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November 20, 2016

Survival Expert Warns To Double Down On 2017 Prepping - Terrifying End Game May Await The Unprepared

- 'Most Of The Country Has No Idea What Might Be Coming'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

'There's nothing like hunger to 'inspire' the angry mobs - it has happened before in history, it will happen again.'

In the new video below featuring former US Army Intelligence operative and survival expert James Wesley Rawles from along with Dave from the X22Report, we're told that despite the fact America just dodged a major bullet with Donald Trump's election, depending on how events develop over the next several months and into the next year, the greatest turmoil may still be ahead of us. Warning us all to kick our prepping into overdrive, Rawles urges us several times to 'double-down on our preparations' as he still expects the globalists may try to bring down the global economy between February and November of 2017.

Reminding us of how the elite have continually throughout history used food as a weapon, Rawles tells us we should expect to see huge losses of life and mass starvation across America IF a series of events unfolds that takes America down a road that most Americans are completely unprepared for. Telling us that what may happen will be blamed upon Donald Trump, we're also told why America could one day look like Venezuela with massive riots and chaos in American streets if there is any kind of major disruption to the supply chain that keeps our country glued together.


Soon after Donald Trump's stirring victory in the presidential election earlier this month, Alex Jones and Infowars published a video in which he warned the very desperate globalists might soon 'attack' America by launching us into an economic collapse. Telling us then that even though Trump's goals were to see you and I and other every day Americans be prosperous and successful and a restoration of our Republic, Jones also reminded us outside forces who don't have Americans best interests in mind still hold a huge amount of power and control over the global economy. 

And while we've seen a number of signs since then that a Donald Trump presidency might be very good for American jobs and a restoration of the middle class with examples such as Ford keeping a plant in Kentucky, the US dollar extending a 'winning streak' against the Euro and the TPP now dead, we're warned by Rawles about what the globalists might soon do in last gasp attempts to regain control of America.

Despite the fact that Stephen Bannon has promised massive numbers of new jobs in America due to very low and negative interest rates, Rawles warns us we could soon see a manipulation of interest rates that brings those dreams to an end.

Telling us that Donald Trump may also have serious difficulties keeping his promise of reigning in the size of our government if suddenly the economy collapses on his watch, leaving millions more Americans without jobs, homes, food to eat or hope for the future, Rawles tells us what he believes the globalists plans are - part of which we can see unfolding in the streets and cities of America today.

Informing us he's learned some anti-Trump protest groups have plans of shutting down the nation's entire transportation system on inauguration day, he warns George Soros and the globalists are kicking their efforts to take down America into overdrive. With the globalists plans seemingly foiled by Trump's election, Rawles tells us its easy to see they still want the US to go down the 'global path' and warns over and over again that they'll continue to foment civil unrest across America by fomenting a huge economic crisis that could quickly crash the system.


Telling us how fortunate we were to avoid a 'full state capture' of America by Soros and the globalists, the first time that a 1st world country would have been completely controlled on such a huge scale (though we've seen it happen to 3rd world countries over and over again), Rawles warns us to continue to prepare for banking turmoil as the globalists manipulate interest rates in their attempts to crash the US dollar, crash the stock market and crash the entire system.

Warning us that such manipulation could very well force the US govt into a 'near default' situation by manipulating interest rates so government can no longer service our national debt, Rawles warns us the globalists plan to create economic instability and throw a monkey wrench into Trump's plans, and he tells us they might be successful.

Sharing with us we're potentially headed towards an unprecedented situation with huge job loses and huge defaults if the globalists have their way, Rawles also tells us he's almost positive they'll wait until Trump gets into office to bring everything crashing down as they don't want to see the crash happening on Barack Obama's watch. "Very soon after Trump gets into office they'll pull the plug" Rawles warns us.

When Dave asks Rawles if he believes the globalists may try to assassinate Trump, Rawles tells us he thinks they may try a 'Justice-Scalia-style' event...a 'health related' issue might come into play. "They've already attempted to assassinate his character so it's not inconceivable they'd try to take him out" Rawles says.


Warning us he sees that global government and a global digital currency is still likely ahead of us, and as soon as within the next 10 years, Rawles warns us that such a global currency will bring with it a total surveillance state with no more privacy, 100% tracking of everything we purchase and an expanding govt dossier of every human being on this planet. He also tells us that such a digital currency allows hidden taxation that we'd never even know about and "whoever controls the currency, controls the country".

With the American people loudly rejecting globalism with the election of Donald Trump, we still see those within govt who are addicted to debt, addicted to big government, addicted to regulation and addicted to the surveillance state and as Rawles warns us, he expects heads to butt in the months ahead between those who want liberty and those who continue to want nothing but control and still live within the 'good ole boy' network.

And with a huge part of the US population addicted to medication and completely dependent upon government assistance, imagine what might happen if suddenly and without warning, that assistance is no longer there for them. Warning once again of Venezuela, we're told that once it gets started, it becomes a self-fullfilling prophecy and Trump may be unable to stop it without MORE and more government.

Telling us what many ANP readers already know, that this economic crisis is long overdue, Rawles asks us to imagine what might happen if people see bare shelves in supermarkets, credit freezing up and a series of events that leads to an absolutely terrifying situation for most Americans. Most of country has no knowledge about preparation or how the global economy collapsing could affect their lives.


Warning us that the "internationalists, statists, collectivists" are absolutely ruthless and willing to do whatever is necessary to consolidate their power, Rawles once again emphasizes why we need to redouble our own efforts, "stocking up, teaming up and training up" as the risks have never been greater than they are now.

Telling us he believes the globalists are "going to go all in, crash the system and force everyone's hands, he reminds us that they have no problem with their decisions leading to massive loss of life. When Dave asks Rawles how long he thinks such a situation might last, he tells him that while it could be over in one year, it might take 10 to 20.

Rawles also tells us it's time to get right with God if we haven't already, buy bulk foods with long storage life and get ready to provide for our families. He warns his gut feeling is telling him we're living in unprecedented times and the time for dawdling is long past. 

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