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February 8, 2018

Over 100 Years Of Govt And The 'Criminal Elite' Terrorizing The American People Documented Here - From The Federal Reserve To Endless Corporate Wars For Profit, A Brief History Of How Tyranny Crept Into America


Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B Stoecker

Anyone with open eyes and at least some knowledge of history can see that America today is a far cry from the Founding Fathers’ vision of a free republic. Our federal police and intelligence agencies are out of control, interfering in elections, spying on the people, and, many of us believe, assassinating citizens and carrying out bloody false flag attacks. We are bled white with taxes and harassed and abused by the IRS, whose arrogant officials seem to be above the law.

Our borders are not protected and hostile aliens are pouring in, virtually unchecked. Our national debt is out of control, yet deficit spending continues, and Congress is not only unwilling to balance the budget, but unwilling even to pass a budget (yet their own paychecks are never interrupted). We are engaged in foreign wars that are illegal because they were never declared by Congress, as required by our late, great Constitution.

Public schools and universities have degenerated into indoctrination centers where young people are dumbed down and morally degraded. Christianity and Judeo-Christian morality are under attack. Consider this: the true, basic functions of government are to protect our borders, protect us from attack by foreign countries, and create a stable currency. Now, our government does many, many things, giving welfare benefits to illegal aliens and foreign aid to tinhorn dictators. But the three things it does not do are (you guessed it) listed above. 


This has been going on so long that most of us think of it as normal and don’t fully realize how much has been taken from us. Consider taxes. As a citizen you must pay a federal income tax, and, in places like California, a state income tax. Then you must pay sales taxes on almost everything you buy. Then there is the property tax; even renters pay it, for it is included in their rent. This means that even if you have paid off your mortgage you do not really own your home, for, in effect, you are paying rent to local government (largely to support the ruin of your children in the indoc centers).

But then things really get interesting. Leftists call for high corporate taxes to “soak the rich.” But the CEOs and stockholders do not pay these taxes; they are passed on to you, the consumer, embedded in the price of whatever you buy. Take the example of the groceries you buy. You are paying the farmers’ corporate income taxes, and their property taxes, and the corporate and property taxes of the food processing companies, and the rail and trucking companies that ship the food to your area, and the corporate and property taxes of the supermarket.

Most people are completely unaware of all these hidden taxes, and very few are aware that the Federal Reserve, a consortium of private banks wedded in unholy matrimony with the government, creates fiat money out of thin air, causing a permanent inflation, the ultimate hidden tax. No one even knows how much all of this impacts us, but, by even the most conservative estimate, the average citizen is robbed of well over half of what would have been his purchasing power. 


How did we come to such a pass? It was done to us in stages, incrementally. Few realize that our original constitution was the Articles of Confederation, ratified by the Continental Congress on 3/1/1781. Under the Articles America was a loose confederation with a weak federal government, and the Antifederalists felt that it might be modified a bit without giving the federal government too much power. But the Federalists won the debate and created a whole new Constitution with a powerful federal government. Most of the states ratified it in 1787 and it took effect 3/4/1789; Rhode Island didn’t sign on until 1790. The holdouts were threatened with expulsion from the union if they did not sign. 

The Founding Fathers created a government with checks and balances, having three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, and intended that the legislative (Congress) would be stronger than the other two. But Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall, in the Marbury vs. Madison decision of 1803, clearly established the concept of judicial review by declaring the Judicial Act of 1789 unconstitutional. Since then, judicial review has been expanded to the point where judges (most of them appointed, not elected) literally legislate from the bench, ruling us by decree.

People forget today that nowhere does the Constitution state or even imply that states have no right to secede or that the federal government has the authority to use military force to keep them in the union. Yet President Lincoln dragged America into its bloodiest war so far by invading the South. To be sure, Confederate leaders at Fort Sumter gave him the excuse he needed. Some conspiracy researchers believe that both the radical abolitionists and many of the secessionists were manipulated by the Freemasons with the goal of instigating a civil war and then making the federal government all-powerful. Lincoln also suspended habeas corpus and took over the wavering border state of Maryland. 


And it was Lincoln, the former railroad company lawyer, who signed the Pacific Railroad Act in 1862, allowing the government to issue bonds and then pay private companies to build the line from Council Bluffs, Iowa to Sacramento, California. This was a fine achievement, but it set a precedent for crony capitalism on a grand scale, and the Civil War was followed by the Gilded Age, when the Rockefellers and others amassed huge fortunes and tremendous political power.

From the beginning, people like Federalist Alexander Hamilton wanted America to have a powerful central bank like the Bank of England, a concept opposed by such Antifederalists as Thomas Jefferson. The First Bank of the United States was chartered for 20 years by Congress in 1791. It ended in 1811 and the Second Bank of the United States was chartered in 1816, ending in 1836 when Andrew Jackson refused to ask Congress to renew its charter.

But the third time is the charm…or curse. In 1913 (13 is a satanic number beloved by the Masons and similar secret societies) President Woody Wilson, a “progressive,” convinced Congress to pass the Federal Reserve Act. Woody also gave us the income tax via a constitutional amendment that many researchers believe was never properly ratified, and an amendment providing for direct election of US senators by the people in each state, a measure that sounds very “democratic,” but which further weakened state sovereignty…prior to that, state legislatures appointed their senators.

All of these were milestones on the road to Hell, and then the pace quickened. Wilson used the sinking of the Lusitania, despite the fact that the ship was carrying munitions, and the German Zimmerman Telegram as excuses to drag us into WWI in 1917. The infamous telegram promised to return the southwestern US to Mexico if that nation aided Germany in a war against the US…but only if the US first declared war on Germany. The war to “make the world safe for democracy” actually made the world safe for fascism in Russia, Japan, Italy, and Germany. And Wilson tried to get the US to join the League of Nations, the globalists’ first real attempt at a world government.


Meanwhile, “progressive” Republican Teddy Roosevelt had created, in 1908, the Bureau of Investigation within the Department of Justice; in 1935 its name was changed to “Federal Bureau of Investigation.” We are beginning now to see how well that worked out. Remember, the Founding Fathers never intended America to have a federal police force; almost all laws and their enforcement were to have remained at the state level.

The Federal Reserve was supposed to protect us from depressions…yet our worst depression to date came after the Fed was created, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt used that as an excuse for his “New Deal,” turning America into a socialist state. This same FDR, after promising to keep us out of WWII, used the attack at Pearl Harbor to drag us into the conflict…to say that the events surrounding Pearl Harbor are suspicious is an understatement. FDR also created the OSS, predecessor of the CIA.

His successor, thirty third degree Freemason Harry Truman, our thirty third President, signed into law the National Defense Act of 1947, creating the CIA and turning America into a military-industrial state with a peacetime draft. He also sent US troops into the Korean War without a declaration of war (as required by that Constitution we used to have) and no clear plan or will for victory. This set the precedent for Vietnam and for our current unending wars. We learn nothing from our experiences. And Truman finished FDR’s work to get us into the United Nations; WWII provided a convenient excuse for this nascent world government. The UN was supposedly going to prevent most wars, but there has not been one second of peace since it was created.


And Truman’s successors in and out of government have incrementally taken away most of what freedom and prosperity we still had, and have imported legal and illegal aliens, including drug gangs and terrorists, to change our country into something the majority of the people never wanted.

To realize fully what the elites have done to us, consider what the world and America would probably be like if there had been no rigged wars and depressions, no IRS or Federal Reserve, no rule by judicial decree, no invasion by aliens. Imagine life with no IRS, and less government spending and lower taxes. Government could be funded by tariffs and a national income tax, and we could have a stable currency based on precious metals. Or we could even have the government, not a central bank, create fiat money, but do it openly and subject to strict limitations.

Without massive immigration, our population would probably have stabilized between 200 and 300 million, probably closer to 200 million, meaning less traffic and pollution and more jobs for Americans. Crime rates would be a fraction of what they are now. We could actually have schools, not indoc centers where our children are initiated into sexual perversion, and our universities could be, as they once were, among the finest in the world.

Absent high taxes and a regulatory burden, absent the debt and deficit spending, innovation would flourish and our economy would be strong and stable. But above all we would be free…free of the IRS, NSA spying, and the corrupt and murderous FBI and CIA. And this is without even considering the possibility that the elites may have suppressed technologies that would have given us unlimited energy and better health care. But that’s a story for another day.

The views expressed by story contributors to All News Pipeline are their own and do not always align completely with those of ANP.


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