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October 6, 2015

Cop Stalker: Disturbing Viral Video Shows LAPD Cop Stalked By Man With Gun


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

An article  and accompanying video at CBS Los Angeles shows why local law enforcement officials and their families are highly concerned and on edge after an Instagram video went viral.

The disturbing video has since been removed from Instagram, but is shown in part in the CBS Los Angeles clip below, where we see someone sitting in a car behind a LAPD cop, filming him, then the camera pans down to the videographers hand...holding a gun.

The LAPD has opened an investigation into the matter.

(Article continues after the video)

Movements like Black Lives Matter and The New Black Panthers, with media complicity are directly responsible for the new "tone" being shown across the country towards law enforment officers, where only misconduct and wrongdoing are reported and highlighted, adding fuel to the fire.

What the media rarely highlights is the countless examples of "good cops," because if it doesn't bleed it doesn't lead, which furthers the divisions we are seeing between the populace and those out there to "serve and protect."

For example.... how many are aware of a man named Brian Bussell?

Brian Buussell is a deputy for the Butler County Sheriff’s Office and after an Ohio woman walked into the police station with her two young children and asked about housing options because they were just evicted, Deputy Bussell's response and fast actions should have everyone cheering, sharing and commenting.

Via Conservative Tribune:

The 25-year veteran of the force immediately took action. According to WSBTV, he called a local motel and booked the tired family 10 nights on his own dime. But his generosity didn’t stop there.

He noticed that all three were wearing tattered, dirty clothes, so he loaded them up in the car, drove them to Walmart and had them pick out new outfits. The two boys shyly asked the kind officer if they could pick out shoes — not for any other purpose than the fact that their existing shoes were worn to the sole.

Of course, Bussell said they were more than welcome to get new shoes.

Amazingly, Bussell did all of this very quietly — out of view of his colleagues, the department and the media. But at some point, a picture was posted on Facebook that showed the officer smiling with the two boys and the story of his quiet generosity got out.

On Sep. 22, his boss, Sheriff Richard K. Jones, shared the entire story on the department’s Facebook page, and it quickly went viral.

There are countless stories like this happening across the country, yet they aren't highlighted by the mainstream media because they don't "bleed."

The saddest part about all this is much of the general public is to blame as well as the media.... ANP has often shown examples of great cops, doing the right thing, standing up for OUR rights, yet those articles garner the least attention.

Make no mistake, wrongdoing and illegal actions on the part of certain law enforcement officers does need to be reported, but so does the flip side of the coin, because there is no doubt in my mind that there are many more "good cops," than there are "bad cops."

Maybe a few "PipeLiners" could find some local examples, things the MSM doesn't report, link to them in the comment section.... for the good cops out there, being stalked, threatened and having their families terrified, all because of a few bad cops garnering all the media attention.

We will start it off with the video below.


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