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May 27, 2017

Retired 4-Star General's Dire Warning To America Should 'Awaken' Millions! What DOES He Know That We Don't Know?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to retired 4-star General and the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security John Kelly, the terror threat to America is much worse than most people can imagine, telling Fox News host Steve Doocy as heard in the first video below that "if he knew what I knew about terrorism, he'd never leave the house in the morning"

Noting that the four major terror attacks in the past week were carried out "by generally the same groups", Kelly also claimed that the best thing that America has going for us is the "amazing people protecting us every day" though Kelly also warned "it's everywhere, it's constant, it's non-stop"

For those who may have yet to hear, women and children were among the at least 28 Egyptian Coptic Christians killed by masked gunmen in a convoy ambush on Friday as heard in the 3rd video below. Joining the horrific terror attack in the UK, an ISIS-tied takeover of the city of Marawi, Philippines which led to President Duterte declaring martial law followed by ISIS carrying out the brutal massacre of the town's police chief as well as deadly ISIS attacks in Jakarta, Indonesia as just the latest acts of terror in the world.

General Kelly, whose son was killed in combat in Afghanistan back in 2010, also warned that an attack could happen here in America at any time, attacks that many believe need not have even been given the opportunity to happen.


As Jeremiah Johnson reported in this recent story over at SHTFPlan, there are a series of powder kegs that could blow at any time in America left behind by Barack Obama for President Trump and as those who have been paying attention know, during Obama's term, our wide open border and lackluster screening of those entering America from countries with terror ties created a literal 'trojan horse' for those who hate us to get in. Is that part of what General Kelly knows?

According to Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer, who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, President Trump will have to unleash hell upon the Islamic State as he warns us what we're witnessing elsewhere is going to come here:

Arguing that President Obama, who awarded Meyer his Medal of Honor, was weak on ISIS and terrorism in general, he says President Trump should take a completely different strategy. In short… it’s time to unleash the gates of hell…

I’ve been saying this is going to happen for a long time. When is it coming here?

I think the only way you get this point across is that we release the gates of hell on them and we start making war so ugly that…their recruitment videos… it won’t be cool to join ISIS anymore.

And at some point we’re going to have to do that… this labeling of ‘it’s a lone wolf’ attack… or saying it’s not connected or this or that… You can’t just ignore this problem because it’s going to come here…

The only thing I am optimistic about with this situation is that we have a President… think whatever you want about his politics… At least we have a president that’s in place that’s not going to allow us to be the victims… you can guarantee he’s going to do whatever it’s going to take… no matter if it’s popular in the court of public opinion… he’s going to do what’s right to protect America…


Was Barack Obama intentionally allowing radical Islamic terrorists into America? According to this story from the Washington Times and a whistleblower who has contacted Customs and Border Protection, the Obama administration knowlingly let at least 16 MS-13 gang members into the country back in 2014 while they were illegal immigrant teenagers as also heard in the 2nd video below.

Not only processing them but disbursing them into US communities, if the Obama administration knowingly allowed such actions, knowing they'd be putting Americans in danger, does anyone believe that he WOULDN'T allow ISIS terrorists in? And knowing how porous our vetting process was during the Obama administration, is THAT part of the reason why General Kelly is so concerned of something horrific in our future here in America? 

And was General Kelly using such words as 'wouldn't go out of the house' a huge exaggeration or right on the money?

While what officials recently called a 'credible, valid terror threat' was recently issued for Las Vegas, Nevada after an ISIS propaganda video was recently featured on social media of the Vegas strip, we see a huge disconnect now going on in Europe where President Trump wants to talk terror but European leaders are focused upon 'climate change' while bodies continue to pile up in the streets.

And while Russia recently issued a travel warning to its citizens about going to the UK after they raised their threat level after the Manchester bombing to critical, their highest level, ISIS has just called for 'an all-out war' against the West to start Ramadan, calling upon their followers to attack the ‘innocent' and 'civilians' in their homes, markets and roadways. Ramadan begins May 27th and lasts for the following month. Is that part of the reason why General Kelly is so concerned? 

The jihadist group made the call in a video message entitled "Where are the lions of war?" published on YouTube, reports The Telegraph.

It said: “Muslim brothers in Europe who can’t reach the Islamic State lands, attack them in their homes, their markets, their roads and their forums.”

Millions of Muslims worldwide are preparing for Ramadan, a holy month of fasting and religious devotion.


While anyone who would celebrate a 'holy month' by harming others has proven themselves to be a terrorist coward, the very real threats that Americans face from those cowards won't simply go away if we pretend they don't exist. 

As Jihad Watch reported on May 25th, the Muslim brothers recently arrested in Minnesota with an entire arsenal including bomb making materials have recently only received light charges with one of them already getting out of jail as heard in the final video below. Allowed to go free while the Islamic state continues to call for all-out war against the West, is that one reason why our own Department of Homeland Security head claims what he knows would make others afraid to go out of their houses? What does he know?  

According to this Telegraph story, 2016's Ramadan was the bloodiest and deadliest on record with a final body count of 421 dead and another 729 injured with attacks including the Orlando, Florida nightclub massacre, an attack on Paris and the Istanbul, Turkey airport bombing. As the Telegraph reports, there's a reason why ISIS hits so many targets all around the world - the same reason that General Kelly is so concerned.

Hitting multiple targets in many different countries is designed to send the message that no person on earth is safe or can be protected from terrorism.

Which brings us back to just how grateful we are for the 2nd Amendment in America and all of the amazing people General Kelly was talking about putting their own lives on the line for the rest of us while supporting, obeying and defending the United States Constitution. We thank you. And we hope General Kelly's warning 'awakens' the still sleeping masses, but we won't hold our breaths waiting. 

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