YOUR city looking like the cities we see now in Syria and elsewhere across the Middle East that 'Hitlery and the warmongering neocons' have already destroyed


What happens when 6 to 13 US cities simply disappear we're aksed in this first video? Can you imagine US cities looking like Clinton's handiwork in Syria? As Quayle tells us, in Russia they have been having massive 'civil defense' drills going back decades while here there is no shielding at all for the US population. As we've also previously reported on ANP, according to, the US population is forecast to drop from 321 million in 2015 to ONLY 61 million by 2025. How might 260 million Americans simply 'disappear'?

If Clinton and the neocons have their way, that 'disappearance' might be sooner than later though we're quite happy to report the US has backed down in Syria after Russian threats to shoot down planes in Syrian no fly zones.

As Quayle tells us, it'll only be by the Grace of God if total disaster can be averted. He also gives us a great thing that we can all keep our eye out on as a major sign of massive disaster forthcoming. Telling us to keep our eyes on the Russian Embassy in America's twitter account to watch for any signs of impending evacuations, we also should expect Russian President Vladimir Putin may give several talks directly to the American people in an attempt to avoid a World War 3 that might lead to a nuclear apocalypse right here in America and elsewhere across the world.  


As we're also told in this new story from US Defense Watch, while the Russian military has been building up their technology and forces, America has been tearing down its military infrastructure, getting rid of many of their battle-hardened soldiers in Obama's military purge while becoming emasculated and feminized by Obama  policies and weakened by political correctness.

With John Kerry recently proving to the world he's insane by calling for war crimes charges be levied against Russia while he and the State Department continue to arm the same ISIS terrorists who are now killing Americans, also proving their treason, we're told why they so badly want a world war now, to help them cover up their crimes against America. "Over the top insanity" Alex Jones calls what we're watching now unfolding.

With Obama also clearly embracing Islam while the Islamic state seeks out a nuclear apocalypse to bring in their 'Mahdi', we're told what we're watching now on a world stage are rituals being played out - "the ritual sacrifice of the planetary population".


Telling us that his #1 goal now is to inform American people of what is happening before it is too late, Quayle also shares with us what we might soon find out to be the stunning accuracy of Henry Gruver's vision of Russia attacking the US while China takes out our satellite's, leaving us almost completely helpless to respond.

"Evil people in government are pushing for the destruction of the planet" we are told, not considering that if the US attacks Russia, our news media will likely be attempting to report the resultant carnage in America from bombed out platforms in the middle of US cities that look like the cities in Syria now - filled with death and destruction.

Imagine once again an America with bombed out cities, the building where millions of Americans previously lived now only bombed out shells. The very last thing that Americans should want is war upon US soil but that is quickly the way we are headed without God's intervention. A look at Syria should tell us 'there but for the Grace of God go we'.


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