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May 27, 2016

Massive Military Drills Across America As Warning Goes Out: 'The Wheels Could Come Off The Cart, Quickly' 

Former Fed Chairman Gives Dire Warning - Is This The Beginning Of Global Pandemonium?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The story in the Washington Post on Thursday that Steve Quayle linked to in his hot news headlines told us that Special Force troops from more than a dozen countries recently 'assaulted downtown Tampa Bay, all to thunderous applause' as they 'attempted to rescue the mayor' of that particular Florida city, just the latest military drill being held across America recently preparing for a still unnamed event.

Watched by thousands on roof tops, party boats, and patio bars, Tampa's mayor Bob Buckhorn is later liberated from the 'pirates' who had captured him, 'role players' dressed in black and carrying Kalashnikov's, the same weapons used by ISIS in the Paris massacre. Buckhorn can later be seen in the photograph below, firing a .50-caliber machine gun as if he were 'Rambo' as real-life military drills become a new form of 'reality TV' for the dumbed down masses who might largely be totally clueless about what all of this preparation is really for yet still applaud wildly after the exercises were over.  


While speculation about what this exercise and others across the country might REALLY be all about was expectedly avoided by the Washington Post story, it doesn't take too much imagination to speculate what a countless number of military drills across US cities over the last several years might be preparing for. Whether preparing for attacks upon America by ISIS scum or preparing for total economic collapse or preparing for very real war upon US soil, the drills across the country continue and have been documented over and over again by various alternative media sources and local news outlets. 

In the last few days alone we've heard of military training drills in Hamburg, New York, Beech Grove, Indiana and a huge, multi-agency drill in Seattle, Washington that happened on the same day as a massive power outage that struck all across the city being just a few we've heard of besides the recent 'Rambo' drill in Florida. 


While there are still no cut-and-dry clear answers, a recent warning given by former FED Chairman Alan Greenspan as heard in the 1st video below from Fox News gives us one possibility about what this may really be all about - the economic tragedy and complete collapse that is now happening in Venezuela may be coming to America though Greenspan is clear to point out that the US is doing much better than most of the world which continues to implode. When asked if we'll soon witness 'global pandemonium' he reminds us that Venezuela is the 'extreme case' in 2016, like Zimbabwe years ago, but there are growing problems just about everywhere. 

In the 2nd video below we hear all about the recent 'invasion of Tampa Bay' while in the 3rd video, Dahboo tells us all about the recent drills in Seattle, Washington that just so happened to coincide with a citywide power outage. Is that what all of these drills are in preparation for, a massive power outage nationwide brought on by EMP or cyber attack? Or, is this preparing for the dissolution of all borders and the forthcoming 'end of America'?

Please let us know what you think in the comment section below. 



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