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January 9, 2022

They Claimed None Of These Things Could Happen In America, Called Them 'Conspiracies' And 'Unreliable And Harmful Claims', Yet They Have All Come True In The Past Year 

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

For the past two years Independent Media has dealt with false claims of pushing "conspiracy," having ads disabled on pages because of "unreliable and harmful" claims, when we offered timely warnings about what we saw coming.

Media Martial Law: In 2020 we were told that was a bunch of cow manure, no way would "medical martial law" be implemented in of the free. Then the lockdowns began, curfews, state governor decrees banning their citizens from visiting neighbors, cancel holiday gatherings with others, and others dictating how many people were allowed to visit the private homes of Americans in their cities.

The law appears to now legalize such small gatherings as indoor house parties or outdoor barbecues, picnics and even mini-protests, so long as no more than ten people are sharing in the activity — and they all stay six feet apart while doing so.

Independent Media reported on Medical Martial Law because we saw it happening elsewhere, so offered warnings of what could come to America.

But it couldn't happen here we were told! Yet, it did.

Vaccine Passports:  Labeled a conspiracy theory when we warned they were coming back in 2020, and now they are here and the media acts like it is perfectly normal for people to be forced to "show their papers" in order to dine out, visit sports venues and/or concerts.

CNN creepily reported in August 2021:

Vaccination against Covid-19 is increasingly becoming a ticket of entry into restaurants, gyms and indoor performances -- or all of the above, if you're a New York City resident.

Rather than misplace your vaccination card, you can log your vaccination status on your phone to use as proof as you reenter public spaces. You've got a few options for confirming you've been vaccinated, from scannable QR codes to scanned documents that live among your digital files, versions of "vaccine passports" that can get you in venues that only allow vaccinated patrons.

Mandated Vaccinations: Like the issues listed above, when Independent Media warned that states and/or the Biden regime would start mandating vaccines, attempting to take the choice away from Americans as to what they put in their bodies, we were told....that is right.... it can't happen here!  

LeadingAge has started to track the vaccine mandate trends in each state; as of today’s date, we find that 25 states have vaccine mandates; 13 states (so far) have vaccine mandate bans. Sixteen of the states with mandates have language specific to healthcare settings or long term care. Some states’ mandates are strictly ‘vaccinate or terminate;’ others have a ‘vaccinate or weekly testing’ dichotomy.  This article will be subject to change and updated as there are new developments.

We are still watching lawsuits across the country after Joe Biden decided to arbitrarily create rules that would mandate health care workers, government contractors and companies with over 100 employees, be vaccinated at the risk of termination, or ordered to take weekly tests that the victim of these mandates would have to pay for.

Many judges have ruled against Biden's overreach and now two of those cases are being argued in the Supreme Court.

But remember, this could never happen in America, right?

Louisiana federal judge blocks Biden’s Head Start vaccine mandate

US Judge Blocks Biden's Federal Vaccine Mandate, Rules It's 'beyond President's Authority'

 U.S. judge blocks last remaining Biden admin COVID-19 vaccine rule

• COVID Camps aka Internment Camps: On May 25, 2021, Stefan Stanford published an article warnings about door-to-door vax squads and the coming "COVID camps." Stefan highlighted the news reports that "in Orange County, Florida, a door-to-door vaccination effort was also underway." Many may remember that Joe Biden also floated the idea, publicly, about "door-to-door" vax and testing squads.  


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Stefan warned:

And while 'Covid camps' in America might seem like a far-off, radical 'conspiracy theory'China has already been building massive 'quarantine camps' for their people as we see in the photograph above. And as Florida governor Ron DeSantis recently hinted in addressing Joe Biden, America not be too far behind them if we continue along the road we're now on.  

Liberals scoffed. Conspiracy theorist was screeched at anyone who dared warned we might not be far behind China. 

An ad service demonetized that article, with the following claim:

Today we see that a proposed bill in Washington State, if passed, would allow officials to forcefully detain and quarantine individuals or groups, including family units.

Here is a link to the actual proposal.

Gateway Pundit describes the order, which direct quotes from the proposal in the following manner:

•  Health officers are required to provide documentation proving unvaccinated residents subject to detention have denied “requests for medical examination, testing, treatment, counseling, vaccination, decontamination of persons or animals, isolation, quarantine and inspection and closure of facilities” prior to involuntarily confinement in quarantine facilities, the resolution states.

• According to W 246-100-040,  “a local health officer may invoke the powers of police officers, sheriffs, constables, and all other officers and employees of any political subdivisions within the jurisdiction of the health department to enforce immediately orders given to effectuate the purposes of this section in accordance with the provisions of RCW 43.20.050(4) and 70.05.120.”

• The “emergency detention order” legalizes the isolation and detainment of American citizens who fail to voluntarily comply with Covid gene therapy shots “for a period not to exceed ten days.”

If the people detained still have refused to get vaccinated, then a judge can expand that time limit. 

Certainly sounds like a COVID or Internment camp proposal to me, but nooooooo, it can't happen again here in America, right? 


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From the beginning, Independent Media has warned of what was coming, just to have the MSM claim it wasn't, those warnings were unreliable, only conspiracy theorists are talking about, and other such nonsense.

Were those in the Independent Media prophetic? No, we simply watched what was happening elsewhere, like Australia, Germany, South Africa, and understood that liberals, along with their media puppets, would of course like the authoritarianism of the lockdowns, forced vaccinations, vax passports, and yes, internment camps for those that refuse to comply with said authoritarianism.

The only people that didn't see what was coming were those that still trust the MSM, Biden and the CDC, even after all the lies. 

This ladies and gentlemen is why we have a Second Amendment and the right to fight against tyranny.    

Video below: These Covid aka Internment camps in Australia, is what liberals want for unvaccinated Americans.

Below: Down Grid Survival discusses another bill, from New York,  found at the New York Senate website, that "Relates to the removal of cases, contacts and carriers of communicable diseases who are potentially dangerous to the public health."

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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