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April 28, 2017

Remember! North Korea Had Commando Units On US Soil Trained To Attack Nuclear Power Stations And Terrorize US Cities Should War Break Out According To Declassified Report

- Why War With NKorea Would Lead To 'Opening Of Pandora's Box' And Hell Unleashed Upon The Earth


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The headlines on the Drudge Report over the past few days seen screenshot within this story such as "Trump: Major, Major Conflict With North Korea Possible" scream out the dire nature of what we face in 2017 with a devastating nuclear war possible that could instantly change the world on the verge of breaking out at any moment. And while the Reuters story quickly clarified, reporting that President Trump will "first seek diplomacy to solve the North Korea problem", the urgency with which the Drudge headlines seen herein ring out reinforce the immediacy of the issues the world now faces. 

As this new story from The Sun reports, tensions between the two nuclear powers continue to escalate with North Korea again warning it is "on the brink of nuclear war" with the US and as we hear in President Trump's own words, such a war may not be able to be avoided. And while some may be itching to get into a war with a country the US should be able to obliterate, as we discover within this story, such a war could cause havoc here in America and across the world while leading to a horrific number of deaths should all-out war break out.

We share absolute proof below coming from a now declassified report that North Korean commandos have been here in the US, preparing to attack US cities and nuclear power plants, should war break out between the two countries.

First, from The Sun story:

"There is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea," Trump said in an interview at the Oval Office.

"We'd love to solve things diplomatically but it's very difficult," he said, describing North Korea as his biggest global challenge.

And Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said there was a danger that the situation on the Korean peninsula could escalate or slip out of control, his ministry said.


As we've previously reported on ANP, there is a very real chance that a war with North Korea could begin 'by accident' as was recently evidenced in this April 14th story from Zero Hedge which reports that war almost DID begin by accident after Chinese media published an erroneous North Korean headline. As their story reported, a false news report nearly began a nuclear war after Bloomberg published a story titled "North Korea Fires Projectile, Media Says: Xinhua". Other military experts recently warned one mistake could cause a devastating war between the US and North Korea

What might a war with North Korea look like? While another April 14th story from Zero Hedge reported NKorea would target US military bases in the Asia-Pacific and South Korea if the US attacked them, we take a look back here at a December 19th of 2014 story from the Daily Mail called "Revealed: North Korean Terror Squads Infiltrated The US In The 1990's" and their report that the rogue state had five commando units on US soil that were "trained to attack nuclear power plants and terrorize US cities" should war break out between the two countries. If they had such documented capabilities back in the 1990's, is there any reason for us to believe they still don't in 2017? From the 2014 story.: 

North Korea sent special forces teams to the US in the 1990s to target nuclear power stations and conduct terror attacks on major cities in the event of war, a declassified intelligence report has revealed.

The rogue state successfully infiltrated five units of highly-trained commandos onto U.S. soil ready to strike at key installations, according to a Defense Intelligence Agency report dated September 13, 2004.

The report states that the North Korean Ministry of People’s Armed Forces 'established five liaison offices in the early 1990s, to train and infiltrate operatives into the United States to attack nuclear power plants and major cities in case of hostilities.'

They 'had agents in place to attack American nuclear power plants', it continues, 'in the event of hostilities between the United States and DPRK'.

North Korea has one of the largest number of Special Forces in the world with more than 60,000 commandos under control of the shadowy Reconnaissance Bureau, part of the country’s Armed Forces.

The Bureau is known to have been behind a string of terror attacks over the years including airline bombing, kidnaps and assassinations.


It has also been reported that Kim Jong Un and North Korea have an extensive sleeper agent program in South Korea where 'sleepers' have been living for many years, even decades, silently waiting for their orders and completely unknown by their fellow citizens. As The Week reported back in January of 2015, while the "North Korean regime may be one of the closet things to Nazi Germany still in existence" and "there is perhaps no government on Earth that more deserves to be cast into the dustbin of history", invading the hermit kingdom would lead to the opening of Pandora's Box and quickly lead to hell being unleashed upon Southeast Asia and much of the world.

As was reported on March 13th by Jeremiah Johnson over at SHTFPlan, a war with North Korea could easily draw a half dozen or more nations into the conflict and as has been explicitly warned, the state of Hawaii faces a grave threat right now. As The Week story also reported back in 2015, the threat from North Korea's chemical and biological weapons program should not be overlooked, especially considering they had at least 5 commando units on US soil all the way back in the 1990's. How many more such sleeper cells are on US soil now, more than 20 years later? From The Week:

And it has chemical and biological weapons. Don't forget those.

In a 2012 report on North Korea's military, the U.S. Department of Defense noted that "North Korea probably has had a longstanding chemical weapons (CW) program with the capability to produce nerve, blister, blood, and choking agents and likely possesses a CW stockpile. North Korea probably could employ CW agents by modifying a variety of conventional munitions, including artillery and ballistic missiles." Some reports estimate that the regime could possess as much as 5,000 metric tons of chemical weapons.

While opinions vary regarding North Korea's biological weapons capabilities, the same report sees such a program as a strong possibility, noting, "North Korea continues to research bacterial and viral biological agents that could support an offensive biological weapons program. Infrastructure, combined with its weapons industry, gives North Korea a potentially robust biological warfare capability."

Imagining a nightmare scenario involving even a small cache of chemical or biological weapons is not hard. A handful of such weapons launched at Seoul could create a panic not seen since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Even just one attack with such fearsome weapons on a civilian target must be avoided.


As this ANP story makes clear, without even getting into the EMP threat that many experts believe North Korea poses to America and 90% of our population, a war against a nuclear armed North Korea that could still have sleeper cells in America who've been hiding here for 20+ years poses a nightmare scenario that could quickly spin completely out of control should either an accident, mistake, fake news or a very real military skirmish take place.  

Knowing for a fact that NKorea had sleeper cells here in America 20+ years ago should prove to us they probably still do. And as The Week story confirms, imagine the nightmare scenario that would occur involving even a small cache of chemical or biological weapons unleashed within a US city, or two, or three. 

With such a scenario quickly leading to the end of life as many living with big US cities and across America know it, should such a scenario come during a full-scale outbreak of war between the US and NKorea, we should probably expect US power plants will be targeted, along with big US cities, by those who've long been here just waiting for their orders.

In the first video below we see North Korea's latest threat to strike at the heart of the US in Washington DC itself while in the 2nd video, our videographer asks if Kim Jong Un and North Korean sleeper agents here in the US are ready to strike US cities with chemical or biological weapons. The final video below is yesterday's full Infowars show which takes a look at North Korea and the chance of nuclear war breaking out on the Korean peninsula or right here in the heart of America. 

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