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October 15, 2015

DHS Terror Watch List Computers Go Down Across Country For 90 Minutes Same Day ISIS Calls For Islamic Youth To Carry Out Holy War Against America And Russia


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Just days after the Department of Homeland Security announced that they will be reviving the 'terror warning system' as shared in the 2nd video below, videographer Spiro tells us about a new national security alert across America as computers used to keep track of terrorists went from down coast to coast. 

All across the country Wednesday night, computers for the Department of Homeland Security's Customs service were down for about 90 minutes as shared in the 1st video below from Spiro and as he shows us, the NORSE live attacks website once again showed an America under massive cyber attacks during the same time period. Coincidentally, or not, the computers that were down are used by the TSA/DHS to screen passengers that are on the terror watch list and while the outages caused huge problems for travelers, everything appears to be back to normal.

International airports in New York City, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, Seattle and Charlotte were among the airports affected and while there have been no reports of terrorists slipping through the cracks during this computer outage, a story that came out the same day from RT tells us that ISIS has just put out a worldwide call for 'Islamic youth' to launch a 'holy war' against America and Russia and with Europe already crumbling in what even presidential candidate Donald Trump has said could be a 'trojan horse' invasion.

"200,000 people? This could be the greatest Trojan horse," Donald Trump warned. "This could make the Trojan horse look like peanuts if these people turned out to be a lot of ISIS."

While the liberal media continues to spin what we're watching across Europe as simply 'immigration', all we need to do is to take a look at exactly who is coming into Europe (and eventually America) to see that, for some strange reason, the Yazidi women and children fleeing ISIS as seen in the top picture below have turned into the Syrians now 'fleeing ISIS' as now seen in Europe in the 2nd image. Is there anyone reading this who DOESN'T see something wrong with this picture?

As Alex Jones points out in the final video below called "Elites Want To Kill Your True Destiny", Christians are now under attack worldwide as further elaborated upon in this linked story from The Guardian. Meanwhile, the Yazidi refugees seen above have suffered through 74 genocides in their history dating back to ancient times and if ISIS has their way, they'll bring the rest of us along with them.

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