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February 28, 2021

Mammoth Hypocrisy On Display: From 'Believe All Women' Against Republicans To 'Don't Believe Her' If She Accuses A Democrat, If Democrats Didn't Have Double Standards, They'd Have No Standards At All

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

"If they didn't have double standards, they would have no standards at all." 

I am not sure where I have seen that statement, but I have seen it dozens of times over the years, and nothing quite exemplifies the intent of those words as the antics we have seen from Democrats since Joe Biden started occupying the White House.

Topics like kids in "cages," "believe all women," COVID relief checks, and other examples provide us, in the first months of the Biden occupation, with a number of examples that show how cynical, dishonest and power-hungry Democrats are.

It is worse than ever now.

Before we begin, a quick disclaimer: I am on record at least a dozen times as stating that no, I do not believe "all" women, and that men should not automatically be condemned and have their lives and careers ruined because of an accusation, without any proof, or investigation, etc...... 

Our first example of extreme hypocrisy involves the "Butcher of Albany", New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

I am not going to change my opinion on automatically believing the women accusing him of sexual harassment just because Cuomo is a Democrat, but this isn't about "my" opinion, the world does not revolve around me.

Democrats and liberals have argued differently though, during the entire explosion of the #MeToo movement, where any women could accuse of any man of sexual misconduct, and the mob instantly set out to destroy said man and his career.

If we apply the Democrats own rules to them, that all women be believed, no matter the accusation or lack of evidence or proof, then we see a complete 180 by some of the biggest names in the Democrat party.


In the very short video below, from October 2018, Andrew Cuomo responds to the Brett Kavanaugh allegations, from a woman that claimed that 30 years before, he attempted to molest her. Cuomo insists that not automatically believing Kavanaugh's accuser, who couldn't remember when or where her supposed experience took place, was "sexist and disgusting."

Fast forward to present day and now two different women have accused Andrew Cuomo of sexual misconduct and/or harassment, and all of a sudden Cuomo doesn't want everyone to automatically "believe" his accusers.

While Cuomo is allowing an investigation, critics have pointed out that he has extreme influence over anyone is his orbit that he is choosing to carry out said investigation.

If Cuomo played by his own rules.... he would have already resigned.

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(Photo op: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez)


While some media are covering this, albeit very sparingly, unlike the majority of the #MeToo accusations, most are downplaying the situation, after having ignored it at first. 

When the initial reports came out, most of the media literally went to blackout mode, not even mentioning it, as they were too busy hailing Cuomo as the COVID hero (remember he won an Emmy for his 'masterful' COVID briefings !!).... before news broke that his administration had fudged the numbers of nursing home deaths after he mandated nursing home accept COVID patients.

Cuomo is not the only topic where the media is not even trying to hide their fealty to the Democrat party, as we have noted in just the last month alone, a number of other issues and examples.

Kids in 'Cages': During the Trump presidency, Democrat politicians, with massive help from the liberal establishment media, went into complete meltdown mode over facilities for migrant children that were brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents.

We saw a never-ending slew of  "kids in cages," stories, with liberal politicians like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez taking photos ops while pretending to cry hysterically over the treatment of the children. The media attempted to claim the viral images of "kids in cages,'  were from the Trump presidency, until the truth that those "cages" were built by the Obama/Biden administration.

Another things Ocasio Cortez and many other Democrat politicians, along with the media amplifying their statements, did, was describe these facilities as "concentration camps."

Fast forward to present day, Biden & Co. reopened some of those "cages," aka "concentration camps," within his first month of occupying the White House, and now suddenly they are called "migrant facilities."

Even as the little bimbo from NY, Ocasio Cortez, tries to sound less hypocritical by declaring these facilities are not "okay" no matter who is in the White House, she has not thrown the term "concentration camps" out and she has not focused on the issues ad nauseam as she did back when Trump was in office.

Let us not forget Biden himself weighed in about those "cages," back then:

"But Mark, it was Biden who criticized Trump for doing the same thing and they talked about putting kids in cages and how Trump was so bad by putting kids in cages. They’re using the same facility," Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo said on Wednesday.

"Look, Maria, there’s so much to unpack there. There’s so much hypocrisy, false narratives and the President’s press secretary lied to the American people. Those facilities aren’t needed because of COVID. That’s absolutely not true. Those facilities are needed because this administration is now encouraging, incentivizing, and facilitating illegal entry in the United States, and the numbers have skyrocketed; 78,000 last month, 3,500 a day," Morgan said.

"And they’re reinstating catch and release. That’s why these facilities are needed because they created a new crisis. They’re preventing — not only they’re releasing illegal immigrants into the country but then they’re preventing ICE from lawfully deporting 90 percent of those that they’re encountering illegally," he added.

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The media/liberal hypocrisy can be seen in the constant daily count of how many people died under Trump from COVID, now the media barely mentions how many have died while Biden occupies the White House. 

Vaccines: As team Biden lies about not having a plan left to him by the Trump administration, the media also completely ignores those, and many other lies told over the last month, when they were busy counting, and publishing the amount of so-called "lies," by President Trump, even when those numbers were lies themselves.

COVID Relief: After promising $2,000 checks for COVID relief, it appears the Biden regime is willing to settle for less, while Democrats deliberately and admittedly stalled relief to millions of Americans to make help Biden in the 2020 presidential election, and now claim they want it done ASAP.

Those are just the topline examples, to cover them all would take multiple articles, but the pattern is clear and it has just been a little over a month since the Biden regime took over.

While we have seen and documented much media bias and hypocrisy by Democrats, including the media, it is critical to continue doings so. 

They won't police their own. They won't "inform" Americans of the truth. They won't hold Biden to any type of standard.

If they won't do it, Independent Media must. There must be an online record.

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