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October 4, 2016

'This Should Chill Everybody To The Bone' - Hillary Wants To Slaughter Americans And If She's Voted President, She'd Literally Have The Power To Take Us All Out

- 'We're Closing In On America's Darkest Days'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The story from True Pundit this past Sunday quite literally drops a bombshell upon the heads of every American who still thinks that we live in a free country and that 'liberty and justice for all' might still be one of our nation's mottos.

Proving to us that back in 2010, current Democratic Presidential candidate Clinton proposed a drone strike upon Wikileaks Julian Assange in order to silence the Whistleblowing website that has been releasing damaging emails to prove major US State Department war crimes, compulsive lies and crimes against humanity, it's since become quite clear that ANY 'dissident' or 'whistleblower' is a possible target to be destroyed by her 'regime'.

As this new story from Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan tells us, we're getting more and more proof every day that we're now approaching America's darkest days and ANOTHER Clinton presidency will lead us completely through the 'end game' for this country. As Slavo tells us, if we think America under Barack Obama has been bad, we haven't seen anything yet.:

If she takes power…

All dissidents become terrorists; all terrorists deserve death, especially if they are enemies of the president… and some enemies are more equal than others.

Drones will be used with impunity… perhaps even on U.S. soil. The Constitution will be total toilet paper, and America will see perhaps its darkest days yet.


Despite the fact that the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Extra-Judicial Executions recently told True Pundit that such a drone attack upon Assange would be a violation of international human rights law, as we reported earlier today on ANP, the UN has an absolutely horrible record on human rights themselves. While allowing their 'peacekeepers' to violate countless human rights and human dignity, should we really expect that they'll have any control over 'War Criminal Clinton' here in America and the law-abiding American citizens that she might 'take out' if she's (s)elected president?

As Slavo tells us, Obama has an absolutely disastrous record of protecting whistleblowers despite once stating he'd have the most transparent presidential administration in history. As even this Washington Post story tells us, he's clearly failed miserably in living up to those promises. From Slavo:

President Obama currently has the worst record of any president for protecting whistleblowers – and many key journalists and leakers have rotted in jail rather than being recognized as brave figure who brought important and damning information to light.

Why should we expect that another Clinton administration would be any better than what we've gotten from the 'Obama regime' here in America so far? Again, from Slavo:

Hillary will obviously out-do all of that. In spades.

Her record makes clear that she has been in a war against whistleblowers, etc. for her entire career. Now, with total power, she could literally and figuratively take them all out.

The only change in her tact against journalists, investigators, whistleblowers and political opponents will be intensity and force multiplication.

Drone strikes may become the weapon of choice – particularly if they are legitimized in this way.

The discussion of taking out Julian Assange should chill everyone to the bone about the form of government that is coming.


If another Clinton is pushed into office, what evidence do we have that Americans could soon be on her 'hit list'? As anybody who follows REAL news knows, she already has a 'body count' following her around that dates back decades including 5 more people deceased just recently linked to the DNC. Even mainstream news media has reported on all of the mysterious and untimely deaths that follow her around.

As has been reported time and again, when the US took out Muammar Gaddafi, the evil witch quite literally cheered in front of the American people, proving to us she's a sadistic psychopath that either belongs in a mental institution or in an electric chair as detailed in the final video below for her numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity. 'We Came, We Saw, He Died’.

As this new story from Infowars tells us, she had Gaddafi killed over a 'personal vendetta' she had with him. Is this the kind of person that should be leading the free world into 2020 or is she the globalists perfect choice for leading America into total destruction? Knowing that she thinks a huge part of America are 'deplorable' tells us just a little bit. From Infowars:

Over the course of ten days, an agreement was reached between Libyan Prime Minister Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi, President Muammar Gaddafi and the U.S. State Department in coordination with the Obama White House. The deal was overseen by General Clark as well as U.S. Rep Dennis Kucinich.

Under the terms of the deal, detailed here in an official letter signed by Prime Minister Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi on August 19, 2011, Gaddafi agreed to cease hostilities and immediately move towards holding democratic elections that would put an end to his own 42-year dictatorship.

Had this deal gone through, it would have saved countless lives that were lost in the aftermath, prevented the collapse of Libya into a failed state fought over by rival jihadist gangs and significantly alleviated the international migrant crisis that worsened dreadfully in the years that followed. It could even have contained ISIS’ spread across the Middle East. The Benghazi attack would never have happened.

According to Dr. Paul. General Clark was so pleased with the outcome of the negotiations that he personally arranged a teleconference with Hillary Clinton on the line to congratulate Dr. Paul on “getting the job done in the face of such danger.”

But there was a problem.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn’t want peace. She wanted Muammar Gaddafi dead for her own selfish, spiteful reason – the fact that Gaddafi had favored Barack Obama over her own campaign during the 2008 presidential election cycle.


Would another Clinton really lead America to our 'darkest days' or is all of this just completely unnecessary 'fear mongering' about someone who could become a terrific president and a 'role model' to all, spreading her love all over the world to make the world a better place for humanity with no more war and worldwide peace?

While I had a very difficult time writing that last sentence, what America has become under the presidencies of Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama has been an absolute disgrace. It's clear that America allowing a sadistic warmonger with a body count that stretches back several decades would quickly lead America to the end of the road, exactly where hitlery and the globalists want America to go.

In the first video below we hear more about Clinton's desire to get rid of her numerous problems by droning Julian Assange while in the 2nd video we hear that in so doing, hitlery has already committed criminal actions. Will she be prosecuted? The final video below shares with us Donald Trump executing hitlery in the electric chair on a parade float that has disturbed a great number of people. What do you think about the 'hitlery in the electric chair' float? Please let us know in the comment section below.


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