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March 11, 2019

The Canary In The Coal Mine Is Dead: No Power, Looting And Chaos In The Streets - Venezuela Is The Perfect Example Of Why Americans Should Run Far Away From Socialism

(Venezuela now on day five of the blackout)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Venezuela is in the dark, quite literally as they hit day five with no power, and it is being reported that even in small pockets if the power comes back on, it isn't long before it is cut off again. Other reports show there is already widespread looting as families scavenge for food to feed their children. According to the BBC at least 17 people have died in just the five days since the blackout began.

Welcome to yet another example of socialism's end game.

Throughout history we have seen this play out time and time again, leading to millions upon millions of deaths, but as democrats here in America push for socialist and communist policies, Venezuela is an in-your-face look into our own future should we let them lead us off the cliff.

The fall of Venezuela began in 2007 when Hugo Chavez started down the road to socialism by nationalizing Venezuela's oil industry to fund government welfare programs, and from there everything started going downhill.

Via Fox News:

Chavez fired thousands of oil employees, executives and workers, replacing them with 80,000 political operatives. When Chavez threatened foreign corporations, they abandoned Venezuela, taking billions of dollars in investment with them. Big Socialism failed to produce the same amount of oil for the same cost, and Venezuela’s economy began its inevitable collapse.

Chavez also seized control of the power companies. The consequences there were similar: The public transportation system collapsed last year. Those who have a vehicle wait hours to fill the tanks. Fuel shortages are rampant. The current Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, blames the Trump administration, but as the nation with the world’s largest oil reserves, Venezuela should be able to produce energy for its own citizens. After all, the state-run oil company has 80,000 employees.

That was the beginning of the end, and one paragraph from the BBC story, says it all for how it ends:

Without internet, mobile phones, banks, credit-card machines, electric cookers or air-conditioning, ordinary life is bordering on the unbearable for many people, especially in low income communities.

Just days ago Senator Marco Rubio warned that Venezuela was headed into "unprecedented catastrophe," as the nation rapidly collapses.

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In my last piece on socialism, I highlighted the work of Richard M. Ebeling, who in March 2017, wrote a piece explaining how "Socialism requires a dictator," where he detailed how "humans don't easily become something they are not," and to become a socialist nation one would have to force humans to behave different, "re-educate" them, which requires a dictator. 

Isn't it fortuitous for Americans that recently, Democrat presidential wannabe Kamala Harris, expressed her socialist desire to change "human behavior." See? A dictator just waiting in the wings, aren't we lucky? (Yes, that is snark!)

Harris is not the only democrat pushing socialist polices, as we see NY CongressKid, Ocasio-Cortez, a self-identifying Democrat socialist, declaring that Americans need to cut back on eating hamburgers,  and her mess of a Green New Deal pushing to force Americans to change their behaviors and policies, with Philip Klein over at Washington Examiner dubbing it a "socialist Christmas list."

Senator Bernie Sanders, another Democrat presidential hopeful, also another self-declared socialist, is one of the front runners in the large pool of possible presidential candidates on the Democrat side.

In fact, quotes from almost every Democrat that has declared they are running for president in 2020, all indicate their socialist tendencies. Cory "I am Spartacus" Booker, recently indicated his belief that the world can't sustain people eating meat

The fact is communist educators across the nation have been brainwashing students into socialism, to the point where now nearly 50 percent of Millennials and Generation Z, want to live in a socialist country, but no, they don't want to move to one, (I would suggest we send them to Venezuela!) they want America to become one.

So anyone that thinks this is just a phase the Democrat party is going through, it is not. They should be renamed from Democrat to Socialist party because each one is pushing socialist policies that will turn America into Venezuela, and end as most socialist nations do, in collapse with death counts in the millions or tens of millions.

Every parent out there should make Atlas Shrugged required reading for their kids, before the communist educators get their paws on them and start the brainwashing process.

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The devastating history and death toll of communism and socialism is being ignored by today's Democrats/socialists, downplayed with tropes like "They just didn't do it right," rather than a harsh look at how policies that attempt to force a change in human behavior will always be doomed to fail.

We don't need to look at history though, we have Venezuela as America's canary in the coal mine, where miners used to have a caged canary in the mine so if there were dangerous gasses collected in the mine, the canary would die, offering the miners a change to run the other way and get out.

The canary is dead....... and Americans need to listen to those that escaped the "mine," who are telling us "Venezuela was my home, and socialism destroyed it. Slowly, it will destroy America, too."

With experts warning there is "no end in sight" to Venezuela's blackout, Americans need to either learn the lesson Venezuela should be teaching us, or prepare for the day when our lights go out, when we no longer have access to food and water, banks and ATMs, because there are a number of events that can flip the switch and leave us all living in the dark with no end in sight.

For those that still insist Venezuela isn't in as bad of condition as has been reported, tell that to a mother that had to carry her emaciated daughter to the morgue after being turned away from the hospitals. Her daughter was 19 years old, and only weighed 22 pounds.


There are no shortage of socialist candidates for president in the Democrat party, and day by day we see more and more news about cities like NYC, which have promoted socialist policies on a consistent basis, yet are now facing bankruptcy, because those policies were doomed to fail. Or look to another socialist haven on the opposite side of the country, San Francisco, where things are so bad that mounds of trash and food are found on the streets, along with discarded needles and hundreds of piles of feces.

Bottom Line: The canary has died, and Venezuela is the perfect example of why Americans should run as fast and as far away as they can from socialism.

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