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July 19, 2019

Was Organ Harvesting On China's Mind When They Stole The Medical Records Of Nearly 80 Million Americans?

The Google - China Marriage Must Be Taken Down For The Good Of The Free World  


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Just days ago, the Daily Mail published this story reporting PayPal founder and President Trump supporter Peter Thiel has requested that the FBI and CIA launch an investigation into google, claiming it had been infiltrated by Chinese intelligence while slamming google's decision to work with the Chinese military while canceling a US Defense Department contract as 'treason'. 

Just the latest story helping to confirm that the nation of China and the US-based company 'google' are joined at the hip, this July 11th story at the Intercept confirmed  an American organization called The Open Power Foundation which was founded by tech giants 'google' and IBM is helping China’s authoritarian government conduct mass surveillance against its citizens.

As this story over at Telecoms reports, both IBM and 'google' have swapped their morals for Chinese cash and while we'll argue here that 'google' never had any 'morals', as we'll see within this ANP story, if we think we shouldn't be paying any attention to what is happening in China, we're gravely mistaken. As we'll explore within the next section below, according to this new story over at the Wall Street Journal, for some reason, China wants the medical records of Americans so they hacked the medical records of 80 million of us. And as we've reported previously on ANP, the long unfolding A.I. surveillance state in America is using China as a model. 

Why such strong ties between US company 'google' and China's military? Treason? From this Daily Mail story.
Peter Thiel said that American agencies should ask Google three questions, to determine whether it had been infilitrated by Chinese intelligence services.

The questions are:

'Number one: How many foreign intelligence agencies have infiltrated your Manhattan Project for AI (artificial intelligence)?

'Number two: Does Google's senior management consider itself to have been thoroughly infiltrated by Chinese intelligence?

'Number three: Is it because they consider themselves to be so thoroughly infiltrated that they have engaged in the seemingly treasonous decision to work with the Chinese military and not with the US military.'

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With 'google' and 'big tech' absolutely part of the 'enemies of America within' who are working to destroy national sovereignty while thoroughly pushing the 'globalists agenda', as we had reported back on May 19th in this story titled "With George Orwell's 1984 Here Now, 'Everywhere Will Turn Into China' Tech Expert Warns - As Canada, The UK & EU Fall To Islamo-Fascist Tyranny, Globalists Attempt To 'Submit' America", between the all-encompassing surveillance that has been established across America and the world over the past decade+ to censorship being the 'new norm' to the Orwellian language used by government agencies, the mainstream media and 'big tech', it's easy to see why so many believe that the book "1984" really was an 'instruction manual' to create global tyranny.

And with always-spying and forever-surveilling 'google' leading the way towards Orwell's warning unfolding, and google preferring to work with China's military over the US, should google be charged with treason as Thiel suggests?

In taking a long look at this previously mentioned Wall Street Journal story (saved at archive), we have to ask, why does China really want the medical records of Americans? We can't help but think they may be preparing to use Americans for organ harvesting following the globalists 'end game' for America. With China clearly helping to establish the global 'surveillance state', even right here in America, if you think China wanting to steal American's medical records for organ harvesting a bit of a stretch, remember, they are already stealing organs from 'detainees' in China according to this June 18th NBC News story

So let's take a look at the theories of what China is up to right now from this Wall Street Journal story

Perhaps China is using commercial espionage to gain a leg up in the global medical-services industry. But recent trends point to an even more unsettling use of the data: China is gathering the pieces needed to create in the U.S. a version of its omnipresent surveillance state.

Chinese citizens have long been carefully monitored in all aspects of their lives. In recent years Beijing has supplemented its internal spying with high-tech methods, such as culling data from digitized personal records—including medical records—and surveillance cameras equipped with facial-recognition software. Beijing examines all data passing through popular phone apps, and even looks for “abnormal” electricity consumption among citizens.

There’s evidence that China is quietly deploying those same surveillance tools and analytics in America. Consider the presence of millions of surveillance cameras made by state-backed Chinese manufacturers like Hikvision. They could pose a security risk, according to Carolyn Bartholomew, chairman of the U.S.–China Economic and Security Review Commission. The fear is that the cameras could be remotely monitored by Beijing. Accordingly, last year the U.S. government ordered Hikvision cameras removed from sensitive facilities, but untold numbers of cameras remain elsewhere, potentially spying on regular U.S. citizens in addition to traditional intelligence targets.

Other goods have sparked similar worries. Chinese-manufactured drones are used across the U.S. for industrial purposes, despite Department of Homeland Security warnings last month that the data they collect can be redirected easily to Beijing.

There is even concern that Chinese espionage could target data collected by dating apps. In March, U.S. officials ordered Grindr to shed its Chinese investors for fear that they would tap into the company’s sensitive personal data to spy on or blackmail U.S. users.

It takes no great stretch of the imagination to see that Beijing could combine its well-honed espionage tools with the reams of information it has stolen to create a new surveillance network in the home of its most powerful geopolitical rival.

So we have to ask, are they doing it for the totalitarian globalists, even those here in the US, who want to take down America? As we hear in the 2nd video below, 'google' is already actively working against the interests of the United States, working for China's communications and tech companies overseas while censoring Christians and Conservatives inside the States. As our videographer tells us, "google was created from the Hydra beast of DARPA - and now it has turned on its masters, straight into the paws of China." From this story over at Telecoms.:

IBM and Google executives should be bracing for impact as the comet of controversy heads directly towards their offices.

Reports have emerged, via the Intercept, suggesting two of the US’ most influential and powerful technology giants have indirectly been assisting the Chinese Government with its campaign of mass-surveillance and censorship. Both will try to distance themselves from the controversy, but this could have a significant impact on both firms.

The drama here is focused around a joint-venture, the OpenPower Foundation, founded in 2013 by Google and IBM, but features members such as Red Hat, Broadcom, Mellanox, Xilinx and Rackspace. The aim of the open-ecosystem organization is to facilitate and share advances in networking, server, data storage, and processing technology.

To date, the group has been little more than another relatively uninteresting NPO, serving a niche in the industry, though one initiative is causing the stir. The OpenPower Foundation has been working with Xilinx and Chinese firm Semptian to create a new breed of chips capable of enabling computers to process incredible amounts of data. This might not seem extraordinary, though the application is where the issue has been found.

On the surface, Semptian is a relatively ordinary Chinese semiconductor business, but when you look at its most profitable division, iNext, the story becomes a lot more sinister. iNext specialises in selling equipment to the Chinese Government to enable the mass-surveillance and censorship projects which have become so infamous.

It will come as little surprise a Chinese firm is aiding the Government with its nefarious objectives, but a link to IBM and Google, as well as a host of other US firms, will have some twitching with discomfort. We can imagine the only people who are pleased at this news are the politicians who are looking to get their faces on TV by theatrically condemning the whole saga.

And as Mike Adams had reported in this recent story over at Natural News, besides working with China to keep track of the Chinese people and helping to create their total 'police state', google has been working to censor not only Christians and Conservatives in America but 'alternative health news' as well. Warning within his story that google is proving itself to be pro-Monsatan, pro-5G, pro-geoengineering and clearly pro-China, 'google' has proven itself to be the enemy of Americans. 

If you thought Google was only censoring political content, think again. Just like I warned in a previous Natural News article, Google is now censoring all content about organics, homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic, herbs, nutrition and supplements.

Sayer Ji, founder of GreenMedInfo, has put together a damning collecting of evidence proving that Google is maliciously altering search suggestions to try to destroy natural health and naturopathy. It’s all part of Google’s total collapse into pure evil that has also seen Google censoring all conservative, Christian or pro-Trump content.

Make no mistake: Google is pro-pharma, pro-Monsanto, pro-glyphosate, pro-pesticides, pro-chemotherapy, pro-fluoride, pro-5G, pro-geoengineering and fully supports every other toxic poison that endangers humankind.

Google is poison to humanity.

And while recently put out this story titled "Google must fully commit to never censor search in China", is Amnesty International really NOT paying attention to google's censorship of Conservatives and Christians right here in America, censorship going on for several years? Or is it ok with globalists like Amnesty International that Christians and Conservatives are censored?

With this December of 2018 story over at the Epoch Times reporting google is working with China to distribute surveillance technology created by a Chinese company while warning that google already has access to almost all of Americans data, their story's bottom line warned: "It is time that U.S. citizens, including business leaders, demand changes that include protection from predatory surveillance and data-mining business practices that can bring harm to the telecom-product user." Sadly, that may already be far too late. 

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