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October 6, 2018

UPDATE! Kavanaugh Confirmed! Pandemonium Alert! With Total Bedlam From The Left One Possible End Result Of Today's Supreme Court Confirmation Vote, Will Violence Become A Permanent Part Of Politics In America? 

Watch The Live Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote Here! 


By John C. Velisek - US Navy, Retired - All News Pipeline

(ANP Update: Kavanaugh Confirmed!  Confirmation vote video embedded at bottom of story. Vote is expected to be sometime after 4:30 p.m. eastern time Saturday.)

Today, a portion of those who are members of our society have denigrated the moral underpinnings of our country and resorted to violence and intimidation of those who continue to believe in this country and the equality that we have been striving for. I was taught by a Chief Warrant Officer that there is no color in the U.S. Navy, that everyone is haze gray. I never forget that and always treated everyone fellow sailor with the utmost respect.

The progressive socialists are continuing the identity politics and tribalism that Barack Obama made a part of everyday life for Americans. Today America is split into different groups, pitting white against black, men against women, rich against poor, and various other groups that the progressive socialists can use to separate our country. The progressives and the compliant media have spouted such platitudes as “systemic racism,” “implicit bias,” “misogyny,” and “inequality” in an effort to splinter the American Unity that they so abhor.

This country is not perfect, and all admit that there are areas that need fundamental work, but getting in peoples faces with threats and intimidation will only bolster the people that they are targeting. The conservatives and Christians are in the crosshairs as well as white men.


The progressive socialist Democrats have besmirched a Judge with a stellar record, making hysterical allegations that have not been proven in order to plunge our country into chaos. They hide behind the fact that they call it a “job interview” so they can continue to work with the media to lie about Judge Kavanaugh and spread lies and innuendo with absolutely no proof.

George Soros funded group MoveOn, org is planning violence along with others if Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed. The University of Maine is giving college credits to students who leave to protest. Yale closed classes to allow their students time to protest. They will claim that it is their right to protest but refuse to give the same right to pro-Kavanaugh supporters. They have torn up signs, attacked the supporters and shouted them down.

Even Robert Reich who was Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor is assisting in this incitement of violence. Robert Reich has already proclaimed the FBI investigation as a sham. He didn’t read it but he does have the progressive socialists talking points down pat.


Not yet to be explained about this entire debacle is why Sen, Feinstein waited until the final moments to spread this trash and assure the complicit media would work with the progressive socialists in inflicting the maximum pain and damage upon the Judge, his family, and the country.

It is informative that all the media and the leftists are talking about now is not the allegations, but the temperament shown by the Judge during his last grilling by ideologues that will not vote for him anyway. I don’t blame him for being angry after what he was being accused of doing with absolutely no corroboration.

Now that the FBI has finished the investigation and found no proof of the allegations, the next step in coming into focus. So now the paid shills of George Soros, the socialist of the Hollywood crowd, and the political sycophants that are promoting the violence against members of the political class which you do not agree with are promising violence to President Trump, Judge Kavanaugh, and even the citizens of our country who do not agree with the socialist policies that they are attempting to force on the American people.

The American left is anti-Christian, Anti-unity, and have been shown to have no morality, no shame, and no decency. In the past, Republicans and conservatives have meekly allowed the progressive socialist Democrats to push the agenda. The reason for the escalating violence and intimidation attempts is because the conservatives are fighting back and see through the lack of policy of those socialists who think they are our betters and should be given the opportunity to run our lives.


The examples are growing day by day. Rep. Andy Harris, Republican from Maryland faced protesters who tried to break into his office. Republican Senators who are supporters of Judge Kavanaugh have been accosted in airports, restaurants and even Capitol Hill by protesters who are nothing more than sociopathic malcontents bought and paid for, and encouraged by the leftists. This is nothing more than what the progressives socialists learned at the altar of Alinsky follower Barack Obama and the old Soviet system. We even have Groping Joe Biden calling conservatives the “dregs of society”.

The Left is finally understanding that the policies that they espouse do not work. The demographic changes that they are attempting to bring about is not working and caused those that adhere to the traditional moral values to vote and continue to win. The American people do not want the country to turn into Venezuela, and reject the policies that would make it so. Using the Alinsky principles, the only avenue left to the progressive socialists is personal destruction and violence.

The American people understand that Judge Kavanaugh is a constitutionalist who will interpret the law as written. The leftists cannot allow that to happen. If they allow Judge Kavanaugh on the bench, they will no longer be able to use activist judges to push through the laws that the American people don’t want or need. The American don’t want a weaponized government or a party that cannot define what they are for but uses the positions of power to end any debate against those with policy differences.

I do not think the sliming will work with Judge Kavanaugh, whose stature has been beyond reproach until the progressive socialists started trying to shame him out of becoming the next Justice of the Supreme Court. They did not consider that Judge Kavanaugh and the American people are stronger than that.

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