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November 27, 2015

Are We Watching A 'Shortage Psyop' To Guarantee 'Food Riots' In The Future? Brutal Black Friday Fights Nothing Compared To What's Coming To America With Collapse


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With brutal black Friday fights breaking out across the country as detailed in these stories and seen in the photos here and videos below, we're once again reminded of why we want to be nowhere near the large population centers once economic collapse arrives. We're also given a small taste of what's to come in America when 'shoppers' are no longer fighting over 'garbage gifts' but 'scraps of food' and basic necessities.

On a day that we are supposed to celebrate with thanks for all of our blessings as Americans, we see morons and fools battling it out for goods made in China, completely unaware that they may soon be stuck in 'death battles' with each other over who gets the last loaf of bread or the final bottles of water. Difficult to tell apart the marauding horde of black Friday shoppers from a marauding horde of flesh-hungry zombies, we quickly see what America is turning into.

Battling over items that will become absolutely worthless should America take an EMP strike or there is a catastrophic cyber attack upon our electrical grid, is this 'shortage theme' the globalists push during these annual 'black Friday' romps a psyop to guarantee food riots in the future? If we're witnessing such battles over non-essentials now, what happens when it becomes a matter of life and death and people are starving?


As ANP readers quickly pointed out in the comment section of this linked story, it's quite disgusting that people literally go to war over such trivial things...who gets or doesn't get the next flat screen TV or, as seen in the 2nd video below, a woman stealing a food steamer from the hands of a child. What kind of people have we become? If people are willing to exchange blows over trash, what hope has humanity when we face 40's era depression standards of living or worse in the future?

If we look at this chart from we get the answers, people die. Or, they simply go away. What would it take in America to go from a population of 319 million in 2014 to a population of 65 million in less than 10 years from now? What would it take in America for our GDP to go from $17 trillion in 2014 to only $882 billion by 2025? How will our military expenditures go from $756 billion in 2014 to only $7.2 billion in 2025? Did America already lose the war and we're just not being told? These are clearly the numbers of severe collapse.

Right now, the GDP per capita is $54,800. The forecast GDP per capita in 2025 for America is $13,591. Could you and your family live off of $13,591 in today's America? Imagine an America where the GDP per capita (household) is only $13,591 a year. What would it take in America to get us from where we are now to that point?


You can also check out the 2025 forecast country chart here (screenshot below) to see that America is scheduled to take a HUGE fall and will be at a lower standard of living than Mexico, South Korea, Brazil and Turkey by 2025 according to Deagel. With all of this information Deagel gets from government agencies and militaries we have to ask, what do they know that we don't know?

In the 3rd video below we hear from Peter Schiff who gives us his take on Americans annual pilgrimage to go ever more deeply into debt to get the latest piece of garbage while in the 4th video below, Paul Sandhu talks about 'Thanksgiving then' vs 'Thanksgiving now' while Mario The Vigilant Christian breaks down how the 'illuminati's black Friday' is destroying America in the final video below. How times have changed America and judging by this chart, change has only just begun.


Compilation video featuring the mad zombies out on black Friday.

This is what America has come to, a woman stealing garbage from the arms of a child. Not only that but listen to her screaming 'you're scaring me' after the other woman tries to get the 'garbage' back. Truly pathetic.

Peter Schiff tells us that retailers may still be in the red after Black Friday despite the endless slew of mindless zombies fighting over material possessions. We see obvious manipulation as plentiful goods are seemingly rationed, imaginary shortages created to get the zombies frothing at the mouth and willing to fight to get mere 'things'.

Paul Sandhu with Thanksgiving then vs Thanksgiving now with the madness of black Friday. Is black Friday simply another way that is being used to distance Americans from what is really important in life, a major psyop against the people?

Will black Friday be part of what leads to the end of America as Americans get ever more in debt, completely oblivious to the fact that what they're spending their credit on now may be totally worthless in the near future? What good is the newest 55" HDTV going to do anybody if there's no more electricity to power them? It would have been easier for these people to stay at home and shop online where they could buy many of the same items from the comfort of their own computers.

As was recently suggested by Prophezine in a story linked to by Steve Quayle, why not spend black Friday money (or credit) on survival supplies that you could use should the power go down for days or years? You can check out their excellent idea  suggestions of black Friday gift ideas for preppers and non-preppers alike here. 




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