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December 17, 2021

Biden Threatens 'Winter Of Death' For 'The Unvaccinated' - States Calling Up National Guard To Help Run Hospitals As Globalists Warn Of 'Viral Blizzard' For America

- The Regime & Media Are Tyrannical, Dictatorial And Psychopathic In Their Determination To Force Compliance

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Imagine if you will, the reaction by Democrats and the media, had Donald Trump demanded people get the vaccine, and then boosters, and threatened Americans with job loss, second class citizen status, medical martial law via lockdowns, and more if they refused.

Headlines declaring Trump Hitler would ensue, comparisons to fascist and nazis would be a daily, hell, hourly, claim with wall-to-wall coverage.

Take it a step further and imagine court, after court, after court has slapped down those "mandates" that threatened Americans livelihoods and lives, while the administration continued to reword their memos, and implement their unconstitutional agenda, as declared by multiple courts.

Headlines would be screeching "DICTATOR," as protesters took to the streets, rioted, burnt down buildings, destroyed businesses, all in the name of standing up against tyranny.  

All these tyrannical and dictatorial actions have been taken over the last 11 months, under the Biden regime, and yet the media sycophants continue to provide cover for Biden.


Joe Biden's threats have ranged from refusal of services for unvaccinated Americans who have decided not to take the experimental jab, to more medical martial law lockdowns, to the loss of their jobs, careers and livelihoods.

 More recently, Biden took to the airwaves to offer Americans yet another threat as he states that it is past time for those refusing "the jab" to take it, otherwise there will be a "Winter of severe illness and death" for the unvaccinated. 

We know Biden has never had a very good relationship with the truth, but his threats as we see news that directly contradicts his assertions and his attempts to intimidate Americans, shows the utter contempt he and his handlers have for the American people.

For example, a brand new study from Columbia University has found that the new Omicron variant is "markedly resistant” to vaccines and boosters might not do much to help." 

A new study out of Columbia University says the Omicron variant is “markedly resistant” to vaccines and boosters might not do much to help, spelling bad news for the country as Omicron spreads and COVID-19 cases rise nationally.

“A striking feature of this variant is the large number of spike mutations that pose a threat to the efficacy of current COVID-19 vaccines and antibody therapies,” according to the study authored by more than 20 scientists at Columbia and the University of Hong Kong.

While the "official" narrative is that the Omicron variant spreads faster, it has also shown to be far less severe in symptoms and deaths than the Delta variant, but "better at evading vaccines."

Not only does that make Biden's claims above nothing more than cow manure, but other statements by health officials also show by recommendation, that the constant drum beat of "get the jab" is nothing more than an attempt to force compliance on Americans, without "science" backing them up.

Example: CNN regular Dr. William Schaffner, tells the CNN audience to wear masks over Christmas holiday get-togethers, whether vaccinated or not.

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The media avoids discussing the disconnect of the Biden regime insistence on everyone being vaccinated, yet telling those fully vaxxed and had their boosters, they still need a mask. The fact that they insist the fully vaxxed still wear masks, shows without a doubt that they know the vaccinations are not working as they are supposed to work.

Even the CDC has admitted that variants of COVID can and are being spread by the vaccinated.

A pandemic of the vaccinated is proving to be dangerous. 

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When the first COVID vaccines were released an the "vaccine hesitant" wanted to wait until there was more data on long-term effects,we were told by the so-called experts there were no long-term effects, a stance with no basis since the vaccine itself was just a year old at the time. One cannot know what the long-term effects will be if the product itself hasn't been around "long-term."

Americans were assured of the vaccines' safety, and as new variants started being reported on, the Biden regime, the media and liberal across the board continue the pressure to force everyone to get vaccinated, even as we started to finally see the longer term effects on those "jabbed."

Study Shows That Up To 8 In 10 Women Had A Miscarriage After Getting The Covid Vaccine Before The Third Trimester

However, this study is focusing specifically on how the Covid vaccine impacts pregnancy, including by trimester. So to more precisely calculate the miscarriage rate, we have to remember that miscarriages, by definition, occur before the 20-week gestation mark. This means that all 700 women who received the vaccine in the third trimester must be excluded from the calculation because they were already past being able to have a technical miscarriage. So really, 104 out of 127 women experienced a miscarriage. This means the miscarriage rate of women who received the vaccine in the first or second trimester is actually 81.9%, or 8 out of 10 women – way, way above the national average.

• U.K. Cardiologist: mRNA COVID Shots “Dramatically Increase” Risks of Heart Disorders

The study concluded that mRNA vaccinations “dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium,” which is a single layer of cells that line the interior surface of blood vessels, and lymphatic vessels. The shots also increase a T cell infiltration of the heart muscle, meaning the T-cells, which are a type of leukocyte (white blood cell) that is an essential part of the immune system, attack the organ. All of that “may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination,” per the study’s abstract.

“Now what this research has shown, is that markers associated with increasing the risk of heart attack and probably even progression of underlying heart disease in people who have already got some heart disease, have seen a significantly increased risk [of heart attack] from 11% at five years to 25%,” said Dr. Malhotra, calling this “a huge increase.”

• A C.D.C. panel will meet on a blood clot risk linked to J.&J.’s vaccine

Expert advisers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will meet on Thursday for discussion on what federal health officials see as a concerning increase in the rates of a rare but serious blood clotting disorder linked to Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine.

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices will see new data at the meeting that shows elevated risks of the condition in men and women, according to one federal official, setting the stage for the experts to possibly recommend new restrictions on the use of the vaccine.

But remember, we were told, "get the vaccine, it is safe," before "uh oh, Houston we have a problem."

We have athletes that were convinced to get the vaccine, now seeing severe health issues and regretting their decisions. 

Such is the case with French tennis player Jeremy Chardy, who just bowed out of his 2021 season over what he said was a reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine, which he now says he regrets receiving.

“Since I had my vaccine (between the Olympics and the US Open), I have had a problem, I’ve had a series of struggles. Suddenly, I cannot train, I cannot play,” the 34-year-old player told French news agency AFP last week.

Chardy, who once ranked 25 in the ATP Tour and has beaten a few tennis greats like U.S. Open Champion Daniil Medvedev, said that he began experiencing violent pains all over his body whenever he began to train.

There are quite a few other athletes giving the same type of testimony, as well as other studies, which the media largely ignores, and while the pro-athletes, and celebrities have a high enough profile to have the voices heard, the average citizens do not have that type of megaphone, and have no public voice to warn others.

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As the media/Biden regime's scare tactics increase, with assertions like a "Viral blizzard' about to hit the US,"  and "With Too Few Nurses, It Won’t Take Much to Overwhelm Hospitals This Winter," claiming it is due to staff shortages, yet we see hospitals across the nation terminating employees for their refusal to take the experimental jabs, making it impossible to run at full capacity and "canceling nonemergency surgeries, struggling to quickly find beds for patients and failing to meet the minimum nurse-patient ratios experts recommend."

The issue has gotten so severe that four states, so far, are calling in the National Guard to help staff hospitals.

Those states are Indiana, Maine, New Hampshire and New York.

As we see the facts laid out, the long-term effects just being discovered, too late for many to do anything about it because they allowed themselves to be intimidated into taking an experimental jab, Job Biden is still threatening Americans with a "Winter of death," for the unvaccinated.

Every American should of course make their own decisions, and those that refuse to take the chance on vaccines that have not been around long enough to determine actual long-term effects, should be standing up and shouting loudly "Let's Go Brandon" aka #F***JoeBiden.

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