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December 30, 2016

2017: 'The Year Everything Changes' - Will 'Fall Of World Government' Lead To The Fulfillment Of Prophecy Of The Total Destruction Of America?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the globalists here in America quickly running out of time to get the US into a World War 3 with Russia that could bring about the deaths of tens of millions and lead to a very rocky start for Donald Trump's presidency in just 3 weeks, we're not surprised to learn that they've just expelled 35 Russian diplomats and closed two Russian compounds here in America according to this new story from Yahoo News.

Leaving the Russians just 72 hours to get out of America, the diplomats are allegedly being expelled in response to a campaign of intimidation of American diplomats being waged in Moscow and interference in the US elections.

With Obama also set to launch some type of 'revenge attacks' against Russia for that election interference, we have to wonder if the globalists in Washington DC will be successful in the 21 days they have left in power to get America embroiled in the kind of war we might never come back from.

Knowing that one of the globalists GOALS is to eliminate nation states throughout the world while forming a 'new world order' based upon what we clearly now see is 'global tyranny', we understand why a possible war with Russia still might be brought about in the next 21 days since the globalists 'end game' is to bring America to our knees.

What could bring our country down more quickly than a war with a nuclear superpower that has threatened to bring World War 3 to US soil if the US launches a war upon Russia? In the final video below, Steve Quayle is joined by Henry Gruver in part 2 of their video series taking a look at several prophetic visions Pastor Gruver had many years ago which saw America invaded and completely destroyed at the hands of Russia.


With George Soros himself now confirming the existence of a 'new world order', a term the globalists have long labeled 'tinfoil-hat-conspiracy-theory' and used to discredit anyone who voiced opposition ot their devious plans, we see in his 'panicked rant' what globalists around the world are going through as their dreams of global tyranny fall apart.

Calling Trump a 'dictator to be' proves to us the desperation now being felt by globalists witnessing not only the loss of the US presidency but what may soon be the breakup of the European Union itself with possible civil war upon the horizon. As this story linked on the Drudge Report reports, we're now witnessing the fall of world government.

No wonder the globalists within Washington DC likely took down the Drudge Report yesterday. As the Daily Star story Drudge linked to tells us, 2017 will be 'the year everything changes'.

Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s National Front, could be poised to take power after the election in May in a move which could pull France out of the EU.

She has described the coming year as a “global revolution” after the election of Trump and the victory of Brexit. Mrs Le Pen has promised to pull france out of NATO and “push migrants who want to come to Europe back into international waters”.

The alliance is feared to be a further casualty of the looming political shift – with NATO bosses “preparing for the worst” as they fear Putin will invade Eastern Europe and Trump will pull all US support.


And with the globalists ready to lose almost everything, a war with Russia on the horizon could possibly 'save' everything for them, so who really thinks they wouldn't launch some kind of 'false flag' to get us into something that could help them reach the depopulation numbers on the Georgia Guidestones as well as begin Trump's presidency on a 'war footing' if he's allowed into office at all?

We must remember that 'false flag' events have been used throughout history to get nations into wars on false pretenses. Is there any reason that we should believe that it won't happen again? With Obama himself acting like a snowflake and throwing a temper trantrum in the Oval office over Hillary losing and the alleged Russian hacking, we're not surprised that Putin has taken the high road and Russia was able to broker a cease fire in Syria, calling the shots there while Washington flounders.

As we count down the last days of 2016 with Trump's inauguration still 3 weeks away, we urge that our readers pray that Trump is able to get into office without a major war against Russia being launched that forever changes the world, quite obviously not in a good way. As we hear in Quayle's talk with Gruver, if such a war comes, complete and total devastation may await us.


In the first video below, we hear Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert weighing in on the Obama administrations decision to 'expel' 35 Russian diplomats, saying what's happening now reminds him of the kind of juvenile behavior we saw back in middle school. In the 2nd video below, we see and hear a translated version of Russia's Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, claiming that Obama is the most evil US president in history and according to her, he's clearly lost his marbles.

With most Americans joining the Russians and the majority of people from all over the world happy that the current administration and globalists are on their way out the door here in America, we keep coming back to Pastor Gruver's vision and the possible catastrophic consequences we might soon witness if his warning plays out before our eyes. 

As recent events have proven to us, with Donald Trump able to completely reverse what's happening now between the US and Russia once he gets into office, we pray that America and the world go into this 'year when everything changes' prepared for anything and everything. In so doing, we drastically increase our chances of bursting through into the year 2018, just over a year from now, greatly changed for the better. 

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