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March 10, 2017

Assange Presser: CIA 'Lost Control' Then Covered Up, 'Historic Act Of Devastating Incompetence'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The Vault 7 release by WikiLeaks titled "CIA Hacking Tools Revealed" which was released on Tuesday, containing "the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency," according to their release, comprised of "8,761 documents and files from an isolated, high-security network situated inside the CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, Virginia," where the CIA's capability to spy using almost any electronic device, including methods to use devices for assassinations and frame other countries for cyber attacks, was exposed.... is only a small portion of the news.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was scheduled to conduct a live statement, via a presser, earlier in the week which was postponed due to 'technical difficulties', but which he did conduct last night, via live stream, where he revealed a number of other items of extreme interest, including the fact that the CIA "lost control of its entire cyber weapons arsenal," then proceeded to cover it up, didn't inform the general public of the dangers their own cyber weapons posed to not only American citizens, but also the world.

Assange asserts in the presser seen below that the CIA was aware that they lost control months ago, and knew that WikiLeaks had the information.

Assange tells us that the information was on an "isolated" top secret network located inside the CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence, explaining that by isolated he means the system was not connected to other networks.

The cyber weapons in question, according to his statement, are weaponized computer viruses, trojans, and malware, designed to penetrate smart phones, smart TV's, and computer systems across the world, to control, disable, insert information into and extract information, from them.

In what Assange calls a "historic act of devastating incompetence" on the part of the CIA, to have created such an arsenal, then stored it all in one place, and not secured it. WikiLeaks discovered this material as a result of it being passed around a number of different members of the U.S. intelligence community, which he describes as "out of control in an unauthorized fashion."


"The CIA developed a giant arsenal, what appears to be the largest arsenal of trojan viruses in the world, that attacks most of the systems that journalists, people in the government, politicians, CEOs, and average people use, didn't secure it, lost control of it, and then appears to have covered up that fact."

Quite interesting towards the end, where the live stream was interrupted, the comes back on a few minutes later where Assange says they have work arounds but the issues with Tuesday's presser that was postponed, were far more serious, then he sarcastically points out "to be fair, we are publishing an epic scoop on the CIA, the biggest in its history, they deserve to have a little bit of come back."

Then he proceeds to take questions which is very interesting as the first he took after they got the live stream running again was from the U.S. mainstream media, where it is instantly clear how they intend to spin this CIA failure and cover up, where he reads a question from Brian Ross from ABC, via a Twitter question I believe, who asked "Mr. Assange have you ever been paid by the Russian government, or state-funded outlet RT?"

Assange says "The answer is no, but quite interesting to see that ABC taking that line. This is the largest publication of Central Intelligence Agency documents, number one, enormous journalistic scoop, about all sorts of things that affect journalists, and almost every individual within the United States and in many other countries....."

He goes to say it is "enormously interesting that instead we have a pretty sad question trying to divert from this epic publication, to something else."

We tend to agree that the very fact that an outlet like ABC is more worried about pushing the "Russia" narrative than it is in the information and informing the public of information that could affect each and every one of them, is very telling.

It tells us the media simply doesn't understand or care that they have lost the trust and confidence of the American people, for the very reason that Ross asked such a leading, stupid question, because they are too determined to push the Russian narrative, the propaganda, rather than to inform Americans of the importance of what Assange has revealed, not only in the CIA document dump but in his press conference.

The entire statement and follow up questions, despite the small interruption around the one hour mark, is a must see, must-share. Americans deserve to know not only the scope of this release, but how WikiLeaks got it, how the CIA failed to protect such sensitive cyber weapons, how they knew the lost control of it and not only covered it up, but never warned Americans.

Assange also poses some very interesting questions of his own, like "Did Obama know? Did he conceal it during the election? After the election? Was Trump informed?"

In the presser below, Assange starts at around the 6:55 minute mark (until then there is just music), then it cuts off around the 1 hour mark, but returns at the 1 hour, 9 minute mark to read the ABC question, and more, after he explains how they lost the live stream.

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