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March 26, 2021 

The World's Most Expensive Traffic Jam Guarantees Supply Chain Shortages In The Days Ahead With Many Warning Of A Worst Case Scenario: 'It's Going To Get Ugly'

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While Bill Gates recently said that 'the world should be back to 'normal' by the end of the year 2022, and due to vaccines' in his mind, what will never be discussed by the msm, globalists nor democrats is what the world we live in might look like by then if we continue upon the same path we've been set upon, with more and more signs the 'normal' they speak of will look nothing like the 'normal' of the past, something long gone forever. 

With 'incrementalism' a sinister tool of tyranny used to whittle away at rights previously held, with every small decision feeling 'rational' to some but used as the next stepping stone towards greater government infringements upon human rights, we're being slowly cooked like a frog, who would jump out of a pot of boiling water, but instead boils to death when the temperature gets slowly raised to a boil.

And with 'the Great Reset' that the globalists have been lauding giving us a look at what the 'future normal' might look like should the globalists have their way, that 'Great Reset' is nothing less than the complete re-organization of our society into what the globalists had also envisioned under the United Nations 'Agenda 21' and 'Agenda 2030'.  

So with America rapidly being herded into dark times under Joe Biden's open borders, the 'Democrats forever bill' they hope to jam through Congress and into law and their war upon the 2nd Amendment and freedom of speech, we definitely shouldn't overlook another sign of what may be ahead, with massive supply chain shortages of many different materials seeming to grow every day as we'll explore within the next section of this story below.

According to this new story over at the Wall Street Journal (saved at Archive), what's being called 'the world's biggest traffic jam' is devastating global trade and will surely lead to more supply shortages with the Suez Canal one of the busiest waterways in the world. 

With some warning the 'beached whale ship' could be stuck for weeks, CNBC warned in a story Thursday morning that the Suez Canal closure could cause problems for the entire world, with 12% of the world’s seaborne trade flowing through the canal. From that story.: 

A prolonged blockage could lead to “significant disruptions to global trade, skyrocketing shipping rates, further increase of energy commodities, and an uptick in global inflation,” JPMorgan warned. 

And as we'll see in the series of tweet screenshots and linked stories above and below, even prior to this Suez Canal disaster, a huge series of hits to the global supply chain have been happening and are still ongoing. 

From Zero Hedge, March 23rd"Going To Get Ugly" - Global Plastic Shortage Triggered By Texas Deep Freeze".

From WRCBTV, March 23rd: "ROUGH ROAD AHEAD: Everything from computer chips to plastic parts seems to be in short supply for automakers who are struggling to bounce back from pandemic-driven shutdowns last year."

From the Guardian, March 22nd: "Global shortage in computer chips 'reaches crisis point' - Consumer price rises loom while dearth of semiconductors slow production from Samsung to Ford".

From Zero Hedge, March 1st: "Chaos In Steel Market As Manufacturers Battered By Shortages, Soaring Prices".

From Zero Hedge, February 27th: "As Lumber Prices Hit Record High, Homebuilders Urge Biden To Intervene".

With those stories being just 5 over the past month showing that these shortages had already arrived prior to the 'Suez Canal beached whale', wars have historically brought about supply chain shortages due to rationing and government diverting resources away from human use and consumption. 

So with Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney recently warning: "We are in World War III. We did not have a pandemic, we had a biological attack". And the Washington Post putting out this 2020 story (saved at archive) warning America was facing 'wartime shortages' due to the Covid 19, we serve our families and loved ones best by preparing for whatever may lay ahead, especially with no end in sight to the shortages and them growing worse seemingly every day. 

In the only video below, 'Ice Age Farmer' takes a look at the Suez Canal blockage and the 'worst case scenario for trade' that will unfold in the weeks, months and possibly even years ahead, with the 'world's most expensive traffic jam' happening at a time when global tensions between the world's superpowers are heating up, 

And at the very bottom of this story, we have gone ahead and republished much of this 'ANP Still or Back in Stock prepping page' to help those who have yet to prepare. And as always, if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please share them in our story comment section below. Your ideas will definitely help others (including us!) and could save lives. 

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