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December 8, 2016

YouTube Allows Channel 'Queer Kid Stuff' To Brainwash & Indoctrinate Children Into A Gay Lifestyle


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As we see censorship across the internet with social media giants like Twitter and Facebook "purging" †content that doesn't fit with their liberal, progressive ideology, screaming "hate speech," "fake news," and "racism," against anyone that speaks out against the progressive agenda, and YouTube de-monitizing political videos that don't fit their own political views, while deleting videos their mysterious "super flaggers" deem offensive, yet the Google-owned video sharing platform does allow a channel called "Queer Kid Stuff," which states clearly it is about "LGBTQ+ VIDS FOR KIDS."

Yes, you read that correctly, for "kids."

If the name of the channel isn't clear enough, the video props and the channel art itself, should make it very obvious these videos are meant for very young children.


Over the past years we have seen marriage as an institution †attacked and redefined by law, with the Obama administration deliberately going against the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996 which defined marriage for federal purposes as the union of one man and one woman, instructing his administration officials to not defend the law in court.

We have witnessed it become official policy under Barack Obama to direct †public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choice, rather than what is dictated by the gender they were born with. Men, yes I am using the term men for people with penises and if any little snowflake has a problem with that, feel free to go have your penis cut off, then come back to talk to me..... men allowed to use the same public bathrooms as our nation's women and little girls and all they have to do is say they "identify" as a female that particular day... and women, yes, those born with vaginas, allowed to use bathrooms where men and little boys should be allowed their privacy.

In other words it lets not make a man or a woman that decides they "identify" with a gender they were not born to, uncomfortable, but it is just fine to make women, men and children uncomfortable, by allowing someone of the opposite sex into their bathrooms and locker rooms. Fortunately a judge blocked that back in August 2016.

We have also seen the Obama administration force religious institutions to provide abortion drugs, violating their religious beliefs as part of Obamacare, as men and women have been fined for refusing service to individuals, on religious grounds in their own private businesses.

Christians and other people of faith have been persecuted, right here in America, with their constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of religion attacked at every turn, in name of "tolerance," yet no tolerance has been shown to them over the last eight years.

Now we have this "purge" happening throughout the Internet, yet a YouTube channel named "Queer Kid Stuff" is allowed to publish videos titled "T is for TRANS! - Transgender: QUEER KID STUFF," and "What's a LESBIAN?!? - LGBT: QUEER KID STUFF," and "Learning Our LGBTs! - LGBT: QUEER KID STUFF," and "UNICORNS are QUEER HORSES!! - Queer: QUEER KID STUFF," and "HE, SHE, and THEY?!? - Gender: QUEER KID STUFF," and perhaps the most egregious of all, "Do YOU like apples AND bananas? - Bisexual."


Apples and bananas? I am pretty sure everyone knows what kind those "code words" stand for, and as the image above shows, the key audience for this YouTube channel is obviously very young children, with blocks and crayons used to "connect" with children who, frankly, should be getting their education about their sexuality from their parents, not some freak of a stranger!

If the channel itself is not disturbing enough, the fact that some of the videos listed above have received over 20,ooo hits, one of them over 40,000 and the "Do you like apples AND bananas video have nearly 9,000 hits... meaning that children are actually watching these videos that are indoctrinating them into a gay lifestyle starting when they are toddlers!


To see that YouTube is purging videos referencing the "pedo-gate" (pizzagate) child abuse scandal, while at the same time allowing this "Queer Kid Stuff" channel to target young children, supposedly "teaching" them by using sexually charged and explicit content, is completely inexcusable. The fact that this channel has been allowed to stay active over 6 months, even worse.

While we are not going to show the videos from this "Queer Kid Stuff" channel, there are some reaction videos out about it, which †show clips from the originals in order to highlight the points they are trying to make about this is nothing more that a series of indoctrination videos and as you will hear in the first video below, a preschool teacher, teaching children up to six years old, explains that the visuals used is directly aimed at children aged 3 to 5 years old.

Videographer Blair White responds below to these "Queer Kid Stuff" video, and we will offer a minor language warning, but I have to tell you, I have watched at least a dozen, where people are so infuriated that this channel is targeting such young children for brainwashing and indocrination, that I †could not find a second one like the first video above, that wasn't full of profanity, simply because people are truly, and in my opinion, justifiably, angry over the content they are discussing.

On the bright side, many of those profanity laden video responses, angry at the "Queer Kid Stuff" channel, were made by members of the LGBT community.

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