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July 9, 2018

Treason, Treachery, And Terrorist Threats: Yes, The Mainstream Media Is The Enemy Of Free Americans And These Recent Stories Help To Reveal Their True Agenda


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While President Donald Trump has been roundly criticized by the mainstream media and politicians on the left for suggesting back in 2017 that the MSM was 'the enemy' of the American people, several new stories out over the past several days alone prove that President Trump was correct in his assessment.

In this story over at the Intercept that the Drudge Report linked to on Monday morning,†Glenn Greenwald reports that MSNBC doesn't merely just permit fabrications against critics of the Democratic party but it encouraged and rewarded them as well.†

Bringing up a 2016 MSNBC program featuring so-called 'intelligence expert' Malcolm Nance on the Joy Reid show, Reid asked Nance about an alleged 'affinity' that supporters of Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein had for Russia and as Greenwald reports, Nance outright lied and told MSNBC's audience that Stein even had her own TV program on Russia Today. A falsehood that once aired, it was impossible to put the 'lie genie' back into the 'truth bottle'.


Yet we shouldn't be the least bit surprised. As we've reported on ANP numerous times, the mainstream media is more than happy to push stories that are outright 'fake news' if they further their agenda. Helping fake news stories to go viral, once they issue their corrections, the damage has already been done with the 'masses' further whipped into a frenzy by their lies.

And if the lies and character defamations coming from the MSM aren't bad enough, as Fellowship of the Minds reports in this new story, the New York Times editorial board has just put out an editorial†calling on Democrats and progressives to go to war against President Trump by deploying unscrupulous mafia tactics:

With Republicans controlling the Senate and the judicial filibuster dead, the Democratsí odds of denying President Trump a second Supreme Court appointment are slim. Barring some unforeseen development, the president will lock in a 5-to-4 conservative majority, shifting the court solidly to the right for a generation.

This is all the more reason for Democrats and progressives to take a page from ďThe GodfatherĒ and go to the mattresses on this issue.

Proceeding to call their story a 'call to arms', as Steve Quayle pointed out in an SQnote while linking to the FOTM story, "they started it, now watch the blowback - people on both sides are going to die unless the New York Times is charged with making terrorist threats".

And with the 'rap sheet' of the mainstream media now up to 254 separate 'events' dating back to 2015 of media approved or inspired acts of violence or harassment of President Trump, his aides or supporters according to this always updated story from Breitbart, the 'war' upon 'traditional America' goes onwards.†


While many on the left scream that America is now in a 'state of emergency' due to President Trump's 'America-first' agenda and his undoing of all things 'Barack Obama', the truth of the matter is the 'America' we grew up in was rapidly being done away with over the past decade+ and as these new stories point out, the mainstream media was absolutely helping push along the globalists agenda of neutering America.

And as this new story from Politico reports, the media wasn't only pushing fake news into the public realm that was enraging a rapidly maddening mob but they were also conspiring with employees of the DOJ and FBI to take down friends or confidants of President Trump such as former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. A 'conflict of interest'? How can the msm report truthfully on anything when they so hate President Trump?†

And how deeply does the globalists agenda go? If in the presidency of Barack Obama and what they believed would be the presidency of Hillary Clinton, the globalists really were attempting to undermine the sovereignty of America to implement global govt, then treason occured at the very highest levels of the United States government.†

According to Cornell Law School and†18 U.S. Code ß 2381, treason is defined as: Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

Yet according to the Patriot Act as reported in this 2011 story from, the definition of treason can be taken even further and be applied to 'enemies of America within' and apply to domestic terrorists who may not have even known that they were committing a terrorist act. And as that story points out, inspiring somebody to commit such a terrorist act could also be considered treason. Treasonous MSM, anybody? At the very very least, their behavior is absolutely treacherous in their attempts to undermine America.†


According to this new story from Kelleigh Nelson over at News with Views, the pathological behavior we're now seeing from many on the left, including Democratic politician Maxine Waters and the mainstream media, is quite literally bordering upon sedition and treason with calls to ignore the legitimate govt of President Trump.

Reporting within their story that "sedition not only covers a personís actions but also any words or writings in print that may incite, encourage or promote the overthrowing of a government; itís seditious libel", were not the words recently coming out of the mouth of Maxine Waters meant to do just that? A reminder of exactly what Waters said back in June.†

"Already you have members of your cabinet that are being booed out of restaurants. We have protesters taking up at their house who are saying, 'No peace, no sleep. No peace, no sleep.'"

"We're gonna win this battle," Waters said to the crowd. "Because while you try and quote the Bible, Jeff Sessions and others, you really donít know the Bible. God is on our side. On the side of the children. On the side of whatís right. On the side of whatís honorable. On the side of understanding that if we canít protect the children, we canít protect anybody."

"If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. You push back on them. Tell them theyíre not welcome anymore, anywhere!"

Were Waters words an attempt to incite the overthrow of President Donald Trump and the United States government? And are stories such as the new one from the NY Times designed to rile up the masses in an attempt to take down President Trump's government? From a June 2017 story over at the Herald Bulletin.:

Mainstream media are guilty of treason. Media for months now, have steadfastly conducted an exceptionally bias and daily assault on President Trump. Theyíre doing everything they can to subvert this man and his presidency. Itís insidious, and grossly wrong. Media is not balanced, itís now propaganda filled with deception, lies, and fake news.

So who controls mainstream media? According to research, as of 2013, six corporations controlled bulk of the media in America. They were Comcast, News Corp., Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS. Through a history of mergers and acquisitions, these companies have concentrated their control over what we see, hear and read. Fifty companies controlled the media in 1983; however, since that time things have vastly changed through consolidation. Programming, aptly named, is now in the hands of a few and powerful with deep ties to the establishment.

When you control what Americans watch, hear and read you gain a great deal of control over what they think. Fortunately, many more Americans are now starting to wake up and realize that mainstream media should not be trusted. It is social engineering in full operation.

Lenin once said that a lie told often enough becomes the truth. Hitler further stated that if you tell a big enough lie, and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed. Thatís what mainstream media have done with all this Russian collusion bunk. Itís manufactured against Trump with no evidence. If they truly wanted a collusion story, they would investigate the Clinton and Russian uranium deal, or Clinton Foundation.


And when lies are told often enough and become 'the truth' in the eyes of millions, there is a very real potential for all hell to break loose when the programming of the masses gets suddenly shattered apart by reality.

As Zero Hedge reported in this new story, largely because of the lies that the mainstream media is feeding to the American public, "America is on the cusp of something it has never truly experienced: mob rule."

While the country of Haiti is now seeing such a 'mob rule' according to this Sunday story over at Zero Hedge†which reports†all hell recently broke loose there as violent mobs tried their very best to murder trapped American tourists, we also see what appears to be the igniting of a race war in South Africa where a leader of the far-left economic freedom fighters group is calling for violence against whites. Interestingly, the South West Africa People's Organization, SWAPO, which is now dominating elections there is tied to socialism and the communist party as the New American reported in this May 2018 story.††

Is part of the globalists agenda the elimination of the white race? Judging by what we've been witnessing across Europe over the last several years and here in the US during 8 years of Barack Obama, the globalists agenda should now be clear. As Steve Quayle mentioned in an email to us, "20 years ago I made the statement as goes South Africa, so goes the United States". And if what we're witnessing in South Africa now is any indication of what is coming to America, we pray that everybody is prepared for danger ahead.†

While many on the left actually believe that history proves the white man is the devil, the war upon Christianity and the Word of God undertaken by many on the left for decades now proves otherwise. And now we read in this new story from SFGate that a skateboard was recently used as a weapon in a clear hate crime against a white man carried out by a Latino who also made racial statements to his victim. How many more innocent Americans will be victimized due to comments made by Maxine Waters or the mainstream media?†

And when we look at statements made by Barack Obama advisers and friends such as the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan that the "white man is the devil", we see the globalists agenda in clear and unadulturated focus.† †

In the first video below from Red Ice Creations, we learn about moves that were made by the Obama administration to do away with 'white neighborhoods' and so-called 'white privilege', moves that would have certainly been continued had Hillary Clinton somehow stolen the election. In the 2nd video below, our videographer gives us an excellent breakdown of why the mainstream media is the enemy of the American people.†

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