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July 10, 2016

Judge Jeanine Demolishes Obama As Entire World Prepares For Riots And Unrest - More Signs Emerge That Martial Law May Be In America's Near Future As 'Painful Riot Control Systems' Sales Soar  


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on June 13th, ANP published a story in which we shared with you very strong evidence that insiders from Black Lives Matter were scheming with the Obama administration to ensure that Barack Obama would receive another term in office by intentionally causing massive civil unrest all across America that would make it necessary for Obama to declare martial law in America and the elections 'postponed' indefinitely until order could be restored.

As we warned you then, the BLM/Obama administration plan was to have so many protesters cause so much trouble all across the country that both the Democratic and Republican Conventions would be shut down while 'activists' caused disruptions all Summer and, according to a hacked Twitter account of BLM 'leader' DelRay McKesson, 'get martial law declared so Obama can stay in office and we will win'. 


With the recent horrifying events in Dallas carried out by a coward proving that attacks against law enforcement are attacks against ALL Americans and our country as a whole, it's clear that America has never been as divided as we are now, a division that has steadfastly taken hold in the past 7 years as heard from Judge Jeanine Pirro in the 1st video below who tells us that America had come a very long way on the civil rights front until Barack Obama was voted into office.

Judge Jeanine rips Obama and his racism and hatred of America to pieces in this opening statement, PROVING to us that America WAS doing much better in our racial relationships PRIOR to the arrival of Obama. Jeanine demolishes Obama and his arguments, leading us to ask why Obama or anybody else would support a terrorist group that hates whites, 'just because' they're white? The Judge makes it quite clear that racism isn't exclusive to the whites or the kkk. With her opener, do we now have ABSOLUTE PROOF that a racist is living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? 

As Susan Duclos recently told us in a story on ANP, with a recent FBI Alert warning that a planned 'purge' of law enforcement officers had been threatened by radical-terrorists within the BLM movement, we see our prior warnings of a chaotic summer now unfolding before our very eyes. Officers were targeted in Missouri, Georgia and Tennessee on Friday according to this story from Fox2Now while more recently, the San Antonio, Texas PD was fired upon according to their Facebook post as well as more threats against LEO's in Louisiana while in Minnesota, 27 officers were hurt during protests in St Paul after the death of Philando Castile in what the mayor called 'shameful' and a 'disgrace'. 

Should BLM be officially labeled a 'terrorist group'? Why is there so much hatred coming from them towards whites in general? Talk about racists - how have we suddenly gone back to the 1960's on Obama's watch? As we were told in this story from Infowars, the massacre in Dallas and BLM are all part of a larger plan to destabilize America completely and bring in the United Nations to control America. It's not just a coincidence that this administration is now talking about federalizing the police force - do we really need a national police force?


An even more important question might be, will Black Lives Matter and the Obama administration be successful at making sure the elections are canceled in America in 2016 by continuing to cause unrest and trouble across our once free country? Could Obama legally get away with making sure that enough chaos is unleashed nationwide to give him a 3rd term? If so, we see that warnings that we have been given on ANP for the past two years of massive preparation taking place were right on target - the globalists clearly have no intention of handing their biggest prize back over to the American people.  

Why is the mainstream media totally ignoring the HUGE black on black murder rates in Chicago and across the country to focus on blacks killed by cops? The number of blacks killed by other blacks absolutely DWARFS the number of blacks killed by police officers as heard in the final video below from Infowars. We also learn in this story from Zero Hedge that the number of white's killed by cops outnumber the number of blacks killed by cops. Why isn't the MSM sharing these stats


As we hear in the 1st video below from Judge Jeanine, prior to Barack Obama coming along, America had made incredible strides in race relations. Having been taught from a very young age that a person's skin color doesn't make up an individuals character, I'm absolutely dismayed that the Obama administration has become the most racist and divisive presidential administration that I've ever witnessed in my years upon this planet Earth. Even the Executive Director of the National Association of Police Organizations just claimed that Obama has caused a war on cops. Why is Obama SO  hateful of 'just authority' and will Americans continue to allow him to completely destroy this once great nation? 

While ANP understands the reality of police brutality and corruption, we have great confidence in the HUGE majority of law enforcement officers across America who risk their own lives for the safety of Americans every day. While we understand that there are always 'bad cops', that is what the justice system is for Judge Jeanine tells us. However, what we recently saw in Dallas was hugely misplaced anger and clearly 'racism at work' in America, though some still refuse to call it what it is.


As we read in a new story from Sputnik News as heard in the 2nd video below from Gary Franchi of the Next News Network, 'painful riot control systems' have seen sales soaring all across the world as 'increasingly authoritarian governments prepare for ethnic unrest, religious riots, political disputes and violence against corrupt officials and organizations' we are told.

With threats of more disruptions coming as the summer moves ahead into the dog days of July and August and the National political conventions coming in the weeks ahead, we expect to see more and more use of these systems against those who are clearly being used as pawns by the same system they think they're protesting against.

A story from back in January of 2013 from the US Department of Defense's 'Non-Lethal Weapons Program' was called 'Everybody Loves Directed Energy' and in it we learned about the three different classes of 'directed energy weapons'.

The first one, called the 'active denial system' could very well be getting much use over the next several months as it can be used to quickly deter those who are rioting using a sudden and extremely powerful burst of energy. As we see in the graphic above, the energy wave will penetrate up to 1/64 of an inch into the skin of those who it is aimed at, causing a burning sensation as if the skin is on fire. Causing those who it is aimed at to 'pull away reflexively', those who are stopped by it should consider themselves the 'lucky ones'. As we're told further in the story, there are also much more lethal 'directed energy weapons'. We should pray that those kinds of weapons are never needed to be used against the American people.

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