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September 10, 2016

'More Devastating Than Anything We've Seen Yet, And There's Even More Coming'

- What Will Be The Price In American Dead Lives Courtesy Of The Clinton's Treasonous Legacy?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

"Treason is a dangerous word, but, in essence, it means selling out your country to a foreign power. For cash or some other favor."

The new story from the Daily Galaxy tells us that the nation of China will be launching 'Spacelab' next week. Taking the 1st step towards becoming the world's 'de facto' space station, we're told that "China understands the military advantages reaped by US space capabilities for many years, and wants those same capabilities." With the future of the International Space Station now in doubt after 2024, China once again has positioned itself to 'carry the torch' as the world turns away from America and the West and towards China and the East

From Chinese moon bases and colonies on Mars to quantum computers, quantum satellite systems to quantum based stealth detection and a CERN bigger than Switzerland's, China is making huge technological leaps in recent years - and many of their projects are aimed towards 2020. As Steve Quayle recently told us, we're living in a brave new world.:

How did China become so technologically advanced so quickly? As we hear in the 2nd video below featuring Alex Jones from Infowars along with Roger Stone, long before Hillary Clinton began her 2016 presidential run in America, husband Bill was committing numerous acts of treason against America for his own financial benefit that helped propel China into the position that they are now in. 


The story from the Independent Sentinel from October of 2015 was called "Lest We Forget Chinagate, The Most Serious Scandal In US History" and in it we learned that the transfer of America's most sensitive technology to China wasn't only limited to nuclear missile and satellite technology and it raised millions of dollars in contributions to the 1996 Clinton-Gore re-election efforts. American national security secrets sold to China to help Bill get elected - as the Independent story also told us, 'Hillary was very much involved.' If Hill and Bill have their way, history will try to 'forget that fact' away. 

The 'Chinagate' scandal ended in 1996 with Judicial Watch awarded $900,000 in attorney fees ten years later. As we're told by Stone in the 2nd video, in all of the Clinton Foundation's endless scandals, the Clinton's constant defense has been "you have no proof", not: "we didn't do it." While Alex Jones tells us that what we may soon be witnessing coming from Julian Assange and Wikileaks about the Clinton's will be 'more devastating than anything we've seen yet', we have evidence via the Clinton's own history that promises the same thing for America should she be elected: another Clinton presidency will be 'more devastating than anything we've seen yet'.

As this new story from Bob Unruh over at WND tells us, a Clinton presidency will lead to a 'very harsh climate' for the press and the entire 1st Amendment in America. Heading in the direction being taken by Europe where the right to speak freely has been taken away by the criminalizing of online expression, we're told we should expect a 'crackdown upon online publishers and people using social media' who don't conform to what she believes the 1st Amendment should be. Keep in mind, the 1st only guarantees our God-given rights and goes back in America 200+ years.  


In fact, even those who haven't yet bought into Donald Trump as a possible starting answer to America's many problems are quick to admit the endless scandals surrounding the Clinton's. From Chinagate to Travelgate to Whitewater to the death of Vince Foster, this WND story from May of 2015 gave us Hillary's 22 'biggest scandals ever', from Clinton turning the IRS into a 'gestapo' against the American people to their complete looting of the White House. 

As former US Congressman Bob Barr told Alex Jones and Infowars this past January, selling arms and military secrets to China made a ton of money for Bill Clinton. According to Stone in this story on, we really shouldn't be surprised Bill sold our missile targeting technology to China for campaign cash. Before you call out 'alt-right-conspiracy-theory' we need to remind you, this information comes to us from CNN and California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher:

CNN reported how China has been stealing our most sensitive nuclear secrets in an article dated May 25, 1999, and posted on their website. The article was called: China stole U.S. nuke secrets to ‘fulfill international agenda.’ The article reveals that China has been stealing the most sensitive nuclear secrets for several decades and despite high-level knowledge of the thefts, security at U.S. nuclear labs still “does not meet even minimal standards.” The CNN article goes on to state that President Clinton had known since 1995 and yet little was done about it. In April 1998 Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) disclosed detailed information that U.S. aerospace companies had helped China improve its strategic nuclear missiles as part of a major ICBM modernization effort. The named companies were listed as Loral Space & Communications Ltd., Hughes Electronics, and Motorola as supplying the Chinese with space launch technology which China used to improve its nuclear missiles.

Congressman Rohrabacher went on to say: “There is ample evidence that American technology was transferred to this hostile potential enemy of the United States… (providing) the Communist Chinese the guidance needed to upgrade and perfect highly sophisticated weapons systems, increasing the reliability and capability of Communist Chinese rockets… This has given, what anyone has to admit is at least a potential enemy of the United States, a better ability to deliver nuclear warheads to our country, to American cities, to incinerate millions of our people.


Johnny Chung is probably a name most Americans have long forgotten but as this recent story from Citizen's Group US News Reports reminded us, Chung was a major figure in Clinton's 1996 campaign scandal. As their story called "Hillary Clinton, Treason, and the Chinese Communist Lippo Group" also told us, Hillary and Bill sold out America in one of the worst ways possible, selling out our national security to not only China but Russia as well

As this recent story from AMTV tells us, many researchers over the years believe that the Monica Lewinsky scandal was merely a distraction from the treasonous and much more dangerous to the Clinton's: 'Chinagate'.

If there is any one man that the Chinese Army nuclear rocket forces should pin a medal on – it is Bill Clinton.
In 1993, China depended on 1950s era missile technology that was failure prone and inaccurate even with nuclear warheads. They needed help. So they dangled a checkbook in front of our President.

And look at China now.


Are there any reasons that American's should expect that a Hillary presidency would be any different at all from a Bill presidency when we see all of the facts now laid out before us? From billions missing to 'emailgate' to the 'body count', we see the reason why tens of millions of Americans will vote for Trump despite the fact that there's still so much unknown about him: he's not Hillary Clinton nor does he carry around her 30+ year history of war crimes, political scandals and murder. 

While Hillary recently took aim at half of America, calling tens of millions of Trump supporters a 'basket full of deplorables', at ANP we simply deplore her endless wars and endless lies and endless scandals. As Texas Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert recently stated, "Hillary has special needs...and America should pray for her". With her vicious history of war crimes upon humanity, she'll need all the prayers that she can get. However, we all can agree, she shouldn't be anywhere near the White House. From Gohmert: 

"I do want want to warn, since most people here are Christians, and I'm serious about this — a true believer does what Jesus did and still does. You don't make fun of people who are impaired [or] have special needs. And whether you like her or not, Hillary Clinton has made clear she is mentally impaired, and this is not somebody you should be making fun of," Gohmert said as the crowd chuckled.

"I get the impression that in law school and along the way, she's been very, very smart, but — I don't know. Maybe it was the concussion, the fall back, when she did. Or maybe — who knows," Gohmert continued. "They won't tell us what really is going on with her, but if I were going to smash cell phones, Blackberrys, I'd use a two pound sledge. I think that's the most — well maybe, who knows. Maybe somebody got to wail it around and hit her again."

"We need to be praying for Hillary Clinton. There's special needs there, there's mental impairment," Gohmert said. "I mean, seriously. She can't remember."

In closing I can promise you this, if and when she steps down from running for office due to her 'impairment' and 'special needs', I will no longer ridicule her in the manner that I do. Until then, with a war criminal going unpunished who has put countless Americans lives in danger and our national security at risk while helping to destabilize the entire world, no holds are barred in this war of words. 



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