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August 15, 2016

'Whatever Is Coming Is Very Close' - Open Season Has Been Declared Upon National Sovereignty - 'This Is A BETA Test For The Rest Of The World'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The story over at the Western Rifle Shooters Association that Steve Quayle linked to on Sunday spelled out to us in great detail how societies move from open, free societies to closed societies. Called "Bezmenov Subversion Charts" based on information provided by Russian defector Yuri Bezmenov, we can clearly see in the headlines of today's news stories Bezmenov's warnings to America and the free world coming true before our very eyes.

Warning that subversion happens before destruction and complete takeover, you can see these charts in full below videos at the bottom of the story as well as an embedded version of Bezmenov's entire book outlining how free nations fall called: "Love Letter To America". We also take a look below at a new SQAlert in which we're warned that 'whatever is coming is very close'.

In the 1st video below from Alex Jones and Infowars we're given proof with us that the United Nations has admitted the 'migrant crisis' we're now witnessing in Europe was specifically planned out to overthrow the West. As we're told, the West must fall before world government can be established and "we're watching a 'BETA test' for the rest of the world". 

Jones warns us that we're now witnessing a 'World War 3' unlike anything else that we've ever seen before with central banks, the United Nations, and the military-industrial-complex combining forces with radical Islam to finally bring down Europe: "We are witnessing World War 3. It doesn't look like past wars. It's a stealth war. Conducted by traitors from within" Jones tells us, adding "open season has been declared upon national sovereignty". 


Are we now witnessing the fall of the West, with America not far behind what's happening now in Europe? As Jones explains to us in the 1st video that has been watched by well over 110,000 people in just one+ day, most people are unable to see this 'stealthy' World War 3 that is taking place before our very eyes - making the opponent of freedom and liberty that much more dangerous to all Americans and freedom-loving human beings around the world.

As Jones tells us, Islam has been attempting to invade Europe now for more than a thousand years. It's now becoming more and more clear that political correctness and outright stupidity are finally allowing the overthrow to play out in 2016. Bezmenov's stages towards a closed society are playing out in not only Europe but America as this story is being written, we see we're moving beyond the stages of social unrest and instability and radicalism that we're clearly now witnessing in America, with Milwaukee the latest example, towards a new power struggle, with only 'replacement' of the current system ahead. What will this all lead to? Civil war? Revolution? Invasion? The end result of Bezmenov's model being a closed society, also known as a boot stamping upon a human face...forever?


The new story from US Defense Watch is called "Goodbye Europe: It Was Nice Knowing You" and it tells us Europe is dying before our eyes in a suicide brought on by socialism, globalism, naivete and downright stupidity that has metastasized into a stage 4 cancer

As we learn in the 2nd and 3rd videos below from Gary Franchi of the Next News Network, many people now living in Europe have had their lives completely turned upside down with the 'trojan horse' invasion of their countries. In the 2nd video we hear that Christians in Germany are hiding their Bibles in the midst of terrorist death threats while in the 3rd video we hear that schools in France are training students how to survive terror attacks. 

 With everything else that we're now watching we have to ask, will a forthcoming world government be based upon the principles of sharia? We've reported that Obama and the United Nations have announced a 'global police force' to fight 'extremism' in the US and we've reported that in Obama's America, govt has labeled Christians as 'extremists' along with 70+ other kinds of Americans including Conservatives and 'Preppers'

With forces that want sharia law in America now backing Hillary Clinton, will Hillary usher in world govt to America? The story from Western Journalism last October asked if the DOJ's 'Strong Cities' has put the US under Islamic law and confirmed that a 'global police force' using the Department of Justice is being set up across America. They told us then:

What’s the initiative all about? Officially, it’s to prevent and combat “violent extremism in all of its forms” without linking it “with any particular religion, nationality or ethnic group.” The emphasis is on inclusiveness, collaboration, and non-discrimination. Although it doesn’t mention any specific religion, using the language of Obama-speak, its goal of “building social cohesion and resilience to violent extremism” actually means peacekeeping between Muslims and non-Muslims, “mostly by making sure that non-Muslims don’t complain too loudly about, much less work against, rapidly expanding Muslim populations and the Islamization of their communities,” according to Pamela Geller.

This is a reasonable interpretation. Instead of “building social cohesion,” the flood of Islamic refugees and immigrants are destroying social unity in Western nations; yet they’re being welcomed by governments despite public outcry. In DHS reports, we’ve also seen the Obama administration target conservatives such as Christians, gun-owners and pro-lifers as dangerous.


As we read in the new SQAlert republished below in which we're given a new update on military convoys across America and warned that, whatever is coming to our country is likely very close. As we've warned, the globalists now have less than 100 days to stop a pro-America president from being voted into office. They may be running out of time to bring this country down. Still, this alert tells us that members of the military are 'fearful' about something and keeping 'tight lipped'.


Here is what I can tell you from my experience. As for the truck stops, yes, they are ridiculously full, alot of this is because guys are sitting days, and in some cases a week just to find a load. If you watch you'll see the same guys there for awhile. Then there is also the bottle neck created by some of the new hours of service regs combined with electronic logs and tracking. As for the gov end of it, I have seen a hell of alot of big convoys of military vehicles, 20 plus in a section, 4 or 5 sections spread out, more frequently now than just a couple years ago, and way more than I remember over the decades I been out here. Secondly, the volume of "government" shipments, (ie dod fema etc) available through "portal" (gov load board) has dropped significantly. I have quit doing military for the most part, for obvious reasons. Things are way worse than most people think economicaly. This only touches the strange things I've been seeing lately Steve. UN trucks in the middle of nowhere, unmarked c130s landing nowhere near airports or bases, new airports pop up in weeks with no aircraft in sight, tent cities. My military friends seem fearful, and have become very tight lipped, I would almost say paranoid. Brother, whatever is coming is very close.


While America hasn't quite fallen as far as Europe has, yet, that day may not be too far ahead, a day when the 'floodgates' are fully opened and a long-warned of plan plays out to its completion. Europe is falling. If the globalists want world government, only the American people now stand in their way...and as we see through recent news headlines, an attempt to subvert our nation is being undertaken right now before our eyes.

We'll close with an excerpt from the US Defense Watch story "Goodbye Europe: It Was Nice Knowing You":

Over two million refugees have stormed into Europe, making a beeline to countries like Germany and Sweden which have given a green light to the invasion of their nations. Germany has taken in a whopping 1.3 million Muslims refugees and will hit over two million by the end of the year.

With millions of Muslim refugees arriving into countries with no shared language, culture, religion and values, it was only a matter of time before chaos ensued in Western Europe.

That day has arrived.


You can read this book, "Love Letter To America", in its entirety by scrolling through pages and using the zoom button to zoom in and see things more clearly. Hit 'search inside' (below 'fullscreen view') first. Keep in mind, this book was written in 1984. Are we now witnessing its warnings playing out in America before our very eyes? 

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