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November 1, 2018

Source: Top Internet Company Pays Off NeverTrump Mags To Ignore 'Bias Against Conservatives And Trump Supporters' - Media Sits On Bombshell Audio Proof?


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

One America News Network (OAN) Chief White  House Correspondent, Emerald Robinson, dropped a bombshell on Twitter on October 30, 2018, that not only is the establishment mainstream media not reporting on, but if her "source" is correct, one "major newspaper" has "audio recording" proof of her claim, and is sitting on it.

Robinson wrote "BREAKING: Source tells me that NeverTrumper mags took cash from top Internet company to suppress stories of bias against conservatives & Trump supporters. Audio recording of top tech executive explaining strategy has leaked to major newspaper."

She then continued in that same thread with "My source adds: "Once this story is out, these people will never recover. They were getting paid to ignore the discrimination against their fellow conservatives essentially. Or write pieces claiming there was no need for legislation protecting free speech on media platforms."

She then concluded "I should add: My fellow conservative journalists & pundits like @seanmdav @julie_kelly2 @KurtSchlichter @thechrisbuskirk @Doranimated @SebGorka @davereaboi will be able to guess which mags took the money because their subscriber base has disappeared after 2016."



Nearly two days after dropping that bombshell, no other major media outlet has even addressed it, or if they have, they are not showing up on any searches, using a variety of keywords, although I did run across a reference of it at the website Powdered Wig Society, which just happens to be one of the websites who had their pages arbitrarily deleted by Facebook back on October 11, 2018, along with 800 other pages and accounts.

Like ANP, and dozens, if not hundreds of Independent Media sites, PWS has seen revenue from their site, after Facebook & Twitter censorship, and Google manipulating searches so that Independent Media sites are downranked so they don't show up on the first pages of results, decrease by over 90 percent.

Fascistbook shut down my main page, Powdered Wig Society (300,000 followers) and both of my personal pages as part of the “great purge” of conservative publishers on October 11, 2018, just in time for the midterm elections. Certainly a coincidence, yes? Fascistbook also left two of my other pages and two groups without an admin by shutting down the personal accounts of the admins of both pages and both groups. I am also shadow-banned on Twitter. My posts there are virtually invisible. My Twitter engagement is next to zero. Thus, I have no real social media presence.

Over the past two years, I have watched helplessly as the goons at Fascistbook have systematically squeezed off my traffic and revenue by 98% since our peak before President Trump’s election.

This is a common pattern among Independent Media, as almost all of us that were making ends meet before the 2016 election have been strangled, blocked, shadow banned, and are now forced to depend on the kindness of reader donations in order to survive the censorship from big tech and social media.

Bookmark PWS, even if you just visit once a day and read, it helps and Independent Media must not look at each other as competition, but rather as a helpful Independent voices fighting against the mainstream liberal narrative.

While OAN's Emily Robinson did not name which "top internet company" allegedly paid NeverTrump magazines to downplay the bias against conservatives by social media and big tech companies, nor did she name which NeverTrumpers accepted money to betray other conservatives, there are a number of high profile "conservative" magazines that have proudly boasted of being NeverTrumpers, such as the Weekly Standard.

While we have no way of knowing if they accepted any type of payment or not, what we can see is that doing a search on their own site of "censorship," or Facebook," or social media bias, and a number of other search terms, shows they have not addressed the issue in any meaningful way, despite the plethora of evidence out there showing the bias is real, as is the censorship.

One of the few that came up in that search was from February 2018, titled "Trumpkins Outraged Over #TwitterLockout," which appears to side with Twitter after their purge of conservatives.

For many NeverTrumpers, dubbed the "burn-it-down folks," payment truly isn't needed because in their mindset, after reading them for the past two years, shows they seemingly want to see Independent conservative media punished because many dared ignore their holier-than-though lectures and supported Donald Trump in 2016, despite their "superior" political knowledge.

As Ms. Robinson pointed out, many of their subscriber base disappeared after the 2016 elections, so the NeverTrumpers, whether the accepted payment to hide the truth or not, are not as relevant as the claim that a "top internet company," was willing to pay people to hide the truth from their audience.

The importance of this cannot be overstated.... just today, I was reading a story about 25 conservative websites in Florida from McClatchy, and in that article, they stated "Many of the 25 websites focus on hot button issues like gun rights, crime by immigrants, alleged bias by social media platforms, and public employees losing their jobs over their Christian faith."

Emphasis mine. The liberal establishment media has continued to posit that the blatant social media bias and censorship of conservatives is "alleged," when the proof is in the numbers and the blatant actions of social media giants.

LifeSite News, another conservative website under massive attack by big tech right now, reported on the breakdown of the numbers regarding the confirmed pages deleted by Facebook (Facebook refused to provide a full list of accounts and pages):

Of the 220 pages uncovered by The Western Journal, 67 percent are conservative or pro-Trump pages, 22 percent are libertarian or non-aligned, and 11 percent are liberal or anti-Trump pages.

All the deleted pages that Western Journal could confirm can be found here, along with the number of followers each page had before Facebook wiped them off their platform.

RelatedThe Insider Who Claims To Be Part Of Facebook’s Alternative Media Purge



Now if Robinson's source is correct, not only are so-called "conservative" NeverTrumpers accepting bribes to hide the truth of the massive censoring of conservatives online, and those payments are being made by a "top Internet company," but even more disturbing is that some "major newspaper" has allegedly been given proof, via an audio recording," and they haven't presented it to the public.

Are they waiting until after the midterms in order to influence the elections by refusing to inform their audience and the country of the collusion between big tech and NeverTrumpers to hide the extent of the censorship against conservatives?

Another obvious question would be if this "top internet company" has also colluded with the liberal establishment media to hide the extent of the censorship against conservatives from social media giants and big tech?


On October 30, 2018, Breitbart highlighted a Washington Post article, which encapsulates big tech and social media giants, often referred to under the umbrella of "Silicon Valley," determination to use their "tools" and power to "influence the midterm election in favor of Democrats."

A Washington Post article published on Saturday detailed Silicon Valley’s mission to influence the midterm elections in favor of the Democrats. “In Silicon Valley, [Democratic Party candidate Lauren] Baer is among a flood of candidates capitalizing on new apps, activist groups and other organizations that spawned after President Trump’s 2016 victory with the explicit goal of triggering a Democratic wave this November,” reported the Washington Post. “As voters prepare to head to the polls, the tech industry’s talented, well-heeled engineers and entrepreneurs have been plugging into Democratic campaigns around the country. They’ve donated their time and money toward giving the party a digital edge, aiding the most distant local candidates and the Democrats’ more ambitious quest to snatch control of the U.S. Congress from Republicans’ grasp.”

In the article, Baer was quoted as alleging that Big Tech company executives are focusing on using their power to influence the midterm elections for the Democrats.

“After the 2016 election, I think we saw a number of individuals in the tech space, in Silicon Valley and also around the country, frankly saying they wanted to use technology for good,” declared Baer. “And because of that, we’ve seen a proliferation of new tools.”

There you have it folks, establishment media is not even trying to hide the bias, the use of Silicon Valley's "tools" to manipulate the general public using the power of their monopolies.


The Mockingbird Media otherwise known as the liberal establishment media will undoubtedly attempt to either bury the fact that big tech is colluding, and in some cases allegedly bribing pundits to downplay the extent of censorship being heaped on Conservative Independent Media, and hide the ramifications for Independent Media, by way of revenue and readership losses, leaving many struggling just to survive to bring out the truth, highlight the stories the media would prefer to ignore, to force the establishment media to address topics that they would prefer to hide from their audience.

That is our job, all of us in Independent Media. To ask questions of the preferred liberal media narratives, to spotlight their glaring biases and their misleading stories, including "fake news," in many cases.

It is up to Independent Media readers to share those stories, email them to friends and family. For those with a social media presence, sharing on different platforms can also help Independent Media sites.

Below are a couple of videos discussing the most recent censorship, and fair warning, the second video has some graphic language, but his assertion that big techs censorship is in large part responsible for some of the violence we have witnessed of late because they have quite literally taken peoples voices away from them, leaving them with no way to express their beliefs verbally, is an opinion worth considering.

ANP NEEDS YOUR HELP. With digital media revenue spiraling downward, especially hitting those in Independent Media, it has become apparent that traditional advertising simply isn't going to fully cover the costs and expenses for many smaller independent websites.

Any extra readers may be able to spare for donations is greatly appreciated.

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