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September 27, 2016

Days Away From Internet D-Day, This Is How The Globalists Go For The Kill - Hillary Tells Americans Why We Should All Vote Trump


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The biggest question of discussion across America late last night and this morning has been 'who won last night's presidential debate' and the answer, possibly just like the upcoming election itself, will be completely dependent upon who and what media outlet you ask. Setting us up for what will likely be the most contentious election in the history of the US, we also see how the entire establishment and dinosaur media handled the 'who won the debate last night' question may also be how the globalists 'go for the kill'.

Despite the fact that left-leaning Slate's poll showed Trump winning 55% to 44% while he won the Las Vegas Sun's poll with a whopping 82% of the vote and Fortune's polling at 54% to 46%, we see the mainstream media attempting to sell us 'his opponent won' as detailed in this story from CNN telling us 'Hillary takes round one'. What CNN doesn't tell us in their story is that their poll results were highly skewed towards 'the war criminal' as we learn from Infowars below.†

While debate moderator Lester Holt made his best efforts to join any future Clinton administration that might somehow 'eek' its way into the White House come November, we see in the story yesterday that extremely popular radio talk show host Michael Savage was literally taken off the air for merely talking about Clinton's health as another dire warning sign showing us where this is heading this election season. The globalists will do anything† to stay in control and controlling what is said and heard in the media is one such way. The 2nd video below takes a look at 'internet D-Day' and the election while in the 3rd video, we hear how the Obama adminstration and globalists can use this transfer of internet powers to stop Donald Trump.†

As Clinton's Deputy Communications Director Christina Reynolds previously stated, they don't even recognize the right of websites such as the Drudge Report, Infowars and Breitbart to exist. Was this censoring of Michael Savage on Debate Day another sign they'll use the transfer of the internet away from the US in just days to globalists who hate America to shut down the only REAL free press in America and push 'the war criminal' into the White House?†


The new story from the New York Post tells us how Donald Trump won over an entire bar full of Democrats and undecided's in Youngstown, Pennsylvania. One of many stories of 'awakening America', we see that this election has suddenly become a contest over whether or not Americans want to be Americans or global citizens in our futures.

As this new story from Michael Krieger over at Liberty Blitzkrieg tells us, the 2016 presidential election has come down to this one thing: this election will be a referendum on the status quo itself. Knowing that not one living US president has endorsed Donald Trump should tell us what the mainstream media never will: Democrats and Republicans have both been responsible for the absolute mess that we see in America and the world today.

Trump rightfully wears as a badge of honor the fact that 'the establishment', war criminals and mass murderers on both sides of the political aisle reject him. To see his opponent give him such an overwhelming endorsement as seen in her Tweet above shows us exactly how completely and totally out of touch she is with the American people.

whowondebate.PNG 270916poll2.jpg

While this story from Daily Mail tells us that the majority of snap polls show Trump won the debate by a landslide, they also tell us CNN's poll showed an overwhelming victory for Trump's opponent, war criminal Clinton.

Yet we learn from Infowars this morning that CNN's poll claiming 'the war criminal' won used a sample that contained 41% Democrats and only 26% Republicans with 33% Independent. How's that CNN 'overwhelming victory' for 'the war criminal' looking now? It looks to us like part of the globalists plan on stealing this election.

We have reported over and over again on ANP that there is NO WAY that the globalists who have taken over America will allow Donald Trump to be president and last night's debate gave us no reason to believe that anything will change, especially after seeing how the mainstream media is attempting to spin all of this. The fact that extremely popular radio talk show host Michael Savage was shut down yesterday across the nation after discussing the rapidly declining health of 'the war criminal' should also send up a huge alarm to America - we're at the edge of the abyss and staring down.


While the Washington Post quite literally BEGS their readers to "STOP CALLING US THE MEDIA" now that they've realized they've become the most hated people in America according to this story from Chris Menahan over at Information Liberation, we see the globalists tactics also revolve around attempting to convince enough people that 'the war criminal' should be in the White House in 2017 despite the fact that Trump has now taken control of the 'electoral college math' according to this latest UPI poll with 292 votes to Clinton's 246.

The screenshots seen below of several different polls across America taken across America help prove to us that the America people have spoken and have overwhelmingly backed Trump over Clinton...unless you're getting your news from the dying mainstream media - the majority of which will back 'the war criminal' till her end of days.

Below these screenshots we take a look at more proof that the globalists will stop at nothing until they get their candidate into the White House while the videos below take a look at the 'who won the debate' question from several different angles. If you didn't get to see the debate, we've also embedded the full debate video at the very bottom of this story.†








In the first video below we hear from the Doctor of Common Sense who tells us that though he believes Trump won the debate, he took it way too easily on his opponent. In the 2nd video below we hear Bill Still talking with us about the upcoming internet takeover that could leave our elections in a mess while in the 3rd video, we hear very good evidence that Barack Obama is handing over the internet just in time to stop Donald Trump.

If websites such as the Drudge Report,, Infowars, Breitbart and the countless other alternative news sites that you now rely upon to get your news were no longer accessible, would you go back to the MSM to get your news or would you think that something was terribly, terribly wrong in America?

Did you get to watch the debate? If not, we've embedded it for you in the final video below. ANP readers obviously had a blast discussing this debate last night in Susan Duclos' story that had several live debate feeds within it and ended up with well over 1,100 comments. As Donald Trump recently tweeted, his opponent has been failing for over 30 years at getting the job done. Did you see anything last night that would make you think another Clinton presidency would be any different? †


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