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February 26, 2021

'Worst Kept Secret In The White House': Secret Service Chatter Outs How Bad Biden's Mental Health Really Is - The Lights Are On, But Nobody Is Home 

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As many pointed out before the 2020 election, Joe Biden has shown obvious signs of mental decline over the past few years. The media, of course, covered for his "gaffes", inaccuracies, false statements, and stuttering answers because they were desperate to get ORANGE MAN BAD out of the White House.

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, recently went on Fox News' Hannity, and explained the latest scuttlebutt from Secret Service agents he maintains contacts with are telling him that the situation is worse than we all initially thought, calling it the "worst-kept secret in the White House."

HANNITY: “You are a former Secret Service agent. Are you saying that if we were to bring on Secret Service agents, they would confirm what you are saying?”

BONGINO: “Well, they call it the Secret Service for a reason, but I maintain a lot of contacts outside of even law enforcement, and I’m telling you, from what I’ve heard from people in my network, everyone knows how bad it is. Everyone. It’s not a mystery. It is the worst-kept secret in the White House. And how they can — think about this. We are only in the second month of this. How bad is this going to be four years from now? This is a serious problem. It’s not a joke.”

Watch below:

As Bongino highlights, this is very likely the reason that "Dozens of Democrats," are so concerned over Biden's mental decline that they signed a letter asking Biden to renounce his sole authority to launch nuclear weapons."

As it stands, a President would generally consult with advisors, possibly even his VP, before taking such a drastic step, but as explained in link above, the reason a president has "sole" authority is in case of an attack which could require immediate action.

"Vesting one person with this authority entails real risks," the letter from Rep. Jimmy Panetta, D-Calif., and obtained by Politico reads. "Past presidents have threatened to attack other countries with nuclear weapons or exhibited behavior that caused other officials to express concern about the president’s judgment."

Panetta's office did not immediately respond to an inquiry from Fox News. The congressman said in a Monday tweet that he is "calling on" Biden "to install checks [and] balances in our nuclear command-and-control structure." 

The reason this is so interesting, is that in early January, Nancy Pelosi tried to do an end run around the White House by going to the Pentagon to demand precautions to prevent a president [Trump] from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike."

They basically told here there was nothing she could do and that there are always precautions in place, but a president has sole authority. That also applies to an illegitimate president.

Hence the letter to the White House attempting to get Biden to relinquish his sole authority and share the power of nuclear strikes with his VP and possibly the speaker of the house.

Attempting to power-grab from a president of an opposing party is one thing, but insinuating the occupier-in-chief, a Democrat, should not be trusted with the nuclear codes, tells us all we need to know about how much of a "worst kept secret in the White House" this truly is, because obviously Democrat congressional members also know how bad Biden's mental health is.


This information gives whole new light to the recent reports that Biden not only bombed Syria on Thursday, but allegedly did so without even telling Kamala Harris, aka HeelsUpHarris, his VP.

That action has Biden voters, such as Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks, throwing a complete fit about how Biden is already disappointing progressives. 

This is despite the wave of warnings conservatives and even some moderate Democrats offered before the election.

Uygur took to social media to whine: "So, @JoeBiden bombs Syria and kills the minimum wage hike, confirming every fear progressives had. Soon they'll renege on getting $2000 checks to everyone in the middle class by limiting who gets it (to appease their donors). The establishment is back! And it absolutely sucks."

I seem to be lacking any sympathy for those that were warned, but were so anxious to get rid of the "mean tweeter" Trump, they ignored, or worse, lied about the most obvious signs of Biden's complete mental decline.

Uygur isn't the only radical liberal taking to social media to express buyer's remorse with his Biden vote, as shown below:


Ya think?

When Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers like King, aka "Talcum X" start comparing Trump and Biden, and find Biden the one lacking, just a month into his occupying the White House, we know the buyer's remorse is going to get very ugly. 


Stefan Stanford recently reported on the claims of a threat of attack during Biden's State Of The Union (SOTU) address by Trump supporters, yet the reports provide no actual evidence of those threats, which Stefan suggested may be a possible false flag attack to demonize Trump supporters even more.

Before news of the alleged threat broke, Nancy Pelosi had already made excuses to delay Biden from giving the annual SOTU address by stating it would not occur until the COVID relief bill had passed through congress.

One has to wonder about now, if Pelosi and Democrats will find another reason to prevent Biden from taking the stage to speak for any length of time, then again and again.

Imagine Biden speaking for an hour, live on television, given his penchant for screwing up his statements, even with a teleprompter, and it becomes very easy to understand why Pelosi, Democrats and the media don't want him anywhere near a public speaking platform for an extended length of time.


When it comes to Joe Biden, we won't be surprised when we see more and more liberals, whom the media hid the truth from during the campaign, start to note that "The lights are on, but nobody is home" in Joe Biden's head.

The leaks have been coming from the White House regarding Biden's mental health, since at least the beginning of February, as explained below. Evidently Biden thought a speech written for him was horrible, but the speech writer took it from Biden's own speech two weeks before.

HA again!

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